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  1. Players to start signing this week? Heard we’re signing an experienced CB from the Scottish prem who has been released - only talk down the pub but bit of an odd one to be made up. I think the player mentioned was Aaron Martin at Hamilton.
  2. Rubbish. If players are questioning or undermining a manager they should be released anyway. We went on a brilliant run. Why would players disagree with him? Conlon literally said this week how good it’s been but you keep your agenda going.
  3. In no way was that retained list poor. It’s exactly what was needed. I guess the winning / unbeaten streak wasn’t enough for you to think the manager is half decent? We were essentially dead and buried before he came in. i guess you’ve seen jones regularly then? He looked half decent against us earlier in the season and a clear step up from crookes. stop talking <ovf censored>.
  4. I went school with him; think he was about 3 years below and used to play and run circles around us. And Ryan Lloyd as well. Was good back then like crazy good but not sure how he’s got on since. Seems to be becoming a bit of a journeyman
  5. It’s also been the weekend. Hardly any signings made by all the sides. Be patient.
  6. That can’t be about dc he’s a bully. Players don’t want to sign for us because he’s nasty
  7. 3 year contract to a quality player who better clubs will no doubt want in the future and some clown moans. Vale all over that is.
  8. Love our business so far. Get rid of the deadwood and sign up the best players on longer deals. Great stuff
  9. Player of the season and being watched by clubs in the league above. It’s an outstanding piece of business from us to get him tired up. Your getting boring now. Can’t wait until we start signing players and you still complain.
  10. We as fans treated asked? I’m sorry what exactly happened there? He did poor and fans wanted him sacked. Isn’t that what happens in football? I agree it’s usually a risk to have a large squad overhaul but not when we needed one. If we had kept the majority of them players I dread to think how poor we would have been next season. Just because brown and pope have been good and excellent players for us Dosent mean they should just get an extension for no reason. Both players aren’t what they were and you have to use your head over heart. I wouldn’t have minded either staying as 2nd choice for brown and 4th choice for pope. I doubt either would be happy with that and both would command too large of a wage for that. Look across the leagues, there has been a very large turnout from most sides. I agree if we spend the cash good things will be expected and I’m sure they all realise that as well.
  11. Probably a lot. Thanks to the horrible squad that the previous team put together. Luckily players like legge (who the previous management team froze out) Worrall and gibbo are signed up. Again we have kept our better players and released our poor players / players that are past their best.
  12. The squad was dross. It’s been proven to have been. I can’t see the negative. We have been desperate for a clear out for years. Do you really think we would have been better off keeping players who are already past it for another season to have us what just about scrape survival again? The likes of pope and Joyce are past it as shown this season. We have kept our best players. The ones to build the side around, smith, Worrall, Rodney and released players either blatantly not good enough (mills, Guthrie) or sadly past their best (pope, brown, Joyce) It can be difficult to get a squad to gel and probably will be but I fail to see how we can be any worse off than we would have been keeping the tried and failed players. You mention brown. The team clearly feel we can sign someone better as a starting player. He wasn’t great last season.... at all. I would have kept him as a number 2. Would that be viable, probably not. Not sure what Clarke has to do to impress you given the outstanding run we went on? Your first line is exactly what happened. We were dead and buried. We were going down under askey. I swear some on here just want us to do crap next season to say I told you so.
  13. God help us if he forces whitehead or Robinson away
  14. Why wouldn’t the recruitment be professional?
  15. Brown is past it. Stop it with the anti Clarke agenda ffs.
  16. Some posters on here really do need to get a grip. We’ve been desperate for a clear out for years. The squad hasn’t been good enough and we’ve just endured one of the worst years of football possible. (Other than that run at the end of the season which kept us in the football league). Every side is releasing a large number of players. Stop moaning that we have released players proven over the years blatantly not to be good enough or past their past. Scott brown did well for us but he was nowhere near as good last season as he has been in the past. People were regularly moaning about him last season and at numerous points wanted him dropped for Scott. Now he’s released he is some kind of messiah. Same with visser!! He played what 2 games I doubt we will miss him! He’s been that kind of keeper at every club, won’t be difficult to replace. Clearly the reason for releasing brown is that we feel we can sign someone better?!?! On less or on more money and probably with more time left in their career. I’ve read RZ’s post and it’s daft. Why would we be looking to sign someone worse on less money? The line about keepers being put off signing for us because brown has been released is just a ridiculous notion. 1) how has he been mistreated? 2) why would that have any effect regardless. 3) he wasn’t mistreated, he was released as he isn’t as good as he used to be and wasn’t brilliant last season Just be patient and let the recruitment team do they’re job. I guarantee when we start to sign players the same few posters will have the daggers out ready to criticise players they’ve never actually seen player and say he’s not as good as Scott brown. Embarrassing.
  17. I’m sure a prem side was watching him quite early on. Shame about his injuries think he would have been a real player
  18. I don’t think so personally. Dropping down the leagues like a stone, high wage and always injured
  19. We might as well give up anyway. They’re already kicking off on that Facebook group saying we shouldn’t be signing players released by league 2 sides and should be after low end championship players! Absolute morons.
  20. Early on I really don’t think they could have handled it any worse. Fair enough on the vaccine front I will give him / the government credit where it’s due. But early days into covid was a complete shambles. That’s not being anti Borris that’s just what it was.
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