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  1. Can’t see Bailey being involved at all personally, other than cup games against under 21 sides. DC didn’t pick him last year where the choice of forwards was abysmal so can’t see him being ready yet.
  2. Orient managed to sign up Vigaroux though, who I was told was way out of our league and would sign for a league 1 club by some on here!!!
  3. Thought that said Danny whitehead for a second
  4. Probably a big difference in wage demands. Not to mention he’s 29 and pope is what 36?
  5. Back up striker so reasonable enough. Very happy we haven’t made the same mistake we did with Robinson! One year deal and see how he gets on
  6. I thought he was the worst of a very bad bunch. Can’t wait for him to leave
  7. Wouldn’t call the likes of benning and pett scratching around but there we go. Understand the concerns RE right back and balance of the squad but there is still plenty of time. If we’re in this position a week before the first game (which we won’t be) then I’d be concerned.
  8. It’s one of a number of reasons he shouldn’t have got a new contract.
  9. Just imagine if someone like Andrade or Mullin sign as well
  10. Bit of an improvement to us signing Robinson, whitehead, mills and Fitzpatrick
  11. Could play 433 like beechy posted, do agree though Worrall obviously starts in any 11
  12. Been crying out for signings like these but thought benning would go to league 1. Looks like he will have to wait until next season to play league 1 with us.
  13. Get in there. Two brilliant signings in one day. What a signing benning is!!!
  14. Wilson is on the right, could it be hurst? Other than that no idea
  15. We need a right back and left back not another CB. 4 centre backs is enough IMO
  16. Looks like we have really focussed on the spine of the side as well, all the central positions seem sorted for the starting 11
  17. Pett and Conlon as a two is as good as you will get in this league. Add The Taylor of old to that and we have to be right up there. Maybe garrity is more of a development player? Guess we will play a 3 with Walker sitting behind colon and pett? Taylor and garrity as back up / development players
  18. That’s a quality signing. Really good player and proven at this level. He will definitely start with Conlon and then either Taylor / Walker.
  19. Hope so. Exactly the kind of player we should be going after. Would be easily our best signing so far imo
  20. So down to askey and his team, Clarke and his team and the previous management when we last had him. He’s crap end of. 100 goals in the amount of games he has played is nothing to write home about. So 3 different management teams and he managed to score 5 in 43. What. A. Player
  21. Robinson is awful. We saw that last season and in his previous vale spell. There is a reason he has been transfer listed
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