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  1. Should see the tripe being posted on that vale Facebook page. Honestly we must have the thickest fan base in the country. Some already saying last years players are better. Sir Tom pope once again cropped up and when challenge at the fact proctor has already scored more we get the ‘pope was injured last season he would have scored more’. One post reads that Clarke says he has the best squad he’s had since his time at vale, well last year we went on a 9 game unbeaten run.... Seriously I don’t think some understand how football actually works. How anyone can think the likes of whitehead and mills are remotely close to the squad we have this season is just crazy. A bad day at the office that’s it. I fancy us to win (I know it’s Swindon) and I imagine all these fake fans desperate for us to lose will disappear again until our next defeat.
  2. Nothings going wrong. Same for yourselves a season isn’t decided after 6 games. We have in my opinion a great squad and will be there abouts come the business end of the season
  3. Your the one stooping low. Throwing your toys out of the pram after one loss. Didnt see you posting on here last week?
  4. What signing good players that are better than last season? Just beat top of the league away and we’re fantastic for the 15 mins. 6 games in piss off down to the bet365 stadium.
  5. Beat top of the league one week and some ‘fans’ want Clarke gone the week after. If your actually a vale fan and not a wum you should be <ovf censored> embarrassed
  6. What an odd game. First 10/15 mins were as good as I’ve seen down vale for some time and we could have been 3/4 up! No idea what happened after that. We defended horribly as a unit and individually. They looked a decent side I thought but played through us far too easily. Take your chances and that’s irrelevant though, we have to kill sides off when we are so dominant. If proctor stays fit he’s going to get 20+. Wilson and Rodney really have to be careful. Wilson missed a massive chance and for me wasn’t really in the game, again. And Rodney, I know he’s inconsistent, but he’s been really off this season and was dire today. Strange, disappointing game which 10 mins into the game I thought we were going to win at a canter. In my opinion we have the players. There’s still some areas I worry about but there is enough on that bench today to get us out of trouble. Change it next match and get politic and or amoo on. Wilson out of the side and maybe today we say why Walker has to play in Cm? Still think we will be up there come the end of the season.
  7. Martin got promoted out of this league he’s not a bad player. Didn’t hear anyone mention this last week? Embarrassing. Maybe we should have kept mills he would have sorted us out.....
  8. Christ we’ve started bloody well here. Should be game over already
  9. Doubt it. It will be that Clarke wants to look after him and not make him play two matches in a week.
  10. I’ve never understood why a team should automatically stay the same after a win. We should pick our best side and our best side to beat today’s opposition. Conlon to come into the side for me in place of Walker.
  11. I don’t think we need a Cb? Amos has been training with us for a while? Who is labelling everyone as brilliant? Most said Jones was a steady signing. Wasn’t that impressive against us last season but has been really good for us so far. There is no arguing that. Benning has been one of the best left backs in this league so clearly he was a good signing. Nobody has pensioned him off either (he was excellent against forest green). We have Smith, Martin, Johnson, Cass, Jones and obviously legge all at CB. Jones will play LCB in the back 5. Leaving benning and Amos. (Walker can also play CB) why do we need ANOTHER CB? Just because one is currently injured? He may have only played 12 games but he’s highly rated by donny fans and he’s not joining to be the first name on the team sheet is he.
  12. Jones moves to centre half... so we have benning and Amos. Not sure what your point is?
  13. Sounds good going off donny comments in the league above. Think the back 5 will be how we play for the majority of the season with the numbers we have back there. Imagine Jones will now be the starter at LCB with benning LWB and Amos as cover. As above Jones has been excellent everywhere so far but I’d like to see him given one position (LCB) and stick to it.
  14. I think at home with us playing a back 5 we can definitely play that extra attacking player in Conlon. He has to play every match if fit. Walker has done nothing wrong but I’d go with Pett garrity and Conlon tomorrow.
  15. Literally everyone I know who has had covid was really ill (other than my sister, who just had a caugh). These are people in their late 20s and had the delta variant recently. Only one could be considered vulnerable due to asthma. The rest all fit and healthy. Figures may overplay it, but some definitely underplay it. For me sunny Boslem has it right. For the majority it is now safe but they need to show respect for those that it isn’t. Sadly I think the majority couldn’t care less.
  16. Not sure the league position exactly matters at this early stage
  17. I notice how they conveniently ignore his spell with us 😂 Think adams has been watching a different player... ‘powerful striker’.
  18. Why is a goal in that pin pot trophy in which every side makes countless changes as valuable as a league goal?
  19. What about all his other clubs? How did he do for them? Millwall. 3 in 11. Doncaster 9 in 63. Motherwell 0 in 10. Lincoln 1 in 14. Port vale 5 in 43. Didn’t exactly set the world alight at southend either. 18 in 91 with just 11 in 70 in his second spell. All the sides recently he has played for he has struggled with the exception of colchester. Watching this donkey for two spells attempt to be a footballer was bad enough. I’d prefer us to play whitehead up front as 4th option than Robinson. Good riddons, rubbish player who most of the time didn’t even try.
  20. He was more than appalling. If you watched any games last season or his first spell then you know just how bad he is.
  21. Looks very desperate and it’s how we would be if we still had askey in charge
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