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  1. To be fair, pigs are relatively clean... and intelligent.
  2. Hadn’t really thought about that but it’s true, the pass to Monty was divine. I think if we stick with him, after Christmas he get into a scoring run and be a major asset.
  3. scoring has been as much of a problem as some have made out. I think although we’ve not played well in November we’ve also had an unusually bad run of luck. I actually don’t think we were lucky today, great away performance and exploited the deficits of their (potent looking) wingback formation. In the interests of balance, as Askey said conceding three is a worry though.
  4. I really liked him as a lad and also his enthusiasm. He kept his cards close to his chest regarding reasons for leaving and I trust Askey’s judgement but if he gets a couple more years of life experience under his belt and knuckles down, he’ll play at a higher level than present. I can only wish him well, he made a couple of important contributions and got me off my seat on more than one occasion.
  5. Trying to pick the positives out of that performance.... struggling.
  6. Cant legislate for a goal like that but we’ve looked clueless since.
  7. If Monty is fit he’s a shoe in at left back for me.
  8. Trannies are a handful, we need to keep it tight for first 15 of second half and generally keep the ball better. The score flatters us a bit at the moment, hoping for a more composed second half when we’re in possession.
  9. A good away performance is soaking up pressure and hitting ‘em on the break and there is prize money on offer even without the crowds
  10. Very good away performance from Kings Lynn, they looked much better than their level. Legge couldn’t cope with Powers speed, Crooks looked a little below their level, Joyce wasn’t able to dictate play the way he usually does and Worrall blew hot and cold... mostly cold. Clarke and Amoo were so much better than others they became a predictable outlet and Pope was well marshalled. More than a couple of their lads put in league standard performances. Bad day at the office, I’ll be the first to say it: oh well at least we can concentrate on the league now! A bit more money would have been handy in the extreme, mind.
  11. We’ll struggle more against any of the above.
  12. Match fit not physically fit, you need games for that. Anyway, Burgess was fine today. I felt Robinson didn’t look match fit though.
  13. I think Whitehead has both put a shift in in midfield and got himself into a number of goalscoring positions, perhaps more so than any other Vale player in the last couple of games. He’s skied / scuffed / dribbled them to the keeper so far but if that’s part of a process of getting match fit he might start sticking them away which would be an important contribution.
  14. Only saw second half. Would have gonedifferently with better finishing but we were decent. ‘M not too disatisfied.
  15. Kevin seems a nice guy, I think Carol is the brains of the operation, though.
  16. Could have gone either way but so could the previous three so I’ll definitely take that.
  17. Form isn’t static, though. When Taylor got injured, we didn’t miss him because Burgess played so well. They were also so similar that I think Taylor got credit for some of Burgess’ work. All players move in and out of form. It isn’t guaranteed that Taylor will do well for Scunny even though it’s a fair bet.
  18. On fire for the promotion season, then average in league one, then above average in league two. At his age should be showing more maturity and leadership, yes he’s a club legend but I still haven’t forgiven him for various off the pitch misdemeanours which have cost us his suspensions and him his reputation.
  19. Harsh to describe the excellent performance at Exeter as a potential draw without conceding we could easily have had more points from any of the last three by the same argument. It’s five games in, we’re half way and one of the teams that beat us is in top spot. One or two have blown hot ‘n cold and Worrall has mostly blown cold. Askey is still working things out, for example where he can and can’t play Rodney and whether the players have or can develop the flexibility to play 442 and 433. Askey’s record over time is decent, I’m royally wee wee’d off tonight but the big picture isn’t anything to get too het up about at this point.
  20. Maybe they could: Do a temporary seating plan using one in five seats plus bubble of two, bubble of three seat groups. Prioritise season ticket holders for nearish their original position or at least best views. Next come 10 game holders and then walk ups. Get those cinema style people with a big tray of pies rather than popcorn to go round at half time, likewise those backpack pump beer dispenser things, thus reducing use of the concourses at half time. Organise snakey style queueing for the bogs with 2 metre gaps. If that was well stewarded, I think it would be reasonable of the league to let us have attendees. Don’t forget the catering side of things is a pretty important source of income.
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