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  1. 51 minutes ago, Guppys left peg said:

    I would assume that Compton will be the next in line though the feeling I have is they’re going to give Crawley an extended run to see if he can play himself into form. Personally I just feel the fact he keeps getting out the same way suggests a weakness he needs to go away and work on rather than hope it fixes itself out in the middle.

    Jennings not the worst shout. Will give him this he has always been a fine player of spin which will be handy looking ahead to the winter.

    Yeah Compton another good one. I don’t mind Crawley but he just isn’t an opening batsman. He would be ok at 5/6 where the ball isn’t swinging but like you say at the minute he’s just getting out the same way and he isn’t able to fix it. Jennings although not brilliant I think is steady enough and like you say he’s excellent against spin. I’d expect Compton to be before him though and for me personally Haines. I follow Sussex and last couple of years he’s come on a long way 

    I think I would give Crawley this next match and then make a decision on him. No pressure on the game, series won, has to hit something. I would put leach in that category but i just don’t rate him at all 

  2. 1 hour ago, PortVale89 said:
    4 hours ago, Guitar Ray said:
    No question, but it’s not all sweetness and light.

    He's a human being. Of course he will miss the odd chance. But he's absolute mustard. End of discussion.

    I think the point others are making is that he struggled at the beginning of the season mainly due to fitness issues and maybe a lack of confidence. Pretty certain everyone agrees of how good he was by the end of the season.

  3. 20 minutes ago, manc_vale said:

    Agreed. Crawley clearly has talent, but we need someone much more obdurate as an opener and crawley doesnt fit that mould. I also think that his confidene will be pretty low from the last coule of games, not just from the batting, but he hasn't been great in the slips either. <aybe it is time for someone to have a go. But who is there. Most of the openers in the runs this season are the usual quality county batsmen who regularly do well but have been tried and failed at international level, i.e. Sibley, Jennings, Burns, Vince, Lyth

    One I mentioned before we went for Lees was Haines at Sussex he’s continued to do well this season and was very good last year. Other than that at the minute it’s like you say going back to someone else - I wouldn’t be too upset if Jennings got another go though personally. Better opener than we have had recently 

  4. 9 minutes ago, manc_vale said:

    I agree but there are three problems with Bairstow:

    1. He is still massively vulnerable to being bowled so most bowlers have a simple plan to get him out. 

    2. The top order batsmen rarely provide a platform for him to stike out like this. A more commoon scenario is that he comes in at 30-3. I understand this this is not his fault. It was the same when Peterson was in the side, brilliant at times, maddening at others when you needed him to knuckle down.

    3. Whilst he looks amazing in a run chase like yesterdays he does not seem to have the game to get out of trouble when we need people to occupy the crease. as you say, he is a brilliant white ball batsman. His opposite in the NZ side Mitchell is a classic example of an adaptable middle order batsman. Whilst it is exciting, sometimes test batting needs to be a bit more restrained. Boring as it may sound, occupying the crease, wearing down the opposition bowlers is a key part of test match cricket. Or perhaps I am an out of touch, old fart, not aware that test cricket should just be effectively back to back one-day games.

    Regardless, this performance should be enough to cement his place in the side for the near future, which should shut up Bairstow-doubters like me for a while.

    Can’t disagree with any of that. Like you say I think the key is the first 4 batsman to occupy the crease making it much easier for Bairstow and Stokes later on in the innings. He does have that glaring weakness the the ball swinging in mainly due to the amount of white ball cricket he plays but I think if (and it’s a big if) the top order works as it should then he shouldn’t be facing too many unplayable in swingers. 

    I think we need another opener with Lees. Crawley is a walking wicket and there are quite a few doing well this season so far in the county games 

  5. Always felt bairstow should play like this. He’s an outstanding white ball cricketer, batting at 5 he has the freedom to play like this and looks 10x the player than when he’s blocking - not sure why NZ keep bowling short to him though!  Only issue for me today is Crawley again. Lees looked excellent in both innings, shame he hasn’t got a century. Crawley and leech out next game I think. Hopefully stokes is fit as he looks like he’s struggling 

  6. 1 hour ago, MBE said:

    Reading the references to the Taylor v Bristol is extremely harsh. He was well off the pace along with 10 other players that day but he had also only just returned to the 1st team with 30 minute cameo.

    And was played as a holding midfielder which he never has and never will be. Everyone is forgetting he changed the game at Hpool as well 

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Guitar Ray said:

    I read somewhere recently that they’d had a trial game, games even, where the duration was reduced, possibly 30 mins each way, and the clock was stopped every time the ball went dead.

    Think they’re looking to trial it this season in the Dutch second division as well. 

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  8. 10 minutes ago, werstayinup said:

    Gibbo imo will sign and there will be clauses inserted for the benefit of us and him regarding injuries or interest from bigger clubs,for me if he stays fit there is no doubt he can play in the Championship and that proved with the interest from Sheff Utd

    He’s definitely good enough, but I think his injury record will put sides off. I think he will sign as well, like you say with clauses 

  9. 36 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    This is the most egregious overrating of a player I've ever seen. Good lord.

    He was great at Wembley. He played the equivalent of three 90s last season and hasn't played well consistently since pre-Covid. He was rubbish at Scunny and Clarke wasn't interested when he was appointed last February.

    Calm down lads. He's a good player who has rarely played for 2.5 years. 

    He’s a very good player who had a big impact in quite a few games considering he’s not been close to fit. He was the only reason we won at Hartlepool and was outstanding against Swindon and Mansfield. Some of his passing at Wembley was excellent. The only issue i have with him is his injury record. He’s been out for a long time, took time to get going and towards end of the season was excellent. We will clearly have someone lined up who they team obviously think is an upgrade, and I trust them 100%. Just think it’s a shame if we let him go over Charsley. For me, he’s a great back up to Conlon, so if Taylor leaves, I’d expect us to be signing someone as good as / better than Conlon to play whilst he’s injured 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, tisdeano said:

    Because that’s what he’s been this season

    I like JT and rate him, if the rumours are true then he can only talk to other clubs if we allow it

    If he is allowed then that tells you all you need to know

    He has but he’s been injured for large parts of it, we saw his impact with key assist and passes towards the end of the season, think it’s an error letting him go unless we have someone lined up which I’m sure we do. 

  11. I’m not sure why Taylor would be considered a squad player. He’s better than Charsley, and without Conlon our only real creative midfielder. He was fantastic in the last few games so unless we have someone lined up to replace him it makes no sense to me letting him go. Loads of potential, years on his deal, played well and getting back to full fitness. Dosent make sense Imo. If a midfielder is to leave it surely would be charsley. If he goes I fully back the team to sign someone as good / better, but that will cost as these kind of players aren’t cheap. Just think we should be looking at keeping him - there was euphoria on here when he signed 

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  12. Great signing. His injury clearly impacted our side, having to play Smith RCB and having him as the spare man often hampered us going forwards. Still young, will improve, great on the ball. Very strong back 3 now, he does need to work on defending crosses as we conceded quite a few at the back post but still a very good signing. 

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  13. They’re loving it on their forum. Sadly (or gladly in my case with walsall) this will only end up one way. 

    Investment companies want one thing and one thing only. A return on their investment. This has future admin written all over it. 

  14. Well Root has won us that. Fantastic yet again, thought we bowled well though both innings but the same old problems are there for all to see. 4 of the top 5 aren’t up to it, Crawley i don’t mind but he just Dosent look an opening batsman to me. I’d love to see a couple of changes in the batting line up for the next game. Brook has to play. 

  15. Politic was great for us. Changed games on a regular basis and scored some big goals. He might not fit into 352, but we have to have these kinds of players in the squad to change games and mix it up a bit. If I remember correctly he played up top at times for us and looked ok. No brainier for me, can win games by himself and would be a class signing. He’s still very young, I’d love us to sign him. 

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