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  1. One issue that has to be mentioned is the high level of players that have come from Macc and previous Askey experiences at low level rather than high. We dont seem to have got any Askey world beaters, more released players and players that left and dropped down. With the exception of Cullen It looks very much like previous managers bringing in tat they can trust rather than players that look exciting or experienced at league 2. I dont expect anything more than lower midtable with what we have. If that is where we are finishing up the goodwill around season tickets and honeymoon period for the Shanahans will dissipate very quickly. Don't get me wrong they are certainly an improvement but there doesnt seem to be much indicating a change in the product on the field rather than the board room
  2. id hope not, if we assue weve signed 4 already only bringing in another 2 would be very very low on quality. Although that will happen if you sign Macc Towns reserves from two years ago
  3. Yeah he had a nightmare really with Shrews inherited a side with guts ripped out in a pretty competitive league. They have only won another 3 since he left too
  4. My personal opinion on the manager choice is one which bring stability to the club. We’ve talked about Evans, Kewell, Bowyer and a host of managers and I think there needs to be some calm heads over the choice. Askey might not be fashionable and big appointment but I personally don’t think we need any more drama to add to the PVFC mix right now. This season we all wanted a mid table finish and a side to build on. I genuinely think we have the personnel to build on just not the right tactics to get the best out of them on a regular basis. Askey for me will bring that stability to the Vale. Evans we know will only be with us for 18 months tops because he’s that type of bloke. Kewell even if remotely successful will jump ship once any better opportunity arrives, Bowyer did well with a Blackpool team with no money agreed but I find it strange that no other teams are going on for him. I think I Askey could bring the same stability that macc enjoyed tonget promoted steady progress and a settled side. Two things that aren’t fashionable but what we need now
  5. It’s Askey, he will be in charge by Saturday
  6. I had heard that was something to do with a sponsor that went wrong
  7. I’d say the budget this year is competitive the issue Norman has is that he doesnt see a good manager or a bad manager he just sees a manager. I think personally he must be raging having seen a lot of money wasted by Bruno, Brown and already in Aspins tenure. He’s not quite realised that if as a business Vale are going to spend around 1.5m quid on player wages it’s probably worth spending 150k on a decent manager. personally if I was the owner I’d also tinker with Aspins team and also Aspins contract...by ripping up his contract and getting someone else to manage his team
  8. I don't think we can honestly say the quality of squad has gone down this season at all, the manager just isn't utilising the players in the squad properly. Brown, Legge, Oleyeke, Whitfield and Miller are far better than the players they replaced last year. The negative approach just mean they are useless. Like yesterday starting 1 upfront at home and lashing long balls to a 5ft 8 striker. I think a decent manager would have us midtable with ease
  9. Guys lets use maths and common sense to put this rumour to bed. Whats was Smurfs initial purchase of the vale from wildes and the admins? 500k? running costs for what 6.5 years? easily a loss of 300-500k per year minimum? 1.95 million thats 2.45million pounds. Demolish costs of the stadium must be around 1 million. Theres no way he would make any profit from his investment in a housing development. The land around burslem is worth pennies. Hes just a ***** business owner who has got himself into such a mess hes hoping a whopper will come along any bail him out. Theres no way he thoughts he would make a profit closing the club down and building houses from day one. Theres also covenant on the land isnt there? As well as him needing council planning to build on the vale site which would never go through.
  10. Not sticking up for the blue one here but you have to pick your battles in terms of money here. If you were to spend the money there the pitch would cost minimum 300-500k, data vest and the equipment to use them effectively 20k+ thats likely to be a lot of money. On top of an annual playing budget of around 1.5million. You are looking at a 2million quid investment before any transfer fees. Its a big ask for any owner at this level. Ignoring the fact this probably should have been dealt with before now that is. This is where fans cant have their cake and eat it. The Hugill money wont stretch that far IF he was to spend it. It would however cover a new pitch with the recent installment. My thoughts are, not one away manager has complained about the surface as far as i'm aware, and we've seen a lot of teams pull us to pieces on it playing some good football. I think Brown is deflecting from the real issue that we've been poorly setup tactically for most games this year and had some bad luck with deflections etc.. We should be better on our home surface than any other team as we should be used to it, however thats not the case.
  11. How will I sleep at night knowing that? you cruel cruel man
  12. Louis Dodds play 40-50 games? He hasnt made 40+ appearances in a season since 2009. Hes only made 33 appearances since December 2017. Get us a goal in a relegation battle? Let me tell you how many goals he got in last years relegation battle for Chesterfield......zero in 12 appearances.Take blinkers off
  13. I didn't start the thread to abuse him, I started it to say "I told you so" after being told by a large majority on here when he signed that he would be awful. Surprisingly enough the weapons who chatted about him bringing his usual 10 goals to the table this season and linking up with Pope have gone back into hiding.
  14. The issue vale fans have and a large number on here suffer with it almost like snow blindness when it comes to ex players. The chairman is aware that you can use signings as a smoke screen and the Vale fans go for it every time. If you look at the stick payers get on here over the years some players never had a chance. In the case of Dodds i've previously made people aware of why I personally don't like him and a number of others from the 'old guard'. The issue with Dodds returning for me regardless of personal opinion shows who knows their football and who is simply a seal clapping away for a ball to balance. If we were to bring in a player now who had struggled to get his place in a team relegated to the national league last year, not played much competitive football for the best part of 2 years, scored a very small amount of goals and was firmly the other side of 30 most fans would be in uproar at another waste of time. Another cheap signing, another non league chance taken, Aspin's lazy recruitment.... the usual comments from the usual suspects. However name him Louis Dodds and half the fans start talking like Messi has arrived back at his home club and silky flowing football was guaranteed, even now after watching him able about the pitch and miss an open goal a week or so ago you still have fans blinding complaining that if he had 15-20 starts he would have scored double figure goals???? Hereby lies the issue. For Aspin and Smurf (both equally culpable here) this is a great way to take off pressure of missing targets, to get the seals to clap and distract everyone from the fact our attempt to get Kristian Dennis failed. To distract from the fact that we didn't really have a plan B. Not only did the majority of fans buy into the hype they actively then started convincing others that this was a master stroke. Throw into the mix Aspin chatting like he had pulled off a deal that good, Vale basically had someone else paying his wages all year and the emperors new clothes scenario was in full rolling motion. The problem is when you take a step back and look at it objectively you have to ask why would a side in freefall want to let one of their top paid best players go and play for another team for free?? The answer....either he isn't playing for free and the vale are spinning a web or they desperately realise he adds nothing to either their dressing room or skill set on the pitch and needs to go. In this case possibly both. The bottom line is that this is a regular Smurf tactic to try and create a smoke screen with ex-players, like a **** poor magician distract the masses with the left hand, while the right hand does something different. Brings in Aspin and Rudge which created a massive positive vibe which a lot of folks fell for when the bottom line was we were bringing in a unproven non league manager and elderly ex manager as a consultant. He brought in Louis Dodds like the messiah had returned and a large section of the fans loved it. Surprisingly enough when we failed to get our 400k january outlay Mr Port Vale in Tom Pope was offered a new contract and spin put on it...again trying to deflect attention away from failed transfer market activity. The bottom line is that whilst fans still buy into the likes of Dodds the chairman will keep trying those tactics, he will keep taking liberties and will keep fooling fools. Even the fools are posting on this thread about how Dodds could have saved us from the current relegation fight, how managers cant find his best position (hes nearly 33 it think btw) etc.. etc.. good managers have found his position.... its not in their squad, its at another club.
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