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  1. 14 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    A genuine question - has there been any public acknowledgement from Pope about reaching Wembley? I can't see any. For a man who was very, very keen to let the whole world know what he thought last summer, he's gone very quiet.

    I recall reading Dodds, Enoch Andoh, Politic, and Ian Taylor congratulating us. Is our former captain + record scorer really so bitter about being rightly dropped and then released that he can't bring himself to say anything remotely positive?

    Maybe one day he'll look in the mirror and begin to piece together why things ended the way they did. He could be in the directors box every week with his mates if things had ended more sensibly.

    Should this thread not be moved to Port Vale Past, which is where, in my view, Tom Pope now firmly belongs?

    Knowing what he’s like off the pitch it really Dosent surprise me. He’s a <ovf censored> 

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  2. Thought I would make a return on here to try and help settle my nerves!

    If we turn up tonight I think we beat these. Wasn’t impressed by them on Sunday, for how poor we were 60 minutes they didn’t really create too much. The goals were more our own doing. 

    No idea where this arrogance from them has emerged from either. So much material for DC to get the lads motivated for tonight. I just hope we don’t get too fired up and get an early red. For me we have missed Walker and looked a shadow of the side we were with him, Pett has to turn up tonight - been disappointed with him for a while now. 

    Id start the side that finished the game on Sunday, Benning has to play and Taylor is a must for me over Charsley. Only other thing I would contemplate would be to start Edmonson and Proctor up top with Wilson behind him. 

    2-0 vale

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  3. just seen the other replies to my reply. It’s a forum where you debate. I didn’t get the Charsley signing as we weren’t playing him, I said the same about Holy and Cooper but nobody mentions that. Everyone judged and wrote off Benning and Martin but that’s ok - I didn’t but we forget about that. 

    Thought this was a forum to discuss football but clearly not (probably why others who had a different view [one at the time I’d say was sensible and again a debate] no longer post) Team is doing amazing, Crosby outstanding. Can’t wait for Saturday - that’s me done on onevalefan for good 👍

  4. 3 minutes ago, Potsman said:

    I'm eating humble pie tonight after last weeks comment Aaron Martin was massive tonight as were everybody.

    Martin been class for weeks 


    6 minutes ago, wotsyobeef said:

    Like your doom and gloom attitude has frustrated many on here. Remember Alex Fergusson signed Taibi, Kleberson and Bebe.
    Cheer up you may enjoy yourself a bit.

    So I’m not allowed to say back in Jan that cooper is a poor signing but others can say benning and Martin are? Makes sense. 

    Ignore if you don’t like my posts. 

    Amazing win and can’t believe that after the colchester game we are in 3rd, 3 points clear (4 with goal difference) and have it in our own hands. Crosby and co done unbelievable  

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  5. 13 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    Oh the irony from one of the most negative posters on here. I shouldn’t be surprised that you passed judgment on the recruitment back then before anyone had a chance to bed in. But anyway the comment I made about recruitment being good  was about the whole season, apart from a couple of duds it’s been positive in the main and this recent run of form has showed it even more with some of our best players missing. 

    Recruitment for the whole season has been outstanding 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    Oh the irony from one of the most negative posters on here. I shouldn’t be surprised that you passed judgment on the recruitment back then before anyone had a chance to bed in. 

    Didn’t you pass judgement on Hussey before he had kicked a ball?

    At least I saw Cooper and Holy play….. 

    Didnt the majority judge the signings of Martin and Benning? Who have been immense recently? 

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  7. Amazing win. 2nd half the pressing was immense. Charsley was brilliant as was Proctor. Man of the match for me has to be Martin, playing against a tough forward in Smith he defended brilliantly. Benning and wozza also brilliant I though. Great save off Stone at 1-1. What a night Mansfield losing, us winning. 3 points clear in 3rd with a far superior goal difference. <ovf censored> unbelievable 

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  8. 19 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    Recruitment has been good. Remember back in Jan/Feb when the forum was in meltdown saying the recruitment was crap. 

    Not allowed an opinion I guess then? Hall and Charsley looking great signings. Cooper? Holy? Didn’t want to post after such a brilliant performance but posts like this are doing my head in

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  9. Decent chance at the start for us and a decent one at the end for them. They look slightly better than last time but I thought we’ve been the better side as a whole. Ref has been atrocious and ruining the game. There for the taking this is if we can keep 11 on the pitch. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, leedsvaliant said:

    It looks a dreadful ground and there really should be a minimum of being able to see the whole pitch.

    That win could prove really crucial, it ticks off another game with maximum points and should Mansfield slip up in some of their remaining games then it's our spot to lose.

    Still think that Mansfield, Exeter and FGR are in the box seats for the automatic positions but Mansfield fans, in spite of their form, aren't entirely convinced with their team. Don't forget, they had a terrible start and there must have been reasons why they were second bottom at one point.

    I can't believe Salford have come up on the rails. I've seen them twice and they were garbage.

    Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app

    They had like 10 injuries mansfield did, think most of their players came back when they played us at their place. Agree re Salford, dreadful down vale I think we will end their chances on Tuesday. Still think Bristol have a big chance as well. 

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