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  1. I'm confused. Who am I supposed to scapegoat this season? Players I haven't seen play, because they're not other players that I haven't seen play? Or players I have seen play, who others think aren't very good? Can some-body help please, I'll need to know before the season starts, so I can start to cloud my judgement before I attend a match.
  2. Whilst both Leeds and Huddersfield football clubs are close, let's not forget that Bradford (like a number of other football clubs) are also in cities which have other high profile sports teams. In this case, the Bradford Rugby League team, whose attendances are around 13,000. Whilst football and Rugby League tend to attract a city based working class support, Rugby Union tends to attract a suburban/rural middle class support. So, for example, whilst Leicester City and Leicester Tigers grounds are within spitting distance of each other, the support (around 25,000 and 20,000) respectively) is drawn from very different social class and geographical locales on the whole. In a nutshell, Bradford have to work hard to attract and sustain their support, and clearly are. Many clubs in one club or one sport city's generally don't, and get lazy as a result, in marketing terms. And the last point is a relevant one. Attracting 17,500 fans on cheap tickets might not increase the gate money, but it does increase the potential for increased match-day (food and drink) and non-match-day (replica shirts) spend, as well as hooking in fans for life. Well done Bradford, thinking beyond short termism, making football affordable, and increasing the sustainability of the club.
  3. The EDL: protesting against women swimming at a water park near you. I despair. And Carl, remind us again, when will you paying the first (or any other) instalment of your lost bet. £100 to the upkeep of OVF, remember.
  4. Cheeky and others If I remember rightly, wasn't the production of insulin and consequent treatment of diabetes in humans and in dogs a direct result of animal testing? Something to do with pigs and rabbits. Although I may have dreamt that last bit after falling asleep after a cheese and nicotine patch supper.
  5. If you do anything this evening, then click on the link, kick back, and watch two blues greats together. BB King and Bobby Blue Bland. RIP BB King
  6. In all reality, probably only about one-half of the retained list will sign, as a result of better offers elsewhere or moves for family reasons etc. The ones that stay will be on relatively low wages in League One terms. To this end, I would expect an additional seven or eight new players in over the summer. It's way too early for all this depression at this stage of the new season. Personally, I like to save my depression until at least 15 minutes before kick off of the first game, when I get to watch Ben Williamson rifle several warm up shots into the Bycars, see Chris Birchall sweating like a fat man in a cake shop after some shuttle sprints, and realise the Railway Stand tea bar has run out of food and drink.
  7. I've been following the Vale since the mid 1970s, during which time the following individuals have been Manager. Roy Sproson Bobby Smith Dennis Butler Alan Bloor John McGrath Sir John Rudge Brian Horton Martin Foyle Lee Sinnott Dean Glover Micky Adams Mental Jim Gannon Rob Page Some of these Managers have been good, some average, and some woeful. Regardless of who is the Manager in the future, I'll continue to follow the Vale. I might have a moan about them, but I will never allow the managerial stewardship of the club to impact on my support. Might I remind some on here that similar criticism of Page was made of John Rudge in his early years at the Vale. Page, like Rudge, strikes me as a thoughtful man, who will learn from hs mistakes and become much improved over time
  8. What Sage said. Lovely man and great commentator. A voice made for the sport.
  9. I'll add the much maligned Craig Bellamy to the list http://craigbellamyfoundation.org/
  10. bookworm Fair point re: age, but at 53 he's far from past it. As it happens, I'm not suggesting him for management (although not ruling it out either). I'm just saying, with a coach of that quality on the doorstep, I'd be having a chat with him at least if I was the Chairman. Not least of all, just to get his views on who are the players and coaches he's coached who have impressed him. Another pro-license coach with a strong playing and youth coaching record (presently at Birmingham City part time) is former Brum, Derby and Notts County defender Michael Johnson. Came second to Hasselbank for the Burton job and well thought of in the game. Again, some-one I'd want to invite for an interview for coaching positions were Grew and Glover to be eased out the door.
  11. If it's the development of young players we're after, there's a UEFA pro-license holder and former England U19's coach out of work and living in Newcastle under Lyme if any-one's interested. He's also one of the top coach educator's in the country (and Europe) and knows a thing or two about players and coaches and has all the relevant networks to bring some useful talent into the club. Noel Blake any-one.
  12. I saw Dave Regis having a drink in West Bridgford in Nottingham on Saturday. He wasn't drunk. He tried a shot but it didn't reach his mouth.
  13. For me; A clear out of players and coaching staff and an improved scouting network. Page given a 12 month contract with an option for another year, with his choice of players and coaching support staff. ......and some massive defenders into the bargain. Bring on next season.
  14. Most league clubs don't take this competition seriously and play their own B teams in all but the final few games if they get that far. Attendances suggest that most fans can't be bothered with it either. Change it or scrap it, but let's not glorify it in its present guise, or make ludicrous statements about the beginning of the end.
  15. Does any-one really care about the JPT. All league clubs play fringe players in it anyway. The JPT is a pretty redundant and poorly supported competition. Why not liven it up with age restricted B teams from the PL. It'd benefit some young English players and give lower league clubs a chance to scout some young players in opposition against 'men's teams'. Personally, I like the fact that I saw Paul Scholes make his full debut for a Man U B team against the Vale in the League cup in the early 1990s. Or, how about PL under 21's against FL under 24's for example.
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