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  1. I trust the experts in this area on who they decide to put on the red list etc. You have to understand these variants get their name just because thats the country where that variant first got sequenced. The exact same variant has also been detected in 44 other countries. It could just be these are the stages this virus goes through naturally. We need to tackle it as a world not just simply think we can hide away from it. With endless lockdowns. I personally don’t think he did much wrong. He Listened to the experts and implemented what they recommended. Or are you saying if you were in charge you would have made the decision to Lockdown sooner??? You think that would be an easy decision to make with ZERO consequences??? How would you cope with someone who later told you that because you locked the country down so quick their wife's doctors appointment was cancelled. Where she would have found out she had cancer and got treatment quickly. But because of you Iron Curtain shes now dead and you have blood on your hands for your awful choice to lockdown without giving people chance to make preparations. What on earth were you thinking. 1000s of others post similar heartbreaking stories about how the early and long lockdown caused their teenage child to commit suicide. Mental health issues, people losing their livelihoods etc etc. Sack Iron Curtain starts trending on Twitter. It’s all so easy and simple isn’t it in your mind. But the reality is much more difficult. If all everyone had to do was lockdown 2 weeks earlier we wouldn’t have millions of deaths worldwide. They don’t have Boris in charge so whats their excuse?
  2. Is that the same Former Chief Scientist Sir David King that was responsible for the needless slaughter of 8 million cows during the BSE crisis. He also advised the Labour government to incentivise the use of diesel vehicles through lower fuel duty, which resulted in huge increases in air pollution in our cities. He’s “former” because he was totally useless and his advice always proved to be wrong. Before posting nonsense think for a second... If it was that simple we wouldn’t have 162,303,342 million coronavirus cases worldwide. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Yes it was Boris’ team of experts that made it happen. If something goes wrong with anyone in his team you’re the first to rightly blame Boris and his decisions. So when an historic world class achievement is made he and his team deserve the plaudits. As is the case with this. Tip: Adding laughing emojis to your point doesn’t make it more valid. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If anything it does the opposite. Thanks for listening.
  4. So did every highly populated democratic country on the planet. ALL of them have had huge deaths tolls in care homes especially at the early stages of the virus. Not because what you Claim that Every care home on the planet couldn’t be bothered to do anything. But because by the time China told us anything close to the truth about this virus it was already too late to save them. The virus was heavily spread in care homes worldwide 🌎
  5. No you are totally incorrect. What I posted is 100% Fact. Let me explain. Imagine if a pro-EU party had won the last general election. They Would have joined the EU Vaccine programme. Why wouldn’t they??? In fact their members would be furious if they didn’t do. So saying they “Could have done” is totally irrelevant as they wouldn’t have. The Only reason we weren’t part of that programme is due to the country voting to Leave the EU and then Voting to give a majority to an anti-EU party. So yes it’s fair to say many people who got vaccinated sooner due to us ditching the EU ironically owe their lives to Brexiters. i’m not in anyway making light of this awful pandemic. It’s just one of the many benefits of leaving the EU that lots of people including myself could never have predicted but are starting to now become apparent for all to see.
  6. This is some feedback for the Labour Party. I’d voted Labour most of my life until 2019. But Labour made it impossible for me to vote for them as they totally betrayed me and millions of others. They said in 2016 they’d honour our vote to leave the EU customs union. But they lied and before long they started to listen to a minority of Twitter youngsters constantly retweeting things to give the illusion that their far left naive view was the popular national opinion. So by the time the general election came round. The deal they offered me was horrible. Vote Labour Corbyn and Starmer said and we’ll cancel your previous vote to leave the EU customs union. Instead we’re going to run the vote again but this time both options will be to Stay in the EU customs Union. Basically a rigged vote. What kind of deal is that??? I was fuming 😡 We already had a vote and brexit should have been completed as everyone was sick of it. But no they said. Boris on the other hand offered to get Brexit done. ...and he got it done and none of the disastrous and quite frankly ridiculous predictions made by project fear happened. Then in March 2020 Coronavirus hit and we went into lockdown. The worst pandemic in 100 years. There had never been a vaccine for any coronaviruses before. Things looked bad for the world and 4 Million worldwide died. But by December of the same year Boris and the team injected a British woman with the world’s first fully tested and approved Vaccine before any other country. Which is a truly historic achievement. This Vaccine programme went on to be world class. So why are people like @Doha so surprised to see Boris’ popularity surge at the recent elections????? I don’t like the fact that the Twitter kids and momentum etc have steered Labour to be so unelectable. We all need Labour to come back and be a strong opposition. But they need to do better than “who paid for Boris’ curtains”. Jesus christ. Do better FFS 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s terrible for the country to be a living in a one party state. 😢
  7. It is interesting when we look back at Brexit. Back then We never knew COVID-19 was just around the corner. So ironically 50,000 people who voted to remain, if they’d have got their way would now be dead. 💀 ⚰️ They owe their lives to us leaving the EU. As we’d have been stuck still waiting at the back of the queue for vaccines 💉 to arrive from the EU programme. So i would personally like to thank all the visionary brexiters out-there that saved so many UK lives. We now have to admit leaving the EU was the right thing to do.
  8. https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/forum/topic/42513-coronavirus/?do=findComment&comment=904880 It seems like the whole world’s elderly has been let down. Most countries death tolls are made up from around 60% deaths from Care Homes. 😢 it’s heartbreaking.
  9. I’ve been following this Covid crisis worldwide and I would say care homes has been the most common news story. Even Sweden are taking legal action against some of there care homes for failing. It seems like 60% of covid deaths Worldwide are in care homes. It’s proving to be the most difficult problem to solve.
  10. Yes he can do fantastic speeches that really move you. But he’s not just an after dinner speaker, he’s also one of the most successful highly educated politicians this country has ever produced. He won the Election to become Mayor of London. Then he won the Election to become Mayor of London yet Again. Against all the odds, He won a National Referendum to Leave the EU. He won the Election to become leader of the conservative party. Then he won his 1st of many General Election victories. That will eventually see him becoming the longest serving UK prime minister. Currently he’s winning the War on Covid. He’s a Winner, @tommytunstall will back me up on this. 😀
  11. I think i'm going to have to stop watching the news as seeing the poorer countries in the world with such limited resources starting to get covid and really struggling is getting bad for my mental health. I'd heard Mexico were having a tough time with Covid but it seems to be 10 times worse than what I ever imagined. 😢 Family members have to check inside the body bags to make sure they've actually been given the correct body to cremate, It's heartbreaking.
  12. They’re dead either way so i’m not sure it’s going to be as much consolation as you think unfortunately.
  13. ⚠️ Lets be honest though being in opposition is really easily. As you can say anything. Knowing you don’t have to actually get that achieved. For example: Boris could say: we are close to hitting 100,000 tests a day. Which is a great achievement considering we had no facilities for testing just a couple of months back. Keir could reply: Thats a disgrace, if i’d have been in charge we’d have done 500,000 test a day from day one. The virus would have been totally eradicated within 7 days. It was all so simple and obvious, why didn’t you just do that. When in reality he would have used the exact same leading experts to follow advice from and had the same NHS, the same lack of testing facilities. The exact same british public ignoring the advice and not washing their hands etc and the exact same death toll. It is easy to just say what was done wrong after the event heck even @TheSage and @tommytunstall can do that. But trying to control the worst pandemic in 100 years is much harder. This is why France, Italy and Spain are also on Almost the exact same numbers as England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 They don’t have Boris, so surely they should have 90% lower deaths than us. But they don’t.
  14. ☝️😂😂😂 ☝️😂😂😂 ☝️😂😂😂 ☝️😂😂😂 oh man, Nofinikea this thread is talking about a pandemic that’s already caused 296,000+ deaths and eventually millions will be dead from it. So can I please ask you stop posting that you are laughing about it every single post. It’s just comes across as insensitive. By all means have a go at Boris but please remember families are getting heartbreaking news everyday that their loved ones have died. So to find that so hilarious is a bit sick to be honest.
  15. It’s very disappointing that the EU allow China to censor and edit EU documents so they become more positive towards China. How can China have that kind of power over the EU ? also how many times have China done this in the past. Could be 1000s for all we know.
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