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  1. Making lots of huge assumptions (and trusting the ticketing hub to be giving accurate information in LS and Railway), I think we've sold around 6500 tickets so far. I'd expect another 1500 to go in the next 72 hours, which takes us up to 8000.
  2. I'd rather have another squad player than a modern ticketing system. Why think long term anyway?
  3. Tom Pope trying to make it all about himself in the most important week of our season? Imagine my shock.
  4. I'll take that as proof that I was right. Enjoy the game! UTV
  5. I imagine that the whole front section (ie, anything below the walkway) will be netted off, so away fans are nowhere near any home fans.
  6. Jacko - you're a terrific fan, the epitomy of what makes football great in this country. But, you're not convincing me that you gambled on missing our first play off match since 1993. You'll have known in advance that you had a ticket put aside for you, and you will have picked it up in a brown envelope with your name on the front.
  7. I'm not hunting anyone down, although it sounds like a lot of fun. Just interested in the defence of a system that is so clearly in need of a revamp. There's also a lack of transparency over who is getting to the front of the queue before they go on sale to 'normal fans'. If one of the advantages of being a club sponsor, box holder, or programme contributor is that you get access to tickets before everyone else, then so be it but let that be known and give more accurate information to fans queuing up in person about the actual allocations. The Exeter fiasco has led to such paranoia that people (needlessly) have camped overnight or spent hours on the car park again. It's also incredibly tinpot to excuse it by pointing our that smaller clubs than us also have issues in this regard. We're Port Vale, not Mansfield-<ovf censored>-Town. The daft thing is, a fit-for-purpose online ticketing hub with an incorporated loyalty points system would be to the advantage of the poster I'm asking the question of, given they go to every single Port Vale match. There's no need to reserve tickets in a brown envelope when you'd be (rightly) at the front of the queue anyway.
  8. Let' get the Hamil rocking, Breadie.
  9. Jacko, it seems like you're heavily defending the policy of keeping loads of tickets for the 'chosen few'. Is that because you're one of them? Can't remember ever seeing you queuing on Hamil Road for a ticket like the rest of us?
  10. Genuinely, yes. Especially when I'm nervous (which is for the whole game!)
  11. Why queue when you can get a home ticket sitting in your pants at home?
  12. I've been in the Paddock and Stand for the past 20 years, but the truth is 200 away fans in the Hamil can make more noise than 1000 in the Railway. If you watch any away fan vlogs etc, you just can't hear us. I'll think 3000+ of us in the Hamil next Thursday will be worth a goal.
  13. Yeah we gave them Hamil and Bycars. They filled the Hamil but had about 500 (max) in the Bycars. Was the day we got relegated from the Championship in 2000.
  14. I think we might get hammered on Saturday but still finish in the play offs because of other results 'going for us'. Then a huge mental reset is needed from players and fans.
  15. Sutton and new clubs to the FL have 3 years to bring their grounds upto 5000 capacity, the rules for grounds above 10,000 capacity are more stringent. Vale's current restrictions are probably a matter of priorities since home crowds above 6,000 have been a rarity, away capacity is adequate. Crewe's capacity is >10k. Ditto Luton. I would still like to know how/why they are allowed 100% capacity yet we're restricted to 70% (?) in the Bycars and 60% (?) in the Railway. If you've sat in the side stand at Crewe or behind the goal at Luton, you'll know the reason cannot be turnstiles, emergency access or facilities. If we're saying that the structures of our stands are unsafe, then surely we wouldn't be allowing any fans in.
  16. Think you've got your sums a bit wrong there, Rob. 100k x 20 = 2m (not 20m)
  17. That is the maddest take I've ever read.
  18. There may be a million and one issues with Vale Park, but it needs explaining how it differs from other stadiums in the EFL. The access and facilities in three of the four stands at Crewe are worse than any at Vale. Sutton United is essentially Leek Town. At Harrogate there was two turnstiles and a small gate as an exit for Vale fans spread across two sides of the ground. Luton has already been mentioned. Southend is/was the same story. Apparently Barrow was laughable. It doesn't make sense or add up. There needs to be transparency between the club and supporters on something as serious as this. It's not great if the perception from fans is that the stadium manager is more interested in creating 'away day playlists' than ensuring we can get fans into the ground.
  19. Don't be a plank. People turned up 40 minutes before kick off for the last game and missed the first two goals.
  20. Looked a game too far with a stretched squad. They were so confident on the ball and played some lovely stuff. That being said, they gifted us a few chances once we put them under pressure but we didn't take them. Dan Jones has to be hitting the target or getting their keeper sent off when Wilson sends him through. Not going to be overly critical of Taylor given he won us the game on Friday with a superb cross, but two matches in 4 days when he's barely kicked a ball for 12 months was always going to be tough. He's not a holding midfielder and I'd have switched him and Garrity. Two moments of pure class from Wilson - his touch and pass into Benning for our goal and his incredible turn and perfectly weighted through ball to Jones in the 2nd half - should've been enough for us to at least secure a point. So frustrating that we didn't get him and Proctor on the ball more given the quality they both have. Win the next two and go to Exeter needing a point. Still in our hands.
  21. The 91k is true - they published their accounts this week. They've lost £15m in total since that tosser Neville took over. Inly going to end in tears.
  22. I went to Sunderland v Crewe the other Saturday. Crewe were the better side for 70 mins, and Chris Long missed 3 really presentable chances to put them in front. They were well organised, played some cute stuff (as you'd expect) and had a couple of Smith-type no-nonsense CBs (one of whom is just 18!). They bullied Defoe and Stewart out of the game and were only undone by an impressive Patrick Roberts cameo off the bench. They'll go down but be fine next season once they come out of the slump and remember how to score/win a few games, especially if they find a half decent striker.
  23. Let's hope they empty the tank to beat Bristol Rovers tonight - doing us a favour in the process and turn up knackered on Saturday. Win tonight and they've still got a sneak of the play-offs!
  24. I was with a couple of neutrals last night and they couldn't believe how big we were compared to Harrogate. We really should've taken advantage of that superiority more than we did but too often the final ball was lacking quality. Unpopular opinion but Pett was our weak link last night and I thought was at fault for their goal. I'd be moving Walker into the middle for him with Garrity and sticking Martin (or preferably Hussey) in at LCB - with Gibbo and Wozza at WBs. Seen one or two negative comments about Cooper, but he was a bright spark and caused them loads of trouble especially in the 2nd half. Only frustration was his rush of blood to the head when he was presented with a great opportunity in the 2nd half and perhaps one or two of his final balls lacked quality. But in a period where we are lacking guile, he certainly has a trick or two that could open up defences. One final point - would've liked to have seen Harratt off the bench last night but I suspect a (forced?) change at CB at HT left us with less wriggle room and Charsley and Wozza were safer options given the circumstances. Edmo scored and occupied their defence fairly well but was flagging badly (as many were) towards the end and would've been nice to give them something different to think about. Frustrating to come away with only a point but 2-7 are up for grabs and we're one of the teams in the mix. I wouldn't rule anything out yet.
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