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  1. I think weapon is putting it very lightly.
  2. Over 1500 deaths today....
  3. It's the thing that frightens me the most to be honest. At some point there has to be a line drawn in the sand that says 'enough ' and we have to accept that there will still be deaths, just as we do with flu. We can't just merely exist forever and both old and young I think would agree to that. There will come a time when that happens. Hence why this lockdown is needed to get enough vulnerable and elderly people vaccinated so that everyone can move on with their lives.
  4. Love how you’ve now gone to the extreme of long term symptoms being a life changing disability.... The reason vulnerable and elderly people are scared is because this virus is killing them. It’s as simple as that. It’s not an overreaction.
  5. No I wouldn’t. However it has only been one winter. I also wouldn’t accept another one after this ends. Hopefully this vaccination works and we can get out of lockdown ASAP. Surely the right option now, regardless of the amount of deaths is to stay in lockdown whilst the vulnerable and old get vaccinated. Not a fan of this government but to give them some credit the early figures on vaccinations is looking positive. I’d personally prefer this lockdown until probably March to ensure enough are vaccinated and hopefully be done with this virus. You mention lives v lives. Of course it’s tough, I still think the lockdown is the right way to go I think it protects the vulnerable and the NHS which in turn will help patients with serious illnesses much more than us not being in lockdown. I understand the effect on lives and businesses, I know from my job just how hard some have been hit, for me personally I’ve lost thousands due to weddings constantly being cancelled and venues being grade A <ovf censored>. I get your point and I completely understand, it’s crippled the country financially, people financially and businesses not to mention mental health. However where we are now with the cases rising and rising we have to have this lockdown. For me it should have been so much sooner. The massive mistake was putting London in tier 2 which has lead to all this again. Don’t think the NHS will ever be fully prepared under this government.
  6. So the fact that I haven't been able to see a doctor for nearly a year, many tens of thousands of people missing cancer diagnosis because it wasn't 'safe', people not going to hospital because it wasn't 'safe', bed levels reduced because it wasn't 'safe'. They might as well have shut it down. What don’t you understand? One of the points of lockdown again explained today by Hancock is that if we weren’t in lockdown there would be a much much higher strain on the nhs and you would have literally no chance of appointments. We need the lockdown to reduce the number of people in hospital, not just for this virus but so people who are ill are able to get the proper treatment.
  7. Hancock said today we will see the worst results in around 2 weeks time. There is no doubt we will be over 1k deaths a day then
  8. So therefore you surely see that we are robbing Peter to pay Paul but making the situation twice as bad? We're trying to save one life by affecting the lives and mortality of many more. Can you not see the logic? That Dosent make sense. It would be much worse if we weren’t in lockdown trying to protect the NHS.
  9. They should be arrested for meeting friends it’s not allowed. If you can medically wear a mask you have to wear one. A good idea would be if everyone just <ovf censored> listened and then we would be out of this much quicker.
  10. There's nowhere near 1000 on average dying every day. The most so far in this 'peak' is 690 odd on one day, many days are a lot less but average probably around 400 at a guess. So your data is different to the government? I’m sure they only mentioned earlier the daily average being close to 1000? ‘Peak’ guess 45k new infections a day and 1k dying a day is nothing then. Unbelievable
  11. Wrong. it is as bad now. it will be worse in a week or so. if we weren’t in lockdown the NHS would already be completely overwhelmed and people with other illnesses would have no chance at all of being seen. It sounds bad on the face of it. Because it is bad.
  12. Many of the arguments are backed up by the government's own data. If that was true do you not think the government and the experts would interpret the data that way?
  13. The exact arguments you are opposing are backed up by reliable data. So it’s 1k a day dying currently. What would it be without lockdown? The numbers would be huge! You mention cancer patients and others who need treatment are being pushed back because of this well imagine if we weren’t in lockdown. It’s scary to think how many more cases there would be and then how full the hospitals would be. Facts are they wouldn’t be able to cope and the patients with other life threatening illnesses would be even worse off than now. Lockdown had to come, it’s too late but it has to stay now until this calms down otherwise the numbers will just keep increasing.
  14. Mental that you still think this is all scare tactics and propaganda. You really do need to wake up and stop reading conspiracy theories.
  15. Is flu as contagious as COVID? No, over 1 million people currently have it. Imagine the mess in a few weeks time if we weren’t back in lockdown now. It’s already tough enough for people with serious illnesses to be seen in hospitals well that will only get worse with this new strain. We don’t need to do that really because the vaccine is being rolled out. Surely now it’s a case of waiting until the elderly / vulnerable have had a vaccination? You mention a jolly jape. I’d disagree. Most are sick to death of being stuck at home. Furlough is 80% for some this isn’t enough, and a lot have been made redundant so I don’t agree with that point. Others that have kept jobs have much increased workloads as I do in my job. I don’t imagine the country will lockdown again over winter as surely this vaccination will have done the trick by then?(hopefully). I know for a fact neighbours near me completely ignored the rules over Christmas / new year so I’d say your right with people ignoring another winter lockdown should one come in
  16. Most teachers I know are happy to crack on with things. Even if some of their colleagues have caught Covid they are very rarely seriously ill and most teachers have not caught it all. Again, it's people vastly taking risk out of context. It’s not though is it. Just because you’ve spoken to teachers with that experience Dosent mean it’s the same for all. My wife and the other teachers I know want to go back (are going back tomorrow) however aren’t happy with how schools are being treated. Teachers have died from it and as I put earlier it’s also the strain it then puts on family members. Them being around 30 different people will obviously spread the virus. They could easily then spread it to other members of their family. I really don’t get this idea that everything is out of proportion - it’s mad.
  17. I agree, it is the fault of the parents. You can therefore surely see that it's of huge benefit for kids to be in school where they are safe, fed and they are actually taught? I know from experience that child welfare is a constant issue, yet we are throwing these kids to the lions because of a very, very minimal risk. It may be a benefit for the kids. However it is not a benefit for staff. again it’s minimal risk to them but to staff members. The kids that are vulnerable still have access to the schools and teachers are doing e learning for others. It’s not ideal and it’s a huge strain on teachers however it isn’t fair to put teachers under an unnecessary risk
  18. Some just like to point the finger at teachers. My wife and everyone at her school have worked throughout lockdown. (Actually had much increased workloads). Going to work as normal for vulnerable and key workers kids and then also doing all of the home learning for those who can’t attend school.
  19. Many schools don't have the luxury to provide the necessary facilities and also parents who are more interested in where to get their fags from. Many vulnerable children are much safer at school and will be left behind to rot. Schools stay open for vulnerable. During the height of the lockdown my wife’s school was open to vulnerable kids or for those where they’re parents were key workers. Your point is the fault of the parents not the schools.
  20. How is the school thing ridiculous? It’s not fair for teachers who can’t see any family outside of work to have to mix with 30+ pupils daily who could be carrying the virus. My wife is a teacher and their school has had many cases. Infact all the schools around here have had teachers off quite requarly with Covid. They may not necessarily die (not sure on figures)but I know for fact it’s made people I know very Ill and are still having symptoms months on. They can then pass it on to other family members so the issue isn’t just them dying it’s passing the virus on to others and that’s not on. It’s anything but ridiculous and a typical response to someone from the outside thinking schools should just be open. They need shutting, it’s not fair to see we need to stay in and mix with nobody and then have schools open where the virus can clearly spread around. (If you went into a school you’d see how little they’ve been helped as well RE Covid) there is an ongoing joke within teachers that they only thing they have to help is the trusty paper towel.... No scaremongering either. I have a friend who works in the NHS who is constantly posting to Facebook trying to make people aware of how bad the situation is again in hospitals. The huge rise is Covid related whether you believe it or not. It is. Finding one article where one mum has said something potentially silly Dosent prove anything. Go to a hospital or speak to someone in the NHS then you’ll actually see. If you got it I think you’d realise it’s worse than the cold you seem to think it is. The death rate is low granted however the huge amount of infections means it’s still killed a hell of a lot of people. (Whether you think all the figures are twisted or not) it has still killed a lot of people.
  21. Enjoyed the first two seasons. Didn’t really enjoy 3
  22. If you like that give it’s always sunny in Philadelphia a go. Imo the best comedy show out there at the minute. Had a few of its episodes removed off Netflix but still brilliant. Not really many decent new shows out there at the minute I don’t think. Watched something called true detective recently that was excellent if you like crime programs.
  23. Cramming into supermarkets? They have limits on people that can enter and quite clear areas to stand... the same as small shops do so I don’t get your point there? that last paragraph is laughable. Pubs barely took any notice of the restrictions. Every time I went to any of the pubs near me they were over crowded, full of drunks with no idea or care for restrictions (as a pub would be). How the hell is that safer than a shop where you have to where a mask and abide to social distancing rules? Pubs were opened to early last time, there have been so many insatances where pubs have had to close because of ignoring rules and being small breeding grounds for covid Gyms I would tend to agree with however just on a personal level someone in family did catch it from a gym so I suppose it depends on the gym? Why are you forced to go to a supermarket anyway? They do deliver? They also weren’t in any way crammed last time. I’ll tend to agree with the scientists who no what they’re on about.....
  24. Nothing worse than someone dropping a league like that. Hope he and they struggle
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