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  1. Rare visit for me. 2nd goal and as probably metioned by everyone, would have graced the international stage. Ball won in own half. Quick break. Sublime cross from Worrall - as above, KDB would be happy with that. Amazing first touch from Cullen. Couple of other outstanding moment was Ryan Browne's control in the 2nd half bringing down a high ball with virtually no space, dead, no 2nd touch needed. Incredible skill. Defensive highlight was the tall Colchester winger starting off against Nathan Smith. Getting nothing. Then going over to Montano. Getting nothing. You hit form at the right time and stuff can happen.
  2. I've just finished reading the Dirtiest Race in History - the centrepiece is the 1988 Seoul Olympics 100m final. It opened my eyes as to how corrupt athletics was back then and probably still is. Even right back to the 80s the number of back handers and arrangements outside of the governing body were common place. As for the drugs. Absolutely not. Calvin Smith finished 4th in that 100m final. He is only one of two athletes in that race never to have been marked as a drug cheat (Carl Lewis failed one in 1988 but it was hushed up). To this day he feels cheated from getting gold. Then there is the effect of the drugs long term. Allowing people to take them is effectively endorsing self harm. As for the book, Ben Johnson comes across as quite a likeable chap and in complete contrast with Carl Lewis's in your face persona, self importance and ego. He was trying to become the Michael Jackson of athletics (his own description). Ben's blanking of Lewis post race are quite funny. Lewis was clearly more obsessed about Johnson, than winning the race. The two record breaking races are worth seeking out just for Lewis chasing after Johnson and "having a word".
  3. Going by his you tube goals vid from last season, a lot of Bennett's goals come from him following play and finding the loose ball. This bodes well as he appears to be the sort of player that is intelligent enough to be in exactly the right place at the right time. If he keeps getting subbed maybe its a fitness issue. As he's 29 then this probably won't be solved ever though he may just need a solid pre-season and a consistent run.
  4. I'm afraid due to a sudden episode of PTSD I can't remember who this Normal Smurgewilt chap is. It's like he never existed.
  5. @sheffieldclayhead Quite agree. It doesn't make a lot of sense. I think a lot of it is poor basic business acumen crossed with his own stubborn pride. Even if you don't like football and probably don't know how to run a club you know you need to invest to get more money and put people in the right spots to do that for you.
  6. IF he did say it then surely this is bringing the game into disrepute and should be brought before the FA?
  7. The last line is key: "He loves the prestige of being 1 of the 72 owners of a football club." If it is believed that his main income is through non-football related activities at Vale Park then all he needs is a club in the League. He probably also gets to go on some league chairman jollies as well. If quoted correctly its interesting he doesn't consider the 1000s of owners of outside of the EFL and Premiership. Definitely a status symbol. He has no interest in football. What would hamper NS: Protests - nobody wants their customers to come face to face with a protest. Bit of a turn off if your guests have to fight their way through a load of banners etc.. Relegation - a club out of the league will be less of a draw which will curtail income. So what does NS do? Says he wants to chat with B&G, announce he wants to make VP a Community Asset. But he's still far too stubborn to actively invest in the team beyond survival. The last thing NS wants to do is spend any money. He clearly has no actual interest in the football or you or me. Bad as it is, relegation might be a positive thing.
  8. "Also in the process"... hmmmm. In the process of hoping we all forget about it.
  9. I doubt any NDA can counter law breaking activities. You can't "legally" contract someone to not report a crime. That is likely to make you an accessory. The whistleblower has to be 100% certain of the crime though, otherwise it will be their reputation/career etc that will be on the skids. It would be interesting to see what would happen if someone did ignore the NDA, report a crime and then get sued by the convicted criminal!
  10. I wonder if Paul Wildes was aware of Smurf's long term plan? Perhaps the reason for the split?
  11. I decided during/after the Colchester match that Vale were doomed. Regardless who was manager. The anti-Aspin feeling was just stupid. He wasn't the problem and changing the manager would make no difference. More so at the end of the transfer window. The timing was impeccable. Bring a new manager in with no funds and no time to actually do anything in the transfer market anyway. I will not be spending another penny with Vale until he is gone. I did this with V2001 and I will do this again now. Shares or no shares.
  12. I once joked when Smurf was getting involved with his other non-league clubs that perhaps this would be his ideal level in that he could be more hands-on and get away with it and perhaps be appreciated for it. I recall the reply (also joking) was that perhaps this was Smurf's real plan for Vale. The irony is beginning to chafe.
  13. There's a restaurant I get invited too by my family. The owner makes a fortune out of weddings. His restaurant business doesn't make anywhere close. Guess what. The food isn't great, but he doesn't need to invest in that to make money. Same thing at VP. Non-football stuff makes the money. The football is there only because there's a pitch. If/When Vale get relegated out of the league I wonder if the former will slacken off a bit?
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