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  1. Andrade would be a great signing. Not been the best for Salford but was quality for Lincoln. If his wages aren’t too much he’s exactly the kind of player we need. Proven at this level
  2. Completely agree. Imo there is a reason they are in that division and not playing higher. Makes no sense what so ever that a keeper in a low end non league side is as good on average as a decent league 2 sides keeper.
  3. I’m really not sure how almost getting promoted with Torquay makes this guy a class player. Some of the dross we released / transfer listen we’re recently PROMOTED from the same division. There is a difference in class. Players like whitehead who played in Salford’s promotion season are nowhere near this level but seemingly good enough for that. I really don’t agree that there’s no difference.
  4. Brown was available when we signed him and he was established and proven, as was chris neal. There are keepers out there who are proven and out of contract. I think we have missed out on our number 1 target personally.
  5. Shame the match is on Tuesday at 5, but would have been my preferred team to get out of them france and Portugal. Well done to Hungary though. Still to me the only side that’s really got going are the Italians, hopefully they’ve peaked too early
  6. Im not sure being in a promotion chasing side in that league matters. We signed Fitzpatrick and whitehead both regulars in sides that gained promotion and look how they worked out. Imo we should have signed an established proven keeper at this level. This guy may be great he might not, but I don’t think we should be risking it in that position.
  7. So inexperienced at this level? And prior to that even lower. Maybe he’s a player on the rise, the fact other sides in league 2 and league 1 were interested is great. Just saying he Dosent have the experience at league 2 level which is true
  8. I agree, however most of the time the players with more ability will have played outside of non league before they’re 30s. They’re are exceptions and this keeper could well be one (he does have brilliant reviews from Torquay)
  9. What about players who have come with bad reviews? Garrity from Oldham? Do we care about their fans views? Whether you like it or not he hasn’t played at a decent level for a number of years that’s what wiki tells us, nobody is trawling through the articles on there. I hope he does brilliant and will reserve judgement until I see him play as I’ve never seen him before. I and a think a few others had just hoped a replacement for brown would have similar experience at this level.
  10. Time will tell on this one, good age for a keeper so hopefully in his peak and well rated by Torquay fans. Will reserve judgement until I see him play
  11. Hmmm id take him as back up but not our number 1. With us releasing brown I was expecting a quality proven keeper to sign. Someone like king who surely can’t be out of our range!
  12. The players needed to go. No other reason than the fact they aren’t good enough
  13. Hopefully our scouting assessment is not simply a quick perusal of Wikipedia I imagine it has. Just think we should be looking at keepers such as King for first choice rather than someone whos recent clubs have been Torquay, white hawk, lewes and Worthing. Dosent install me with confidence that a keeper of 31 has been at that level for some time (since 2016) and a 5 minute youtube video won’t change my view. (Video looks good but we’ve been down that route before). Never seen him play so he could be a brilliant signing. I’d just prefer us to go all out and get a real proven quality at this level
  14. He hasn’t exactly played at a high level in his career or very often. Not someone we should be after as a number 1
  15. Bit worried if we have finished with the so called ‘phase 1’ were a couple of first team players off being ready yet I’d of thought?
  16. Well that’s generally what happens before a game.... it goes one way or the other. At the end of the day we beat an ok side. I still don’t think we needed two CDMs, I still think it’s very harsh to have dropped mings (who Southgate said himself has been colossal). Saka played really well, I never said he wouldn’t? Just statistically sancho would be the go to player. Foden rested but easily makes our best 11. Really not sure what your point is? I still thought with that 11 we would win the game comfortably but I hope in tougher games we don’t start like that.
  17. Nope, be playing away from Wembley, imagine the uproar if we played to finish 2nd and then lost in the next round. Should always play to win and build confidence
  18. That starting 11 is a complete disgrace. What has saka done that’s better than sancho? The the two CDMs again. Mings arguably our best player so far (two clean sheets also) and dropped for an unfit McGuire. I find it really odd where is Foden?!?! Horrible 11, think he’s playing to not win the group
  19. Another two good players we’ve not signed then, hope weve got some players lined up
  20. Wouldn’t say that’s aiming high. Surely someone like king is exactly who we should be after?
  21. Why are you so certain it’s a back 5? We have signed a CDM as well who will presumably start. I’d be surprised if we line up with a back 5 and a CDM. If Johnson signs we won’t sign another CB 4 is enough.
  22. Spain look poor. Very passive just passing sideways, similar to us last night actually! Interesting group though, great header from Lewandowski
  23. Some odd results. Germany have gone from toothless to looking class up top. Hopefully we follow suit! Only side I’ve really been impressed so far is Italy!
  24. It’s a quality squad, one of the best in the tournament, with probably the worst manager there.
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