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  1. I can't believe how awful the ref was. Can anyone tell me what Pope was booked for? I hope Aspin complains. The ref ruined the game for me and think we should have come back with at least a point if not all 3. The guy isn't fit to officiate a ladsndads game never mind a professional match
  2. It was more the way he answered the question that angered most of us. He could have said I'm sorry I won't answer that, rather than telling people to shut up and sit down
  3. After attending tonight I have learnt a few things; 1) NS would make a very good politician as he didn't give a straight answer to questions asked 2) As fans we need to either put up or shut up 3) The guy is either clinically insane or playing the role of pantomime villain and was saying things to deliberately wind people up I.e. Its none of your business (when asked about the asking price) so sit down.
  4. I'm neither a Smurf Lover or hater, yes he's made some colossal mistakes in the past and I understand why he has got so much stick from the fans. But as I stated before, whilst I am suspicious of his motive for appointing Aspin I think he deserves the credit for it.
  5. Yes of course, I'm not complaining that he appointed Aspin, I think it's the best decision he made, I just question his motives, but whatever they are although it was Micky Adams who told him to go for him, he could have ignored him and still gone for one of his favoured 3, but he didn't so credit where credits due
  6. I have said from day one that I think in appointing Aspin, Smurf was more interested in saving his own backside rather than the Vale, but if he doesn't give Aspin a decent contract, fans will be calling for his head again.
  7. Can I have whatever you're drinking please? Aspo is the first managerial decision he has got right.
  8. I hope not but you may be correct. Either way it needs to be sorted sooner rather than later
  9. I'm assuming that Aspin contract is until the end of the season. If so, if things carry on as they are I would imagine/hope Smurf will give him a new contract in January
  10. My daughter came with me to her first ever live football match and made several astute (in my opinion at least) observations. 1) Our keeper was crap, I didn't realise until Saturday evening it wasn't Kelle Roos (my first game of the season) but she highlighted the lack of communication between him and the back 4. 2) We both agreed that it wasn't a foul for the free kick which led to their first goal. 3) They had a lot of big tall players so why were we playing the ball in the air, one of their defenders towered over Pope and won virtually every ball from him. If we had kept the ball on the ground I think we would have done better.
  11. I think his contract is probably til the end of the season, but probably (hopefully) will be reviewed at Christmas/NewYear. But if this is the case I hope it doesn't affect the transfer/wage budget
  12. Was a really good night. What struck me was Aspins knowledge of players from the conference. Although he's only on a short term contract I don't think it will be long before he's offered a longer one
  13. Have not been to any games this season (not necessarily through choice) so cannot comment on individual performances by the players, but having listened to every game on the radio, it does sound like under Aspin the play has improved, and yesterday we finally got that much needed win. I would also like to point out I don't agree with all this BS about, some people are more of a fan because they go to more games. I don't attend many games due to health/financial reasons, but that doesn't mean I love the club any less than someone who goes every game home and away
  14. Who is Crockwell? What position does he play? Is he a youth player or a triallist?
  15. As I said on another thread, I wonder whether this appointment was more to save his own backside rather than the Vale, but for whatever reason for once he has done the right thing and maybe kept the majority of fans off his back for now.
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