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  1. Some good signings being made by other teams. Wouldn’t have minded judge!
  2. Think he’s been decent for England. Certainly better than half of them. He at least wants the ball and runs forward with it. Kane, Sterling and rice / Phillips out for the next game with DCL, grealish and Bellingham in
  3. Agree, he played well last night. Just shows how off the standard we are
  4. The most frustrating thing for me was the subs. We have quality players sat there on the bench for games like this. Why weren’t Bellingham and sancho used? DCL for Kane? Instead we play 90 mins with two CDMs. Dreadful all round really. Was impressed with mings again though.
  5. Let’s not push it 😂
  6. I’d take Neil aspin as manager over Southgate
  7. Disgusting performance that. What is Southgate smoking? Kane was appauling again as was Sterling who some managed 90 minutes! Yet the only attacking threat is subbed off. <ovf censored> off Gareth. Deserved booing off
  8. Or you just haven’t been told what is happening inside the club. They don’t need to tell us every time a club asks about one of our players or every player we are interested in.
  9. Yeah, sub forwards and wingers as well need to fit that mould and also an attacking midfielder. I’ve mentioned previously Im not convinced by Wilson so I’d like another two forwards to come in, one proven at this level and one chancer / loan from a premiership or championship side.
  10. I do want to see a few players that can play football rather than just kick lumps out of the opposition. Players like Conlon and Worrall that gets fans off their seat. A mix is needed and I think in CB and CDM the kind of players already signed are exactly what we’re needed. However at the top of the pitch we need quality rather than workhorses. Players that can unlock a side with pace and skill.
  11. Possibly so. I do think we do need some pace in the side as Rodney aside we don’t have too much. Would have been a step on amoo who I think is a similar luxury player. All for having a team of hard workers but out wide I do think we still need some quality flair players
  12. Have we signed him though or is it just a rumour?
  13. Good win for page and Wales but my god they’re players are a bunch of *****
  14. We definitely need 1. We can’t go into a season with 3 centre backs. Another 1 will sign.
  15. Be a great signing he would. Didn’t they used to play in the same Stevenage side?
  16. We don’t need another 2 centre backs. Already have 3 another 1 is definitely enough. I’m not convinced we will play 352 anyway but if we did I would expect someone like Jones to possibly be in the back 3
  17. A bite there from rudiger?
  18. Ah the old population density argument. Texas has some of the largest and most populous cities in the US and Florida has an ageing population, but that doesn't fit with the lockdowns protect old people argument, so it rarely gets mentioned. The uk population is far more dense than any of the 3 you mentioned (it’s not even remotely close) UK Per 275 people square KM Florida is 136 people per KM Texas 110 people per square mile North Dakota 10 people per squad mile UK 18% over 65. Florida 19.1% Texas 12.6% ND 15.3% I personally think it’s much easier for a virus such as this to spread here than in any of those states just simply due to the size of the area. (Should have never been an issue had the government done their jobs correctly and shut the borders as per NZ) more than happy to debate with you but not everything you say is accurate no matter how much you try to convince everyone else it is and rubbish their views. Works both ways. Once the virus is over here, the density clearly is an issue
  19. Texas, Florida, North Dakota. There are others too. Many of them have not had hardly any restrictions for months. Full crowds at sports games, no masks and no problem. What’s the population density of these states compared to the uk?
  20. I thought him giving away the free kicks was key also. Not letting them build just like Fernandinho for city in years gone by. For me in that heat there is no way a team can press for 90 mins. I do think if we kept the press up we would have struggled towards the end of the game
  21. Too hot to place that high press all game, all the pundits, players and Southgate have said this. Croatia created nothing which is the biggest success for me. Maybe not as good as at the World Cup but their midfield is still brilliant. They created nothing and we completely stopped modric. Not sure what chances you are referencing? The created nothing what so ever. Id prefer tripper on the right and one of the actual left backs on the left. That Dosent stop the fact he had a decent game. Phillips had a decent game? He was brilliant. Easily the best player on the pitch and got a brilliant assist as well. I’m a massive fan of Bellingham and wanted him to start (over Phillips) and with rice. But theyres no denying Phillips was class on Sunday. Think we’re forgetting they are a good side. If they met France it wouldn’t suddenly be a 3/4 - 0 defeat. A win in the first game is the perfect start, areas to improve yes. I’m very happy we beat a side like that without even having to use players like grealish and sancho
  22. Don’t agree with trippier though he was good and 100x better than Kyle Walker who was really poor. Mount did so much off the ball pressing, thought he was great. Kane and Walker the two poor performers IMO (not saying I would play trippier there over the likes of shaw)
  23. Phillips? Phillips and mount made countless forward runs. As did Sterling and foden. Thought trippier was solid at left back as well
  24. On a decline yes. But still a very decent side. We played really well today but guess there’s no pleasing some. Only area that was poor was Kane
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