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  1. I think it’s fairly simple. A hell of a lot of fans, myself included, just aren’t that bothered any more. Any enthusiasm has been taken away and I’m afraid it’s down to one man.
  2. Good to keep a winning feeling around the club, however pathetic this competition is. Disappointed with the attendance though, over 1300 scabs is far to many and for me, slightly worrying.
  3. Cba read the whole thread but if it did turn out to be Askey I'd be absolutely devastated. Even more so following the fairly strong Chris Powell rumour midweek.
  4. Some think it was his best interview yet? For me he was just the same bumbling, contradicting, patronising idiot that he always is. A few points that made me laugh/cringe/cry: Doesn't know when he wants to appoint a new manager by. Doesn't know if it will be him or Garlick having the final say. Doesn't want to say how much he wants for the club. Paid more for Bruno than MA (lol) Has never spoke to Nigel Adkins but knows he wants a job in the Championship. Can't remember getting on the bus at Exeter. Blamed offering the peanuts contracts on others. Thought JFH was still playing football. Thought Abbey Hulton was a pub. Patronised the last caller with a "Or wherever you hang out" jibe. But yea, best interview yet.
  5. I reckon you're in the know aswell, Dave #nonse
  6. Here we go, go on, get the violin out. You've basically killed our football club along with the passion of not only the Vale, but of football in general for myself (previously a season ticket holder of 15 years) and many I know with your downright arrogance and 'I know best' attitude. You come on here always feeling sorry for yourself, playing the victim. Well I'm sorry, but when you try and play football manager with a team with fans as passionate as ours you're not gonna just get an "unlucky, try again". And, if I'm honest you've gotten off very lightly. (So far) This is without mentioning the embarrassment of the players wages getting released and trying to pin the blame on loyal fans. I hope you read this before it gets deleted, but for what you've done, played with and seriously damaged something that people love and care about so much, purely for your personal ego gain, I wish you nothing but utter misery you vile man. You just remember, this is our club and not your toy!
  7. What a shame, I'd almost forgotten about you.
  8. Anybody else feel like they really aren't bothered? 15 years I've had a season ticket. Aren't getting one as I've simply had enough, lost a fair bit of interest and generally drained of enthusiasm. Just me?
  9. I don't know what's worse. You being to scared to go to a football match or actually telling everybody by posting it on a message board.
  10. I can assure you they have, and not just executed them. Tortured them in ways that you cannot even think up.
  11. Cannot believe the amount of people who think we should give them the Paddock. Just because they are a bigger club and will give us a few more quid, you think we should just roll over and let them take over the ground. Some things are more important. Soft isn't the word, get back to painting your partners toenails.
  12. I'm dreading the day Alnwick has an off game. Could be looking at double figures.
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