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  1. It’s a disgrace. Let the players chose to miss internationals to go and get some money in the IPL and then let them rest for the forceable future. No wonder we’re getting skittled by NZ B team.
  2. They’re a very good side end of. Always the same when England beat a good side. ‘There not what they were’ give it a rest. Croatia have a list of quality players and will get through the group. Today was a good win and mings has proven himself.
  3. He’s better out wide. Rodney will score more out wide that up front imo. I don’t see him as a natural finisher, he is class out wide and is brilliant at coming in and shooting. For me another forward would be great (maybe unrealistic) but having a front two with Rodney and wozza out wide would be lethal
  4. It’s all a game of chance. Who would you bet on? A proven goal scorer that’s possibly past it or a untried and untested youth player. Sometimes the experienced player works sometimes not. Sometimes the young lad works sometimes not. One thing is for sure, I still wish we had signed Maynard over <Edit> theo Robinson. It’s hard, we’ve had so many failures recently and what one success on hughill, im all for giving the young lads ago, nothing I like more in football actually but it’s not a given that it’s the best option. Maynard did struggle last season, but at the time he would have been a class signing for us. In retrospect maybe not.
  5. Yeah struggled last season can’t argue with that and may well be past it. Still before last season he is one you would snap someone’s hand off at signing in this league. That may well be the gamble in going for an experienced played of that age as before then his numbers are excellent. Still looking back you can see why fans wanted Maynard.
  6. Played a good side today....... world cup finalists, can’t be that bad!!
  7. Great performance that. For me there was no question over phillips, he’s class and has shown that at leeds. the issue for us today was Mings at CB, yes he will have tougher games but regardless he was excellent. for me mount, Mings, Foden, sterling and Phillips were all fantastic. Phillips MOTM by a country mile. Only poor Performance was from Kane.
  8. Makes sense Dosent it? Maynard a prolific proven scorer in this league and above, yes he’s getting on but so was Hughes. He would have been a brilliant signing. No question.
  9. I think we have to get our experienced players back in ASAP and drop the rotation rubbish. Can only see 5-0 for the ashes. The younger players aren’t close to being good enough. For me woakes or ali have to play at number 8 just to give us a bit more depth. Hameed to come in for sibley, someone (no idea who for Crawley) only young batter id look to keep us Lawrence. Burns isn’t brilliant but he will have to do for now. I’d try something like: Burns Hameed Bairstow/ Malan (they don’t like him in tests in England) Root Stokes Lawrence Buttler Woakes / Ali Wood Broad Anderson We could also bring Foakes back in and play butler just as a batsman and try Lawrence up at 3? Either way not looking good for the future if sibley, Crawley and bracey are the best we have
  10. Rested wasn’t he? This brilliant rotation policy that we seem to go with
  11. I thought it was pretty obvious. There are 2 clubs that have now filled the position that the keepers we are trying to sign could fill. They have less options available. That dosent make sense. Just because a side has signed a player Doesn’t mean we were ever interested. If they aren’t our targets then it’s completely irrelevant
  12. Amazing news so happy he seems to be ok. Shame on the bbc though, but massive credit to his team mates. Horrible scenes but at least he seems to be ok and stable
  13. Horrible horrible scenes really hope he is ok
  14. Not sure how much longer we can stick with sibley and Crawley
  15. Don’t rate Pickford personally, error waiting to happen. Been appalling this season and is lucky that pope is injured
  16. Only been one working day since we announced a signing. I know your trolling but get a grip
  17. How does this affect us? We’re these keepers our targets as well?
  18. Deserved to lose the first game and will probably lose this. Bowling not up to scratch other than broad today. Wood a bit slower than normal? Dosent usually play 2 tests in a row? A spinner / all rounder should have come into the side, balance is way off. I’m saying that I don’t particularly rate Overton and leech just isn’t test level imo hence why we’re so against selecting a spinner.
  19. Looked decent against us earlier in the season. Glad to hear he’s got a good throw, could become useful if chasing the game.
  20. Can’t see that personally. Back 5 and a Cdm
  21. Hope he’s better than most of the non league chances we seem to end up with.
  22. I’m not sure so we will go the 352 way. With signing Walker to sit in front of the back 5 would that not be a bit excessive? I think legge will be used less frequently this season and some games we will revert to the back 5 but a back 5 and Cdm seems a bit much imo. I suppose it depends on how much we push the wing backs on and it’s always good to have different options rather than one formation like last season
  23. We have a team that know what they’re doing unlike the previous clowns. Targets identified really early on and signed early on also. Breath of fresh air that as you say, we’re actually signing our targets instead of having to sign 3rd / 4th choice
  24. Expect another signing this week. Not sure why we waited to announce players but they’ve been done for some time
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