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  1. Slow learner, I’ve got a year or two more time done... even slower learner!
  2. Just a reminder from ex Vale player Felix Healy what European football is all about... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000vcdr
  3. “We’d all considered” ...I wish people would just speak for themselves.
  4. Never mind starting the process, summary execution in order here, I think!
  5. I can’t really get off the bus in outrage as I haven’t been on it since Sky /Premiership came into being. This is a natural progression of capitalism eating itself in the game. I’d like to see them go to their incestuous little league and restructure the rest more equitably and sustainably while the monopoly bleeds to death. This could be the best thing’s happened to football in a long time. I have to say, though, I doubt they have any intention of going, they just want to bleed more out of the present system.
  6. I somehow lost the first bit of my post but the point I was making is if there are too many changes at the same time you end up not quite knowing how to judge performances.
  7. do with playing 2 of the soon to be out of cotract players that he wants a look at. The problem with playing more than that is it upsets the balance to such an extent that it’s hard to tell whether a poor performance is due to introduced personell or ruining any semblance of consistency in a settled side. High on my list to look again at would be Amoo and Pope or Burgess at full back.
  8. Best they could do under the circumstances.
  9. If we have a first choice 5(6) back line. I’d say that’s Brown, Gibbons, Smith, Legge, Montaño (Brisley). Three of those are well over 30 and Monty is 30 in December, none are under 21. There’s only Smith and Monty (maybe Gibbons at a push) who can play in more than one position. It’s an issue that needs addressing and influences who to offer contracts to. With Crookes showing a glimmer of hope he could well be a lot more valuable than otherwise given the squad rules context.
  10. I believe so, he paid the final installment on payday.
  11. I think third choice centre back needs to be <21, capable of playing other positions or both. Brisley’s been very good but if he’s third choice there are difficult decisions to be made.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/16/yeovil-still-raw-before-first-game-since-captain-lee-collins-tragic-death?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  13. If you put average income in Anfield next to the price of a LFC season ticket you get some idea of attendance levels of the local community at home games. A lot North of Edge Lane is amongst the most deprived areas in the country. I used to live in Anfield, it was dire. Lots of bored kids, lots of building debris. No motorways.
  14. Anfield’s a tough neighbourhood, not necessarily supporters. I remember a story about a Man City fan parking near the ground and a little boy asking if he could look after the car. The guy said “it’s ok, there’s a Rottweiller in the back. The kid asked “can it put out fires?”
  15. All the best, Manny. We’ll miss you Owd.
  16. I’m also very fond of Manny and I think the fact that it looks like he might get another contract somewhere is testament to his quality when playing. I had been thinking a contract that was heavily tied to appearances was the way to go, but on reflection, the squad numbers issue alters that dynamic. Even if he was costing nowt in wages, we need every squad place filled with much less njury prone players. I think the fitness and conditioning thing is overplayed. Don’t forget we invested in a do or die operation for him last season and it didn’t seem to come off. If he plays 90 mins for each of the remaining games I’d be tempted to reconsider - which still might not be wise. I would wish him all the very best (except against us) and that he gets as many games as possible from now on but I think it’s time for us to move on.
  17. I think the advantage is in placing the ball a little further from the flag itself gives a clearer run up and opportunity to wrap your foot around the ball to get some bend on it?
  18. DC's talking about Conlon and Smith in terms of leadership. They won't progress that aspect of their game without making room by finishing one or two of the older ones.
  19. I think the interesting dilemma for Clarke is whether to go hell for leather for the next win and keep a remarkable run going or take a risk with a couple of unforced changes to have a better look at one or two “knocking at the door” players eg a couple out of Guthrie, Taylor, McKirdy. Maybe not v Morecambe but he seems to want to have a look at Burgess at right back as well. One player I wouldn’t be resting is Manny because we really need to see if he can hold up after a proper run of games. Is he thinking about signing Mussy or the keeper? Again I’d probably keep the same 11 for Morecambe to chase the six wins and only make one or two changes per game thereafter but I wouldn’t be obsessed with league position at this stage at the expense of finding out a bit more about the wider squad.
  20. Dad, I think I’ve caught one.
  21. Spot on, between female referees, floodlights and substitutes the whole world’s going to hell in a handcart.
  22. Still think it’s unnatural.
  23. Starting to believe in the resurrection.
  24. Wow, glad I didn’t say anything daft at half time like “I’d take 0-0 now”!
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