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  1. Just imagine if someone like Andrade or Mullin sign as well
  2. What a day of football. France remind me of PSG, just a bunch of individuals rather than a team. Mbappe was pretty awful this tournament considering he’s meant to be just behind Ronaldo and messi. Credit to Switzerland and xhaka who unleashed his inner pirlo!!
  3. Bit of an improvement to us signing Robinson, whitehead, mills and Fitzpatrick
  4. Could play 433 like beechy posted, do agree though Worrall obviously starts in any 11
  5. Been crying out for signings like these but thought benning would go to league 1. Looks like he will have to wait until next season to play league 1 with us.
  6. Get in there. Two brilliant signings in one day. What a signing benning is!!!
  7. Wilson is on the right, could it be hurst? Other than that no idea
  8. We need a right back and left back not another CB. 4 centre backs is enough IMO
  9. Looks like we have really focussed on the spine of the side as well, all the central positions seem sorted for the starting 11
  10. Pett and Conlon as a two is as good as you will get in this league. Add The Taylor of old to that and we have to be right up there. Maybe garrity is more of a development player? Guess we will play a 3 with Walker sitting behind colon and pett? Taylor and garrity as back up / development players
  11. That’s a quality signing. Really good player and proven at this level. He will definitely start with Conlon and then either Taylor / Walker.
  12. Hope so. Exactly the kind of player we should be going after. Would be easily our best signing so far imo
  13. So down to askey and his team, Clarke and his team and the previous management when we last had him. He’s crap end of. 100 goals in the amount of games he has played is nothing to write home about. So 3 different management teams and he managed to score 5 in 43. What. A. Player
  14. Robinson is awful. We saw that last season and in his previous vale spell. There is a reason he has been transfer listed
  15. You can’t go into a season with one left back and one right back. We need two out and out right backs and two out and out left backs.
  16. Netherlands out. Italy lucky to survive yesterday, just goes to show it doesn't matter how many points you get in the groups! Surely England or Germany have to make the final now.
  17. I’d like to think we will sign a back up RB, can’t go into the sign with just the 1
  18. 100% smith will start IMO. Very experienced defender at this level now.
  19. Not sure how someone who’s never played in the football league is an upgrade on Scott brown. Brown struggled last year but is still a decent keeper. Honestly I was hoping for someone like brown (when we signed brown) a proven player at this level. Vigaroux was only at Leyton orient, not sure why that makes him immediately out of our league. I would agree with visser but he actually looked a decent keeper when he did play, certainly a steady number 2 and we will never know on Scott. Happy with the games stone has played. However the number 1 is a bit of a risk imo in the most important position on the pitch.
  20. Played a fair few times for Mansfield for his age so should add some good competition. Can’t remember seeing him play but hopefully he is good, guess covalan will be number 1
  21. Disagree. How many players have we signed from there recently that have actually been any good? Hannant? Can’t think of anyone other than him recently.
  22. Newport fans really rate him. Played at a good level rather than for sides such as lewes and white hawk. Literally every single Newport fan(hundreds of them) on twitter is gutted he’s leaving / can’t understand why he wasn’t offered a new deal and says he’s their best keeper they’ve had. I’d argue they’re actually better comments than the Torquay keeper received. Personally I’d prefer us to go for someone like king as number 1 who has proven he is good enough at this level than take a risk in such a key position. He’s a good league 2 keeper which is what we needed IMO. A decent league 2 side will end up getting him as number 1.
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