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  1. Legge is an excellent pro and person. It’s not about begrudging him something, I don’t think he’s been better than Smith and he’s about 10 years older, losing any pace he ever had and has a particular contract situation that requires someone with long term involvement to make a quite expensive decision about his next selection. Pugh doesn’t have that authority which may be why he’s not featured.
  2. For me Crookes is running out of lives, if Brisley isn’t fit I’d certainly be looking to havea look at Mussie.
  3. Re Legge, I favour the new contract trigger argument for not selecting him until someone has the authority (which Pugh hasn’t been given) to decide whether he adds sufficient (let’s face it his own form has dropped off a cliff) to justify keeping him on long term.
  4. For all we under performed, I think Trannies have a couple of them. Spearing must be up there, ( that through ball was sublime) likewise Vaughan and Woolery.
  5. My internal conversation about what type of manager we need has pretty much ceased (which makes for a boring post, I suppose). I’m going along with what Flitcroft has said for now and that meeans I’ll be minded to support any appointment we come up,with because we seem to be trying to read the long game as squad rules etc change it. I’m a sucker for the long game, I’m afraid.
  6. I’ve watched both interviews (Flitcroft & Carol) and I’m slowly making sense of it all. Some reference points: Mickey Adams similarly found himself working with a (football) inexperienced owner who needed guidance, some people were arguing for a Mickey Adams type to be involved. My first impressions of Flitcroft were suspicion because I’m a bit averse to all the organisational development speak. That said, is he a more modern version of MA with a bit more elegance to go with the streetwise experience? I don’t see him suffering fools gladly. From DF’s point of view, the DOF role probably gives a bit more job security as when the <ovf censored> hits the fan it hits someone else’s fan. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if it guarantees stability for the club but it will take a while for me to build trust in him. I can really see Murray (judging purely off wikipedia - yes limited but it’s all I’ve got) being at the right stage to take a first team coach role and in a couple of years maybe Pugh will be waiting in the wings, so again building something slowly and sustainably. They’re doing something different - compare and contrast to Smurf getting in Bruno and the need to think differently is the same but I get the impression Carol is somewhat brighter and less suscepible to schmoozing... interesting times. Important not to go down but I think Flitcroft will steady the ship sufficiently to achieve that, then I think we are starting again from a more solid foundation. I’d like Murray in place soon. This will have cost a bob or two mind but I agree with Carol’s idea there isn’t a guaranteed quick fix.
  7. Adam Murray is an interesting one, where did that come from?
  8. Trannies look very good and in form... but our defence looks absolutely shocking. It’s hard not to focus on Crookes and Mills as today that’s generous to Smith ( my theory is he has long Covid) and Monty but those two (Crookes & Millswould be where I’d be looking to change. We’ve got Mussie in I’d have a look at him to be honest. Hopefully Gibbons benefits from the rest. Legge - we need to stick or twist but for me he’s not going to improve matters and will saddle the next manager with a player he probably won’t want.
  9. Their first, very hard to defnd against, their second, Crookes completely lost his man. Mills all over the shop, I’m afraid. Legge might be a very expensive solution... ? Bring Mussie on for Crookes but that’s high risk as well. We’re still in it but very much up against it without obvious solutions. Wish Gibbo was fit enough.
  10. Yates is top of my list and Birchall is ok. In the main, I’d rather listen to the other side’s commentary than the other RS ones. One of them (? Bowers) thinks he’s funny and has a habit of complaining about his treatment on social media which basically makes me want to criticise him on social media.
  11. Fair enough, I’ve seen the error of my ways. He’s clearly pure evil.
  12. Shanahan (I refuse to call her Carol) hasn’t even the sense to see a club this size needs to be growing our own cheese. Look at all that grass behind the railway stand. Get them sheep back.... no,no,no what’s this obsession with previous sheep.... we need to be poaching young up and coming sheep from bigger clubs. One’s that are still hungry, still have that desire. Goats and cows why aren’t we looking at them as well? What’s the point in even having a scouting network. Then there’s that office cat, swanning around demanding things what exactly do we get for all that outlay? F all that’s what, I tell thee.
  13. Just seen Sinclair’s interview. Obviously a disappointing result but very professional interview and not going off the deep end as I guess you’d expect from someone who’s been in the game at a decent level and done a lot of training.
  14. I think Tom will be useful for 30 mins a game or 60 mins every other game. I think if there’s a decent prospect of getting 6 weeks out of him at the end of this season, I wouldn’t deregister and in any event, a one year deal that reflects his declining contribution would be good business.
  15. I fear for Manny’s career tbh. The latest surgery was do or die and he still can’t get a run of games. Also, contrary to what some others think, I think it takes him 4 or 5 games to get back in his stride when he does come back. I’d be very tempted with a heavy heart to let him go IF a decent centre half was available.
  16. We played reasonably well and got nowt at the beginning end of an awful run. An underwhelming performance but grinding out a result for a few games could well be our route out of it. Rodders, second touch often a header and all that but getting 8 goals in half a season played in different positions is not to be sniffed at and today’s was a beaut. Great result without some key players and more than saw the game out against a good outfit at this level.
  17. Ah, forgot about Taylor... yeah, I’d definitely start him. May upset the balance pn the wings but him for Amoo would feel a little more solid. Two up front maybe a bit gungho but there you go.
  18. Assuming various injuries and maybe ignorant of others: Brown Mills Smith Brisley Monty Amoo Joyce Conlon Worrall Guthrie Rodney I’m guessing the likes of Gibbons, Pope and ?? Hurst are injured?
  19. I dont think that isn’t what he’s not saying.
  20. I remember that time, many moons ago when John McGrath, who’d done well, then had a bad run of results was sacked. Of course, the board did the lazy thing and gave it to some unknown understudy who proceeded to “lead us” to relegation. Mad decision all those years ago, will we never learn?
  21. Appointing managers is a massive lottery at this level. I’d trying to look at all applications with an open mind and not start with criteria of must be experienced, mustn’t have played for us or mustn’t have an blotches on his CV and therefore “young and hungry”.
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