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  1. Sorry that’s a crazy post. Labour or not surely you can see how much of a <ovf censored> up he has made. I honestly don’t think he could have handled the whole thing from the start any worse.
  2. Van veen released by scunny. I’d take him
  3. Gordon is decent. Noticed he was on monty’s Instagram today. Always looked decent when I’ve seen him, would be a good back up striker
  4. Strange how he’s seemingly struggled, he’s a very good player for that level
  5. It’s a disgusting proposal and as Neville said all of those involved should be punished heavily. Not surprised by the greed of the ‘big 6’.
  6. Embarrassing really for all involved at Salford. Don’t want to hear Neville say solsjaer deserves more time again.
  7. Great manager. Got a team on paper not even close to premiership level promoted and had an excellent first season. Think he will go to Celtic
  8. Really sorry for your loss mate
  9. Hate this government. Literally everything about it, however credit where credit is due. Very impressive
  10. Chelsea legend that’s why. Let him tackle the transfer embargo then get rid
  11. Here we go again, embarrassing, crazy, granny killer will comes out next. It is embarrassing literally everything that is being said about the virus you put down as a lie. Unless it fits one of your conspiracy theories. Deaths are going up and now consistently over 1k I remember you said that wouldn’t happen. No doubt you don’t believe them figures as well. Won’t be coming on this thread again as it’s doing my head in!
  12. The Guardian is the grand high virtue signaller. They love the lockdown. I wouldn't trust any of the press on both sides of the divide. Getting embarrassing now mate.
  13. Dont tell leedsvaliant that!
  14. So you agree that less capacity might be causing a problem? It might be right that we currently have way beyond the normal people in our hospital at the moment but we don't know. No I didn’t say that. It’s blatantly obvious and not even worth discussing that we are way beyond the normal amount in hospitals at this time. I get you have a differing view but come on
  15. I don't think I've ever said it's nothing. Once again the lockdown supporters showing their true colours. I simply think we should question, question, question the data always and contextualise it. Is this normal winter capacity or capacity currently? Are we accepting patients from our normal catchment? Are people going to hospital who wouldn't normally go because they can't get to see their GP? Are we reaping the disastrous decision to strip back and scare people away from medical provision over the last 10 months? If these answers are that it is normal capacity then I agreed it is a very serious situation. Again, context needed, has this happened before? You must question, otherwise you just accept everything at face value and get further panicked. It’s quite obviously not normal winter capacity ....
  16. Which suggests they are all far above capacity as well.
  17. Hospital admissions at 198%capacity in staffs.... so doubled capacity compared to expected. It’s nothing though this covid.
  18. They haven’t been at all. Loads of people haven’t been compliant in the slightest. BLM riots didn’t exactly help either.
  19. Your last point is one of the reasons we are back in lockdown again. Because loads of f****** in the country won’t listen!!! Simple listen to the rules, wear a mask and it will go. There is a vaccine just got to suck it up a little while longer.
  20. Just because you don't agree, doesn't make it silly. I'll boil this down simply...I believe that locking down a healthy population is going to have far worse short and long term effects than not doing anything. There are already studies out there from universities, the UN, even the WHO. Why would anyone support actions that will cause many more deaths and much, much more suffering for many future generations, not just the next. Nobody seems, or wants, to answer that question. It’s been answered numerous times.
  21. I think weapon is putting it very lightly.
  22. Over 1500 deaths today....
  23. It's the thing that frightens me the most to be honest. At some point there has to be a line drawn in the sand that says 'enough ' and we have to accept that there will still be deaths, just as we do with flu. We can't just merely exist forever and both old and young I think would agree to that. There will come a time when that happens. Hence why this lockdown is needed to get enough vulnerable and elderly people vaccinated so that everyone can move on with their lives.
  24. Love how you’ve now gone to the extreme of long term symptoms being a life changing disability.... The reason vulnerable and elderly people are scared is because this virus is killing them. It’s as simple as that. It’s not an overreaction.
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