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  1. Try not to have a heart attack cashing in the cheque.
  2. Is Harris in this group too or has he gone back to Cardiff?
  3. I think the next two weeks will decide the title. Liverpool playing Cardiff and Huddersfield (hopefully two wins) and Man City playing Spurs, Man Ure and Burnley. Let’s face it if Man City win them three games then Leicester and Brighton aren’t going to cause many problems.
  4. China Chef only had 60 quid in the till when he called in so it was a no go.
  5. Yes they do but have a look at the fixtures that week. Liverpool play at home to Porto on the Tuesday night. Chelsea have West Ham at home on the Monday night then play in the Czech Republic on the Thursday night. No saying Liverpool will beat Chelsea but it’s a big advantage.
  6. So Froome is from Kenya but Raheem is English and good. Raheem was born in Jamaica. They are either both English or both foreign. Make your mind up.
  7. Love to know how Chris Froome is a mixed race lad from Kenya when his mum and dad are both WHITE.
  8. Mine is “Dear Virgin Media customer.....” happens on every thread I click on and it’s only on this website.
  9. Can we make away fans aware of this too? Maybe via their message boards or twitter etc?
  10. The money goes into Norman’s @rse pocket which is why I haven’t bought anything for years.
  11. Nice idea to keep protests peaceful but it won’t get him gone. Things need to turn nasty.
  12. If we think the refs are bad in league 2 imagine how bad they are in the National league!
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