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  1. I know Proctor missed a decent chance yesterday(they all do) buta couple of his lay offs later on for midfield players coming in the box were sublime. Quietly, I thought he had a stonkin’ good game yesterday.
  2. It’s the end of September, I must not get myself overexcited. It’s the end of September, I must not get myself overexcited. It’s the end of September, I must not get myself overexcited. Oh no, a litttle bit of wee’s just squeezed out!
  3. Potential banana skin, the mentality will have to be spot on which isn’t going to be as easy as it was for FGR, Swindle and Horrorgate.
  4. I’ve got a couple of single daughters on me hands, real lookers, just sayin’ Lucas!
  5. Great win. Two very well taken goals. They didn’t have a sniff. Proper game time for Gibbons, though I thought he got a bit untidy for 10 mins before he was taken off. I do get the little niggles about occasional sloppiness in possession after we’d killed the game at 2-0 but on the other hand, it feels like high expectations are justified from this group. We’re tucked in there quite nicely and it’s hard not to get a tad overexcited as it’s only September. The big challenge now is maintaining high levels against teams that are a bit lower down the league. It feels like our most dangerous opponent would be complacency…. Have we learned from the last 70 mins v Rochdale.
  6. We’ve got the raw materials, I think. After that, it’s consistency which you can’t really comment on in September, and luck.
  7. Sorry, I’m not understanding this - is there a new rule and some punishment being awaited or am I suffering a humour bypass?
  8. Not that I want to be choirboys but I think the “sh1th0usery” and “assault” by Rodney things are way overstated. The Rodney incident was 5% contact, 95% snipper in row Z. Pressing high and playing in the corners when you’re winning in injury time is just normal standards that every team should expect. I thought they were decent but I rarely have an argument with the score in either direction. As with most games this season (with the exception of FGR who we totally outclassed) the margins have been very fine and the wuality of entertainment a significant upgrade from Vale and opponents.
  9. “Now become farcical”? I realised they’re farcical the time they said “and now to the international scene..” and proceeded to give us Congleton Town’s result. Never been any different. If the manager interview can online before being aired no Vale fan would listen (apart from Carl in his echo chamber).
  10. He doesn’t look a day older than 1970.
  11. Interesting, indeed. I think it’s right to credit the quality of their crossing and that defence splitting pass for the third - adds a bit of balance to our (justified) criticism. As a general comment, I think I’ve seen a better standard of football in this season so far than I’ve been used to and for the neutral, the entertainment value has been very good.
  12. I didn’t switch mine off tbh. Hadn’t thought about it till just now.
  13. Just seen the goals again. My real time view had been they were good play from Rochdale. Watching them back, while that’s true there was some basic lack of “locking on” from defenders and yes, maybe Cov could have done better, Smith too for the second one. As a more general comment, I think Benning in particular looks a bit lost and needs to work his way into a bit of form and understand the adaptability required of him. If I had been minded to tinker with the defence at half time, I think I’d have moved Jones over to fullback and taken Benning out. All of that said, let’s not forget the context of how mean the defence has been thus far, last week even without Legge.
  14. I can’t believe I’m saying this but… Conlon is going to have to bide his time and wait for Garrity to have a bad game to get back in.
  15. Smokey tofu - top notch. Richmond’s veggie sauages = heaven on earth.
  16. Well, they kindly posted my season ticket out, however… I went to the Sheff. Wednesday frindly and my pie was way too hot. I’d have ripped up me season ticket if it hadn’t been one of those credit card type things. Suppose I’ll have to keep going.
  17. Rodney played quite well and worked hard and … and… if you can’t say something positive don’t say anything….. ……. ……
  18. Mixed bag for me. On the down side, his first touch is not good. On the plus side, he’s strong as an ox, very quick and his goal return last season was decent. All in all, if it’s possible to work on his first touch and add a bit more flexibility to his game re his position he’ll go from just above avarage to very good.
  19. I thought Hurst was decent last season, best crosser of a ball at the club at that time.
  20. I believe his hairstyle is known as a Brazilian.
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