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  1. Mockyferns your a clown. He took the job based on he'd have the backing and he hasn't, I'll stand by what I've said for the past three seasons gorman needs to do one.
  2. She actually sounds heart broken, norman smurfwaite is the biggest ************ to ever set foot in port vale football club.
  3. Well you no what I think of Anyone who says that ? I can't say on it here as it will result in a ban, come on, how can you all keep watching this, I urge a protest at the Newport game at home
  4. Spit Spit on me Boo at me Im not bothered, it's worth it to get that disease out of this club. Enough now.
  5. Chants? Chants? What are they going to do, to that ********** it's like name calling like a chant will bother him, regardless of the result, after the game - protest, today has proved injury wise and GK that we've shopped in the primark sale and it's taking us down to the football league, come on surely none of you want to carry on witnessing this dross?
  6. hagrid ive always agreed with you over smurf and have done for the past so many months, but the discussions on here go over the same ramblings over and over again, we are frustrated , we deserve so much better and we as fans want better, isnt about time something was sorted as regards taking some form of a protest / action ? going on about wanting gorm out of the club really isnt going to help our plight is it, so come on, some sort of campaign. #normantimetogo #normannormantimetogo.
  7. this is information about them doesnt seem much else. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/06912779/officers
  8. where would we play? who's going to have a business plan / money for this sort of club to even happen? i would rather do something to get scumweight out of this present port vale fc than to start up from scratch why should he have the privilege of making this happen to us? #houndhimout.
  9. With how we've been playing, if I was aspin I think I'd scrap training and just experiment on FIFA 18 all week and which ever game he wins the most use that formation and tactics. Im going this one , hope we win, of course. I'll go Cheltenham 0-1 vale. Worral.
  10. They would want him hung if it were someone other than aspin, nothing to fear though, norman will do EVERYTHING in his power to stop us being relegates, I am not concerned one little bit.
  11. Was the Whitfield loan really worth it? He's been gash since his loan was extended. Our games Vs chesterfield,Barnet, crewe are the biggest games in the club's history.
  12. Rudge must be depressed at how vale as a club has turned out , knowing what wonders he did.
  13. Hagrid you could shout this through a megaphone from mow cop, but I'd say over half of our fans are to blind to see this, it's sickening that our club has become like this, if we went out the football league I am dead cert there would be fans who blame aspin and not norman.
  14. So your taking an absolute gash 0-0 against Morecambe at home as a positive?
  15. Can we sign a petition to get Lee Blakeman of our games? He's an absolute wand .
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