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  1. Is that why home matches always kick off late?
  2. This is better than any TV soap. Can we arrange for all posts to be at 7.30 PM and all follow ups to be at 8.30 please?
  3. For information the club was insolvent long before the supporter unrest against v2001 started.
  4. New Fairport Convention box set and the latest Gaz Brookfield
  5. Sadly its very unlikely. I know you are unlikely to snipe, not so with certain others. Due to festivals and holidays it is unlikely I would have been free for some time anyway.
  6. I think you just proved my point.
  7. Gambling is sin................ And very very stupid. You don't see betting firm owners in clapped out Fiestas.
  8. Griff at home To Swindon . He was brought on as sub when we were 2-0 up with 25 mins to go and was lucky not to give away more than the 3 he did. Appalling.
  9. Taxi (for Christopher LLoyd). There are hundreds of British sitcoms better than the rest. I have loads of boxsets of sitcoms and I don't think any of them are US. I do have a number of US drama boxsets though. So its nothing to do with the Nationality.
  10. fairportnick


    The same could be set of Hendrix of course, just look at the number of effects pedals he had or didn't have and didn't need.
  11. fairportnick


    On the Layla album , its actually quite easy to distinguish between the two guitarists. Clapton made some good albums but not for quite some time. I preferred to listen to Duane play with Dicky Betts in The Allmans (I saw Dickie son a couple of years ago with Dawes and he's called Duane.) The most recent slide player in the Allmans was the son of another member (Derek Trucks son of Butch) check out on YouTube The Tedeschi Trucks Band. Susan Tedeschi (Mrs Trucks) is a fine guitarist too. There have been many better guitarists than Clapton both in technique(not all of which I like ) and feel. Richard Thompson, Nils Lofgren, Stephen Stills, Bert Jansch, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Dave Gilmour, Hendrix of course, David Rawlings Nels Cline, the list is endless.
  12. I had lunch with John Lennon's sister, Julia Baird , and her partner. Used to know Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry quite well. I used to source him other peoples recordings of In The Summertime. Saw him play a charity gig at the Rigger and a lot of bikers were giving him grief , within 5 minutes they were eating out of his hand.
  13. Yeah, I know Ian too and Rachel. Good blokes. I was at Waynes wedding and visited his house many times when it being designed and rebuilt.
  14. Stood near him at Cropredy festival (and at The Wheatheaf and The Robin Bilston) ditto Geoff Hughes (Eddie Yates / Onslow), Matt Allwright and Ralph McTell.
  15. Phil is of course Wayne Walkers cousin. I know Wayne.
  16. Bob played in the famous Ashes series of 1981 and is the holder of at least one world record. Has many interesting stories some of which are unrepeatable. Despite his loyalties Nick Hancock seemed a decent type, helped with a charity auction, half music half football related, to try to save the Wheatsheaf music venue. He bought some stuff and gave it away. I don't think he bid for Jarvis Cockers undercrackers though. Mintoff was the daughter of the Maltese PM at the time and was famous for throwing cow dung in the House of Commons. Ian Brown , I was charged with looking after his drinks and keeping young girls off him. Karen Brady I met several times, the first time her young baby had just vomited down her blouse.
  17. Karen Brady Bob Taylor Ian Brown Nick Hancock Jana Mintoff Many musicians
  18. Might get me back up there after all!! But not for bloody Williams.
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