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  1. I think Fury has a contract to box in the US with Espn. Can't see Wembley fight at 4 am but it would be different.
  2. Just pleased we didn't have to cope with De Bruyne
  3. If you are going to quote AC/DC at least get the title right.
  4. Went into the club shop yesterday with my misses and her little lad. Kevin was in there speaking to a few of the fans. He came over to us, introduced himself and thanked us for buying the tops. It was only a few minutes I was speaking to him but he came across a really lovely guy. Little things like this go a long way. Im sure it does with all vale fans
  5. I've just heard that Mr Smurthwaite has been involved in a road traffic accident. I have no details as to how minor or serious it was, but has apparently happened this evening.
  6. I know i saw the girls faces when she started her rants.
  7. Well the steward at the top of the stand was no more than 10 feet away and did now't. A woman with young girls told her to watch her language only to be told in no uncertain terms what to do with her request.
  8. Was that the young lady near the back of the stand or the one in the front section ? both seemed to lose the plot.
  9. Was there on Sunday and we returned to Euston square and walked across to Euston. It took less than an hour from stadium to station and thats with 86,000 people. Have a great time, £5.80 a pint, pick n mix 2.20 per 100 grms
  10. Billy Payntor is without a club and in Lorne Street pre-match, thoughts ???
  11. Saw Billy Paynter in Lorne street, maybe he can help?
  12. 60 hours shouldn't be a problem, some have done over 100 this month and aren't on your night rate
  13. Tavares took the ball right up to the keeper with a player constantly trying to get the ball of him, that caused the ruck
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