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  1. Had a great 3 hours in the Box Park, great atmosphere, good choice of food and drinks. Lee Hughes in his Vale top doing his goal celebration lifted the roof. All in all, i can't remember a better day supporting Vale. Only minor neg was the standing on the train back to Stoke but it soon passed.
  2. I agree, i was in line with Stone and he was way out of the box and i thought that was automatic red card.
  3. Much as people love the club, not everyone can make every match as you should know. That is not an excuse but a fact. I have a full season ticket, not a 10 game one but usually miss one or two during a season, not by choice but usually work commitments. I'm sure after the season we've had people who can attend will attend and don't need constant reminding. VTID
  4. Remember going there to watch Bucs v Broncos and had a 1/2 hour stoppage for a storm, i,ve never seen a crowd dive for cover so quickly.
  5. Watched Madrid v Rayo Vallecano from those seats, i think they called it the Vomitareum.
  6. New Tottenham, Arsenal, Wembley are all brilliant modern stadiums but i still have fond memories of Blackpool before they spent money on the stadium
  7. These are one of the worst teams i've seen this season (Salford)
  8. It looks like the missed chances 1st half have cost us dear.
  9. Meant i love them not dislike
  10. All Peter Kays John Smiths adverts - Wardrobe monsters, Av it, top bombing etc
  11. Amazing, and well deserved. A credit to your family, the City and the club.
  12. Who did you say it too if that was your first post?
  13. What a fantastic day, i knew it was going to be something special when the disc jockey played the rude version of "Living next door to Alice" for all the little kids at the Fanzone
  14. I think Fury has a contract to box in the US with Espn. Can't see Wembley fight at 4 am but it would be different.
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