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  1. Strong, fast, nice lad…. Second touch generally a header.
  2. A lot of new 'uns need to intergate quickly.
  3. Gosh, Jean -sad indeed although if I could script my own death it might look something like that.
  4. I’m interested to know how the number of injuries compares to other seasons and also for newer players how injury prone they were before coming to us. I realise the concentration of injuries up top was unusual but not sure the rest isn’t within normal limits.
  5. I think that’s helped me a bit, maybe I’m just “that way round” or it’s the phase of the moon but I found today much more frustrating even than Salford on Tuesday. Tuesday we put plenty of shots in. Today, we had the best of the possession but never looked like scoring. I’m thinking Wilson takes too long to get up to speed after a break and Amoo has lost a yard of pace. (Hussey+Cass) < (Gibbons + Worrall). I know the young ‘uns have to be managed but they didn’t even get 30 mins where I think over 45 they would have been more likely to make an impact than (Wilson+Amoo). Just frustrated, we’re drifting away from the play offs after an awful game, don’t talk to me for a bit.
  6. 03 Oct 1970 : Vale1-1 Barnsley
  7. Great servant to the club. Lots of good work off the field. He was a big part of the turnaround last season. Time to go but with lots of thanks and respect.
  8. To be fair, with Bidstrup, there’s also the issue that if we’re not short in that area I’d rsther be playing and developing our own. I’m wondering if “B” means “reserves” I was interpretting it as third string. Anyway, food for thought.
  9. I’m going to go slightly off script here. We gave a good account of ourselves particularly for that period in the second half ( a few ifs buts and maybes in there if Garrity had the confidence to shoot rather than pass in a couple of situations and the one that hit the post had gone in) when we scored but I don’t think 4-1 particularly flattered them because they we so good at turning our loss of the ball in their half into a goal a few seconds later - absolutely ruthless. So, with all that said, it was a great workout to get us nearly up to speed after an enforced break, it was game time for a couple of players coming back from injury and I’d expect the analysis on Monday to be a really good learning experience for individual players. Also, it’s a few quid in the bank from a half decent cup run. Finally, I don’t really watch the Premiership so that gap observed in practice was interesting. Reports seem to vary on how many first team regulars they played but I looked up a xouple of their players who’d impressed me the most. One of them was Bidstrup who I thought looked top end even in that team. It was interesting to see Frank gave him special mention and also that he’s been playing in their B team! Obviously, it’s easier to impress when the movementt around you is so good but I note he’s under 21 so wondered if he’s the sort of player we could tilt our hat at for a cheeky loan deal. Midfield isn’t an area of particular concern for us but a good player is a good player.
  10. I’d start Harratt with Wilson and bring on Politic for Wilson after 60 mins. Harratt very impressive yesterday quite apart from scoring.
  11. For God’s sake make sure they’re not wearing them at the time!
  12. I prefer the black and white but it gets a fresh boost in my mind after we’ve had all white so I can put up with the all white for one season in that spirit.
  13. I responded earlier acknowleging it’s difficult. The club’s response to finding out was weak in the extreme and as an establishment seems to regard itslef as victim rather than facilitator. If the was Vale, yes, if the response was equally inadequate I’d stop going and it would leave a massive hole in my life. I’m not particularly critical of fans who would carry on so long as they didn’t get into the victim mode. Anyway, these are my last words as I also don’t want to hijack a thread that many would deem this peripheral to.
  14. It’s how the club have responded that’s the issue.
  15. All the best for a brighter future, Barry and family, starting with a Happy Christmas.
  16. My guess would be that Omicron will produce a lot of cases but will peak and fall off fairly quickly. A four week pause should do it without ending the season. Knackers Christmas programme mind.
  17. I think blaming Benning is an entirely insufficient over reaction. Strip Carol of her OBE, parade the entire squad round Burslem on a timbrel hung upside down by their toenails with rusty fish hooks… and that’s too good for ‘em.
  18. To be fair, I’m told Carol’s vegetarian shepherd’s pie isn’t that great though.
  19. Shhhh, he’s rubbish - nothing to see here!
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