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  1. If we do then he wouldn’t have proven himself. He’s got a year to show us what he can do and show signs of continuing improvement. If he impressed on the pitch and training ground he will stay. Surely it’s down to the player now to go out there and impress.
  2. Didn’t this manager that apparently Dosent like him offer him a new deal? Must really hate him then.
  3. Why wont it? He has had one season for us in a truly awful team and was the sole bright spark. He's a young lad give him a <ovf censored> chance for god sake
  4. Good point however I would argue the league was extremely weak last season. Even with those promoted sides having a lack of pace it’s still something that could be a real asset for us to have on the bench. Personally I do think we need at least one pacey player to sign either LW or up top.
  5. The one thing we need in this team is pace, other than Rodney we have none. We need a pacey striker & winger to come in, whether that be permanent or now more likely on loan. Side is too one paced at the minute. We also already have proctor to provide the height and be the target man, were desperate for someone with a bit of pace.
  6. We have a top one day and 20/20 side but I think our test side is way off the level. I think sibley has had long enough no and still failing so I’d be starting hameed for this one, good form this season, deserves a go with burns. 3 is a big issue, Crawley looks great if the ball Doesn’t move, if it swings its a different story. I know England don’t like him in test cricket over here but i still like Malan and think he should have been given more of a go in the side. Root and stokes next obviously. 6 I’m not sure, pope looks like he should score a shed of runs but has failed on basically every occasion. I think I’d go with Lawrence, livingstone (bowling as well) or brooks who will play for England soon. Butler as keeper, not as good in this format but neither are the others! Anderson, broad and wood for me as the quicks. Then either woakes, robinson or curren if we want another quick. If we want a spinner I would go for moeen or Parkinson. Given our poor batting line up, having moeen at 8 can be a blessing. Our bowling is excellent, could chose any line up and we have a world class (pace) line up. (Saqib as well who looks like he will be a real weapon for us). Batting a different story. This squad is pretty horrible again imo. Think we will get whitewashed. For me Bess is not even close to being international level, and leech isn’t much better. Big players like woakes not in the squad again. Need to start progressing this side now instead of picking the same failing players.
  7. A number of managers have tried him. He’s been awful and you can’t say that DC hasn’t given him a good go, he started a fair amount of games towards the back end of last season. His goals are in the past and his record overall is pretty poor, especially Both spells for us! What manager? Everyone at vale has failed to get a tune out of him. Maybe the player themselves should have a bit of pride and put some effort in. I was extremely disappointed when we signed him as I remembered his previous spell, he was even worse this time around. Don’t see why even under contract we would want to give him yet another chance. Much rather us give a young lad a chance that actually has some interest in playing for us.
  8. Yeah it’s a tough one, he could just be coming into his prime and is a genuine goal scorer, or it’s just a complete one off as you say. Oh yeah he will be on a fair wage at Wrexham, they’re another side splashing the cash with their Hollywood owners.
  9. Well he’s just signed for a side in the league below? Wasn’t that far fetched was it. Definitely not signed for a championship club!!
  10. You keep saying this but I know a number of people. Not 1 or 2 in their 20s who have been extremely ill with covid. One is a personal trainer with no health issues, who had to go to hospital. Another a teacher who caught it off the school kids, again extremely ill. Another (who did have asthma) was on a ventilator. I understand they may be in the minority. But it’s <ovf censored> disgusting to refer to a virus that’s killed so many people to a cold.
  11. What a load of <ovf censored>. There’s something wrong with you if you actually think what you have written in your last sentence
  12. Probably makes sense, didn’t we sign him from a trial? Imagine that’s been doubled at least now and rightly so
  13. What about those that are pregnant and cannot have the vaccine? Covid is dangerous to those in the third trimester. You can’t just say in vaccinated so <ovf censored> everyone else. I understand the point for those who chose not to be vaccinated, if they get it bad it’s their fault but their are some unable to actually have the vaccine. Its time to get back to normal I think, or as normal as it can be. I personally will continue to wear a mask and I do think others still should, it’s not difficult or anything tasking. I can only see it rocketing now, we will see how effective this vaccine is in weeks to come and whether or not it will stop hospitalisations. I know two people personally one in her 40s and one in his 50s both fully vaccinated and both hospitalised. The issue with kids, although they don’t seem to get ill from it they are spreaders, loads of schools round here shut early due to covid and teachers were then off as they had caught it. I think balance is needed from what your saying I get your point and I think your right it’s time to get back to normal but I don’t think it’s fair to just say you’ve been vaccinated so the others aren’t your concern when not everyone can actually have the vaccination.
  14. I just think they generally aren’t very good. Hence why we keep struggling and no league side would pick them up. Not sure why any side in this league would want players like whitehead
  15. That was his job injuries do happen in football, that’s no fault of the club. Generally as players age they do get injured. That isn’t the clubs fault and I don’t know why we everyone has to suddenly feel so bad. He’s had a great career at this level and will still probably be on a decent enough wage for congleton. Lots of other players have career ending injuries much younger. At the end of the day his time was up. He wasn’t as good and if your picking up injuries like that it’s time up at this level. Brilliant player for us but time was up
  16. Embarrassing to think some thought he could still do a job at this level and was worth the money he was on. This has well and truly shown he isn’t at this level and that ongoing injury is too much for this level. Wish him well, imagine if he can stay fit enough he will score a load for them. Great decision by DC though
  17. Didn’t fit in at Carlisle, didn’t fit in at vale and probably won’t at Swindon. Big thing is attitude and his isn’t great.
  18. Think Martin will be the main man at the back this season, can’t see him not starting first game personally
  19. Be a massive waste playing Worrall at RWB imo. Our best attacking player who gets loads of assists we want him up the top of the pitch. 433 with worrall on the right and Rodney on the left looks good to me. We’ve signed cass so I hope he will fill in at back whilst Gibbo is injured, failing that, I wouldn’t even mind Smith playing there. I just want our best attacking threat up top where he can hurt teams. He he plays RWB teams will just target him and push him back and it will be more of a back 5. covolan Cass Smith Martin Benning Pett Conlon Walker worrall Wilson Rodney. looks decent to me that, we do need another pacey wide man thought!
  20. It might benefit the youngster to be sent out on loan. To play at a lower level which he may be better suited to and gain experience and then come back in a years time when ready. Not saying that’s Bailey per say as he seems strong enough. However it makes complete sense to send young players out on loan. It depends whether vale think he will gain more from being around our squad and playing the odd 5 mins here and there, or out on loan playing 90 mins at a decent level. Still think we need some pace up top, whether that be a wide man and or another forward but we certainly need some more pace (whether Bailey stays with us or moves on loan)
  21. Could be a tough league this season compared to last. Quite a few sides doing good business and looking strong.
  22. Surely we have enough players in that position?
  23. Agree. Two solid signings for both clubs I think.
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