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  1. Big blow re Proctor. Back to today’s game. Ideal outcome for me: nothing flashy, didn’t the simple things well, a lot fewer misplaced passes, Walker and Johnson fitted in seamlessly. We looked solid. Two goals from midfield. Just what the doctor ordered, almost better than trouncing the,5-0 in that it keeps it real.
  2. I do think the defensive frailty relates to the attacking menace. We have Worrall, Cass and Gibbons bombing forward and need to outscore the opposition. If you’re vulnerable to crosses stop them at source with boring, in position fullbacks. I know Worrall was subbed today but sometimes those substitutions more upset the balance than improve the defence at later stages of a game. It’s a price worth paying when we do outscore or demoralise the opposition which up to now has been the norm. So, little picture big? I’m happy.
  3. The way Clarke eases players back, I’d expect Proctor and Legge to be on the bench if sufficiently fit and get 30-45 minutes.
  4. Personally, I think Exeter should have a ten point deduction with the points being given to Vale.
  5. Defensively, Gibbons, Jones, Cass and Worrall aren’t the best but it’s scaring the bejaysus out of most teams in this league seeing that team coming at you with all the different scorers. Didn’t centre back Cass score last week from full back’ Gibbons’ assist… very hard to defend against.
  6. 5 pork scratchings 4 Darryl Clarkes 3 Darryl Clarkes 2 Darryl Clarkes and a Darryl Clarke in a Vale Park
  7. Just to show a bit of composure in victory… Accy are a very well run club who are probably at their peak at midtable League One but who knows. The term “tinpot” is a bit off not least because it’s tuppence happeny looking down on tuppence. Coleman is a bad loser who lacked a bit of class yesterday, not unlike Clarke during the first few games of his tenure when he couldn’t buy a win, not unlike Mickey Adams and Brian Horton at times. Arguably being a bad loser is part of the job description the job’s lower league manager not Ambassador to Russia. Coleman is an excellent manager. Wrt S,H one T housery, I’m not sure about this one, I don’t want us to get walked all over but the term seems to get used as a euphemism for cheating by someone you like. I didn’t see the specific incident but that isn’t a good look whoever does it and from a pragmatic point of view not a good thing for reputation and preconditioning referees coming into games. A good tussle’s fine, cheating is cheating by either side.
  8. Well, the classic is No.5 but it might be Coco Mademoiselle this time round.
  9. To be fair, there aren’t many who’d want us at home either.
  10. If I so much a thought that, we’d immediately go on a 10 games losing streak so I’m gonna have to disagree purely on principle.
  11. Here’s one from left field… Clarke has (genuinely) rested Worrall, Garrity et al while their form was good, partly to manage their energy over a long season and partly because he seems to trust the whole squad almost equally. Maybe he trusts Stone as much as Lucas and might say to him, you’re my keeper for all the cups, even the only important one.
  12. More often than not we’ve had keepers that are descibed as “a good shot stopper but ….” Lucas is the opposite way round for me. His coming for crosses is excellent, he takes responsibility for the sweeper keeper role and is improving at a new level, his shot stopping is average. I like him and wouldn’t be chopping and changing.
  13. I believe that’s called “damning with faint praise” 😂
  14. Aspo v Grimsby followed by the Pontiff v Citeh for me.
  15. To the tune of “The Girl from Ipanema” Lucas Covalon Cavagnari The boy from Ipanema’s our goalie And when he passes each one of his passes goes aaaah
  16. His name is Lucas He’s a Brazil nut Who tackles wingers on the run and catches crosses for some fun. He will merengue and do the cha cha And then he tries to score a goal Even though that’s not his role Across a crowded box like a demented fox He throws the ball and Vale break Who could ask for more At the copa copacabana The hottest spot north of Havana Footie and fashion were always the passion At the Copa they fell in love.
  17. (Casey Jones) Johnny Cash Cass and Jones either side of Smiffy Cass and Jones orders in their hands Cass and Jones overlappin’ Wozza Taking The Vale to the promised land.
  18. Every woman, every man join the Covolan of love, stand up stand up (House Martins)
  19. I think Gibbons, Smith and Conlon are good players additionally in part their value to Clarke is that they’re local. In these days of short term contracts and players and staff moving on frequently it’s difficult to build a team identity which is a very important aspect of success. Local lads give you more bang for your buck in that regard and I think Clarke has been keen to big up thr local lads even more than others. Whether he’d be clamouring to take them with him when he moves on is a different matter. Given that he decided on balance that Pope’s time was up, it was /is even more important to get that effect from elsewhere.
  20. In a conversation he had with Russell Brand, Brand quoted some who said “tyranny is the deliberate absence of nuance”. Wearing make up is an attempt to appear more attractive but it doesn’t justify harrassment or abuse. The nuanced bit is in the middle there where flirting and humour cross over into a deliberate or otherwise imposition of discomfort, the later being best judged in my view by the object of the attention. Of course, it’s all complicated by the question of whether said reaction is a game or a manipulation in some way which, again is nuanced and judged on a case by case basis, rarely by a totally objective observer.
  21. That’s a fair point we’re 25 points… 25 POINTS off safety!
  22. We’re only 14 points off the relegation places… need to be really up for this one!
  23. Certification of death is a bit of a complex measure, if you’ve got damaged blood vessels relating to Diabetes and you have covid making your blood cells stickier and you have a heart attack from a massive clot in your coronary arteries… what did you die of? Sure, you were going to die anyway, we all are but covid has to be worth a mention in that scenario.
  24. I must admit, as good as we were and credit for our high press, if I was a Colchester fan, I’d be livid at the frequency their defenders just passed it to us, suicidal stuff.
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