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  1. I take this as advisory, Wembley Central will be the easiest Tube station to get to as you will not be crossing the stadium when everyone exits. I'm going to Wembley Park before the game to get the full Wembley way experience.
  2. Tickets arrived in the inbox. Nice One quibble, whats this about entering between 2 and 2:30?
  3. In the words of Billy Joel (probably not his only appearance in the last million!!) 😉 Don't go changing to try and please me You never let me down before, mmm Don't imagine you're too familiar And I don't see you anymore I would not leave you in times of trouble We never could have come this far, mmm I took the good times, I'll take the bad times I'll take you just the way you are
  4. Last years kit is still available, but I couldn't force that one on them... AFAIK that was the worst kit in living memory...
  5. That does look to be my only option, but I don't fancy my chances of selling thast to them... I showed them the black and gold shirt earlier and they said "but don't Mansfield play in yellow?" Not seen any sign of the new kit... So its either try and convince them of a black and gold (or just black) or try one of Philmpv's power washes!!
  6. The kids and I are going to Wembley and I have sort of ended up agreeing to buying them a club shirt with their favourite players on; Dan Jones and Conor Hall.... Problem, is ages 8-9 and 7-8 home kits are out of stock... I've been beaten to it! And its unlikely the club will be getting another shipment now... Anyone got any bright ideas on how I could get my hands on a top?
  7. Ha, and the supposedly kings of everything green FGR have blown it!
  8. Train tickets booked from Crewe.... I'll wave at Gresty Road on my way past! Tip for anyone thinking of travelling with kids and considering going by train. Get a family and friends railcard Family & Friends Railcard | Official Retailer | National Rail WWW.FAMILYANDFRIENDS-RAILCARD.CO.UK The card costs £30 and gives you savings for 12 months, but you will make that initial cost back and far more on just this one trip. For example for a adult return from Crewe, standard adult fare £89 family and friends price £58 for kids the saving is even better with the fare for children reducing to £17. £17 for a return to London! Bargain. What would have been a £360 total cost for 2 adults and 2 children now becomes £151 thanks to the railcard.
  9. I wondered about this at first too.... Seems the restrictions are that the tickets are only for Vale fans only....
  10. Blimey all the posh expensive seats went quickly... Nothing above a Cat 3 left...
  11. Hmm, that takes a proportion of the cash bounty away...
  12. The away allocation is a dilemna 1. The chance of Swindon taking all 4K seats on a Thursday night when it is live on Sky is unlikely but 2. If Swindon have a good first leg and the game is in the balance they will bring a few more hoping to seal the deal 3. If Swindon have a poor first leg (please) then ticket sales will dwindle The problem is the plans need to be in place before the end of the first leg, and regardless the club will be bound by safety agreements that are already in place. Whilst there is some room for maneouvre, major unheralded (in recent times) changes such as giving them Lorne Street could be unfeasible or could end up in a mess. The key for me is making sure we come away from the Country ground set up to finish the job at Vale Park. If the players are good enough we will get the job done. Look at the bigger picture, if we gave Swindon the whole of Bycars and they managed to sell out, if they did that instead of being restricted to 1,600 through roping off part of the stand, that 50K+ lost. Thats 50K off DF's budget, or 50K less to spend on seats for the Lorne Street. Like a cup game this should be a chance to get some money into the club and we should make the most of that chance. I'm sure Carol et al are woking on ways to maximise the revenue for these games. Regardless of what Swindon bring we just need the players to do their bit. Realise how big the occasion is; the chance to play at Wembley, the chance to have a promotion on their CV, the chance to play in a higher league. Get out there, play, silence the away fans and get the home fans roaring...
  13. Good question... Last heard ringing into Leeds based radio station last month to make his feelings known on one of their expensive flops..
  14. Roll on the summer break! This is torturous and hopefully going to get worse in the next week....
  15. I'm hoping FGR will be more than up for Saturday for two reasons. 1. They can secure promotion with a good result 2. Along with Swindon its the nearest they have to a derby. Not that they really have enough history for rivalry but they still would like some bragging rights.
  16. Anyone notice Benning pull up slightly and grab his hamstring when chasing after a ball down the line early in the second half? Wasnt obvious, but I saw it as it was right in front of me in the Paddock. Perhaps another one of a walking wounded at the club... Hopefully we get players recovered in time for the next match.
  17. You have a pivotal summer ahead of you... Next seasons league 2 line up is going to be stronger than this seasons, you have a big rebuilding job ahead of you. Bolton and Swindon are proof that you can build a decent squad in very little time but to do that would break your model.
  18. Nothing guaranteed for us, we might get 6 points against them next season..
  19. I hope he hasn't got enough time to help out too much... I'd rather he was spending time warming up his supercomputer as he churns through the anaysis to find his shopping list for next season. He has competing interests outside of Vale so I imagine he aint got too much spare time to spare for coaching sessions. AC to the rescue probably. Maybe DF can get on his phone get some help to keep the players in top form
  20. As a manchester based fan who hasn't got a ticket for this yet, I guess I'm going to have to sit fairly quietly in the home end for this one...
  21. Part 1 done... West Didsbury and Chorlton are Champions... In other news - lower league special!... Macc have made their first step up since reforming The reformed Bury looking good too... Over to you Vale... KTF
  22. What a performance from the ball boy. So casually done. On another night would could have been a MoM! Proper laugh out loud video, thanks for sharing.
  23. And the tesam we played tonight was above us at 7:45 and isnt now. And we have had a 6 goal swing in goal difference, and also put to bed that performance on the final day of last season. Teams above us have to play eachother. Hang on in there...
  24. Yep, our goal difference is better than all clubs but for FGR. Could be vital in a close season as this is shaping up to be currently.
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