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  1. I think it's shocking that our owners are allowing all these transfers to happen. Poor old Rampant has only just started to recognise the players who signed in the summer and now they are lumbering him with more. You do realise his head will fall off now Just no thought for fans what so ever.
  2. I just miss the Vale fans with stupid comments. I remember coming out after one match when this bloke said to his mate apart from score 3 goals Beckford has done <ovf censored> all today hahaha
  3. What do you think about going for someone like Stockton at Morecambe who can't be on mega bucks and is scoring at league 1 level. Not heard anything just a thought.
  4. Wasn't saying we do nothing, I was commenting on what was said by expert this morning, just like WV is doing posting that link.
  5. Who told you stokes ICU is full of these cases
  6. Apparently no cases of hospitalizations have been confirmed as being down to the new variant yet in this country according to a health expert on TV this morning.
  7. That's the spirit, are you sure your not being a little bit too optimistic in your thoughts.
  8. If anybody would have said after 70mins on Saturday when losing against Burton that we would be playing Brentford at home in round 3 we would have snapped hand off. Decent draw with a good chance of progressing. Stop moaning and get behind the club.
  9. Why not beat them then get a big club in 4th round haha
  10. Love this team absolutely brilliant never say die spirit.
  11. Take tram from St Peters Square Manchester to Oldham take about 35 to 40 mins stopping on way at different stops
  12. Ah I wondered why it was so high, but yes still a good turnout
  13. Notts County got 12,843 attendance on Saturday against Solihull. Fantastic that is.
  14. Fantastic gesture, well done to all at Vale for making us proud again.
  15. Bolton are currently 2-0 up after 25 mins
  16. I know Darren it's really hard, look at the mental we had when Popey scored at the etihad.
  17. How could I forget about Ray walkers goal against spurs.
  18. I was thinking about the goals we seem to be scoring at the moment, especially the late drama goals v orient. I then thought what was my top 10 goals would be here goes. 10 Robbie Earle v Stoke away 1st Derby for 32 years 9 Wayne Cordon v Arsenal FA cup 8 Ian Bogie Everton FA Cup home 7 Bernie Slaven Exeter away semi final Autoglass 6 Andy Porter v Stoke FA cup 5 Ian Bogie v Everton FA Cup away, last minute drama. 4 Martin Foyle v Liverpool League Cup away 3 Steve Brooker v Brentford LDV final 2 Paul Kerr v Stockport Wembley 1st goal at Wembley for vale 1 Robbie Earle Play off final v Bristol Rover at Vale park What are your top 10, it is more difficult than you think and mine will probably change as I remember more goals I forgot about.
  19. Can't wait for Covolan to score a 90th minute winner that would see mental celebrations hahaha
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