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  1. Pace scares teams in this league (at any level actually!) and we don't have enough of it. This is one of the reasons why we've only won 5 of 12 home games in the league, we haven't had enough to unlock teams. So, if Rodney is finished we should be desperately trying to offload him and replacing with someone who we actually will use. Preferably a 'wildcard' - a hybrid of Rodney and Politic who can give us something different.
  2. Last home game on a Tuesday night was when we were flying high in 3rd, against rivals Walsall. We got 4700 home fans. Given it's the third home game in 10 days in a tight month financially for many, off the back of a poor performance at the weekend... the crowd might be sub 4500 including the usual minibus load from Salford.
  3. Fair enough, just trying to put myself in his shoes. I don't think it's a clear cut as 'if we wanted him to stay, he'd be staying'. Ultimately, it comes down to money, security and safeguarding a career. Getting a bigger club than Vale on his CV whilst earning more money and having greater job security makes it a no-brainer. Massively supportive of the ruthless nature of 'the process', but I'm not naive enough to think that it couldn't negatively contribute to decision making for some players - particularly when they hold the cards instead of the club. Without being melodramatic, live by the sword, die by the sword.
  4. There's no way he's leaving Wilson out given it's his first time playing against Salford since they let him go.
  5. It's a no-brainer for Gibbo to join a Championship club, especially given his place in the team here isn't guaranteed. I can't help but think that despite us thinking he's 'one of our own', Gibbo is in fact a Stoke fan, good friends with a certain Tom Pope and perhaps isn't overly fond of the current management. That's just pure speculation but I think it all may play a part in him not being desperate to stay. You have to remember that he's seen a large overhaul of the squad and may see this is a good time to move on now that most of his 'friends' are out of the building. When asked about his contract situation before the Brentford game he said something along the lines of 'at the moment it's about proving my fitness', so he's not even sure he's got a contract here beyond June. We're sure as hell going to miss his drive and energy.
  6. The tight nature of the league means that realistically anyone down to Carlisle (19th) may fancy a run at the play offs. It only takes 3 or 4 wins on the bounce. I wouldn't be surprised if either Orient or Walsall put a few results together and get themselves in the mix. I think it'll go right down to the wire for top 3 and play offs which makes those late collapses at Sutton and Oldham so annoying!
  7. I saw more in 30 minutes from young Harratt than I saw in Lloyd's entire spell. Another big upgrade.
  8. A very positive window so far. For all the sentimental stuff about Legge - and there's no doubt that he always wore his heart on his sleeve and gave 100% - we should remember that (like Joyce and Brown before him) his stint at the club coincided with some dreadful seasons on the pitch. He's a player signed in an era I'd rather forget. I don't think we'll sign another CB despite having one less than before the window - we have Martin, Smith, Cass, Jones, Hussey and Hall who can all play there, as well as Gibbo and Benning if really needed. If I were to make one more move, it'd be finding a buyer for Rodney and using the money from the fee and his wage to secure Politic. That wouldn't leave us short up top but would secure a player who definitely could cut it in L1 next season.
  9. If the Hall rumour is true, it would be exactly the signing I've been waiting for - CB is our weakest area in my eyes - and another statement of intent by buying an ever-present player from a league rival.
  10. Does he think with the advancements of analytics into management of player injuries/workload and more focus on sports science he'd have been able to have prolonged his career if he was playing nowadays versus the 90s?
  11. A 'review' is fine as long as it leads to action. Tranmere was 5 months ago yet nothing has changed. - Sort out the scanners. - Open all turnstiles possible. - Have proactive stewarding/queue management. I'm sure CCTV footage (if available) of hundreds of fans rushing the gates at 15:10 will certainly focus the mind.
  12. Thomas Frank said in his press conference that he's heard that 'Port Vale away can be a bit lively'. Let's prove him right.
  13. As of 2 days ago - expecting closer to 1750.
  14. Not spectacular, but Jermaine Holwyn's OG to start the QPR comeback on that infamous day in 1997 is the one that always pops up in my head as 'memorable'.
  15. As Israel begins with the roll out of a 4th vaccination, I do have to question which part of this is 'quick'. Anyway, this is a thread about a football match involving the team we all love that thankfully looks to be taking place on Boxing Day. Hard to make any predictions given the lack of clarity over player availability. According to Wyscout, we've scored 11 goals more than Salford despite having a very similar Xg, yet we've conceded 2 more than them despite having a far lower XgA. What does that tell us? That we've been clinical in front of goal and they've been wasteful. The deciding factor therefore maybe whether the lads who've been clinical for us are available, something that looks unlikely. U2.5 goals and quite possibly a 0-0 on the cards. 4870 - <100 away fans and a few stayaways on our side due to the circumstances.
  16. Covid email from the club this evening says they don't expect a 10k crowd for this fixture, which I think is sensible.
  17. It baffles me to see multiple people on here and on social media talking about a 'packed away end'. Have we got loads of fans who've never seen us play Brentford or something? We've played them a million times over the past 20 years. They bought a respectable 1600 or so on the opening day of 13/14 but apart from that it's regularly 500ish. They've grown as a club since we last played them, but not to the extent where they'll be bringing 4500 up here - especially given they're at Anfield the following week. Rant about deluded Vale fans aside, I'm warming to the draw. It's a great test for the group and the manager against elite opposition, and in a one-off game there's a slim chance we could cause an upset - especially given they're likely to rest a few of their 'stars' after a busy festive period. It's a free hit and one we should look forward to.
  18. Hoping for Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd or Newcastle. Expecting Rotherham, Peterborough, Swindon or Huddersfield. FWIW I don't want to play Stoke until it's in the league. Then everyone will know it's going to happen for months, the preparations won't be rushed and we'd have more parity in terms of standard of playing squad. I fear a one-off in the cup would be something we'd just like to get out of the way rather than actually enjoy.
  19. 'Port Vale fans are always a pain in the arse. Can never behave themselves in the away end and are the only side who can never fit in there if the allocation is either sold out or close to it. Yet every other side, no problem..' He is correct to be fair. The first time we played there (1-0 defeat IIRC) we spilled out of the front of the stand and they had to move about 100 of us into the side stand terrace, moving home supporters to accomodate us. No surprise we struggle to understand how to act when we're at capacity, when we're used to having 4 seats each at home matches.
  20. Didn't you start it by suggesting we re-sign Calvin Andrew?
  21. Living in a dream world here, but Saturday's match just reminded me of how nice it would be to have a modern, smaller stand in place of the Railway. I did a walk around the ground before the match and the contrast in the ease of entry into the Lorne Street versus the Railway is huge, as are the facilities once inside. The amount of earth you'd have to move and the cost of such a project would make it prohibitive, but in a dream world where we wanted to totally modernise the stadium without moving away from Burslem it'd be on the 'to do' list.
  22. If I'd told you back in May that our strongest/preferred back 5 (3 CBs, 2 WB) would consist of 4 players who were already at the club - and one of them was a midfielder - would you have been happy? Because despite signing 6 defenders over the summer, only one of them (Jones) would get into our 'best' starting XI with the managers preferred formation. Gibbo - Jones - Legge - Smith - Wozza We disagree on defensive recruitment so there's no point in continuing to go over the same ground. An area we may agree on is that if we have no intention of using Ryan Johnson (could also use the same argument for Amos although he is only 21!) then it's in our best interests to try to work something out in January that allows him to move on and for us to replace him with someone who will get us over the line.
  23. According to all the well respected posters on here, our defensive recruitment over the summer was great. No need to have a back up for a 36 year old. The truth is Johnson and Martin were signed for this reason but they're both not up to it. Teams have now worked out that if you isolate Cass and/or Jones aerially then you can hurt us and we're paying the price. It'd be the priority in January to bring in a commanding CB.
  24. Spot on. They setup to take Gibbo and Worrall out of the game, shut off the avenue to Conlon leaving Cass and Jones time on the ball to play low percentage balls into the channels. Worked a treat.
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