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  1. Agree. Read the other day that counties such as Bangladesh could be completely under water soon. Liverpool as well! In my line of work we are already considering the environment and climate change when lending money / security (where a property is located ect) Anyone that thinks climate change / global warming isn’t a thing or is scaremongering is a completely nutter that probably thinks the world is flat. I agree it’s the Western countries looking to change rather than these developing countries. However, surely that is to be expected? They are just doing what we did a number of years ago. I’d argue the original damage was done by the developed nations, now developed they are now able to attempt change and put policies in place. China and other counties will surely just argue and believe they are following what western counties have done previously. It’s not fair to focus on 2019. There are tens and hundreds of years to look at prior to that where I imagine China will be much lower. Same for India. It makes sense for them to want cheaper energy, just as we and other countries did. It’s not good as we as a world drastically need to change but it makes sense.
  2. No it shouldn’t have been the case all along. It should be now, now that we have the vaccine. But it made every sense to try and reduce the impact where possible. I’m similar to yourself and have been able to work from home throughout. My wife is a teacher so has had to work at home & at school with increased hours and workloads for months. I understand it’s hard for those who are essentially stuck inside but surely it’s better than dying from the virus? Which was a real possibility when hospitals were overcrowded ect.
  3. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-58153416.amp Have the vaccine if you can....
  4. Injuries do happen in football you know. I’m sure every player has injured someone in their career
  5. 433 with wozza back up where he hurts teams please
  6. It’s his own fault. He shouldn’t be there, he should have cleared the ball when he had the chance. The keeper should not be involved in challenges like that. Your just asking for the referee to make a decision. For me it’s stupid, he clips him and it’s a red.
  7. I’ve never heard of fans that would do that. Suppose that’s englishs fans for you One thing I will say about some of our fans. After the game I went on the dreaded Facebook page and oh my. The comments on there were in general, send him back to Brazil, Clarke isn’t up to it, one I read is that he’s an arrogant clown. A couple of known posters on there reiterated that after 1 game the players are worse than last season, we should have kept brown and of course. Tom pope would have changed that game, If only we had treated him better. Im all for appropriate criticism as you know, we didn’t play well yesterday but reactions like that are laughable. Not even vale fans. Long season we will get better, I hope stone now impresses as it’s his shirt and hopefully covolan learns very quickly
  8. You reckon he would of missed that chance? Robinson wouldn’t have even been in the right place. Stop bringing up one of, if not our worst striker for years. Just seen your other post on Robinson... thought you were one of his few fans until that 😂
  9. I think he fits into a 433 Stone Cass Smith Martin Benning Conlon Walker Pett Worrall Wilson Rodney
  10. Agree. Poor performance but it wasn’t due to lack of effort. Just weren’t very good on the day
  11. Personally I would play a front 3. Rodney on the left, Wilson up top and Worrall on the right. I think that’s more attacking that a front two of Wilson and Rodney. I just want to see Worrall up top again.
  12. Play Worrall where? He'd have to bin this daft system. That’s exactly what he should do. 433 or 4231 for me
  13. Been saying it all pre season. I get gibbo is injured. We’ve signed cass, play either him or smith there and let Worrall stay up top where he hurts teams at this level.
  14. Who cares about <ovf censored> mckirdy? He was clueless whilst here and correctly moved on. He’s at Swindon, this is the vale match thread.
  15. Poor start that. Johnson struggled first half, I’m surprised that their long throws caused us so many issues with our huge players. Keeper is a liability. He showed that in the chesterfield game and now today. Clear as day to see why he’s only played non league. Good news, stone looked steady once he came on. For me personally the formation isn’t great and as I’ve said for weeks we are wasting our best player at RWB. Get Worrall up the top end of the pitch where he can hurt teams. Long season and we will improve, but that was a poor start.
  16. Sorry. That’s <ovf censored> shambolic. Sent off two games in a row 🤡🤡 In all seriousness Clarke and co need to have a serious chat with him. That just isn’t on.
  17. Liability probably not the right word to use but he’s struggled so far and is booked. Needs to come off for benning or change the formation
  18. Not the best half that. Johnson looks a real liability so far. Clarke has to take him off for benning and move jones over.
  19. I knew he would be. Still think he’s wasted in that position personally
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