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  1. 3 hours ago, Lornelounger said:

    The Macca crowd certainly got value for money with Growl and Bruce rocking up.  I enjoyed his set - the London press being a bit arsey about his choice of songs, but they can go and do one.  Paul's back catalogue is so huge, he is never going to please everyone.  And yes, the voice ain't what it was, but we have just seen an octogenarian play a 2 hour 40 minute set which lit the place up.  Fair play to him - I want what he has for breakfast, even if it isn't a bacon fry up!  The man is a legend, and when he dueted with John on screen, it made me wonder what might have been.  Glad I'm alive to see all these old rockers smash it out of the park - I've been to see Jeff Lynne's ELO, Billy Joel and the Eagles in recent years, and they were all superb - done their dues, and they songs will live on - unlike a lot of the present stuff.

    When he sang “I’ve got a feeling” alongside John and the tribute to George on “Something”. #gulp

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  2. Taylor (when fit) looks to be the type of technical player we will need more of in the higher league. I hope any replacement is equally creative in that critical engine room of midfield. If he goes I will feel a bit cheated because we have not had the best of him. Fully back the club to make the right decisions nowadays. So in summary hope he stays and smashes it but quietly assured we can wheeler-deal the situation well. 

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  3. I think moving to the Hamil is integral aim of building the club. Having a larger fan base shouting the lads on. We can be quite intimidating when we are up for it. Swindon was absolutely superb support for getting on for two hours. Maybe not in one big swoop next season but certain matches, cup ties, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day etc to build the novelty factor.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Rampant Zebra said:

    When did you buy? Mine took a while to arrive, several days in fact. 

    Saturday night, post 10pm. No email of confirmation received at all. Purchase history in e-ticketing indicates they have taken my money.

  5. 1 minute ago, fuzzyvalefan said:
    10 minutes ago, Richie D. said:
    Hi all,
    I have yet to receive and email having selected Print at Home Delivery. Nothing comes through following pressing “resend email”. Is there a way of contacting e-ticketing.co.uk? 

    Have you checked your junk folder. Mine went in there for some reason.

    Nothing in junk either. I found a contact us option which orientated towards Wembley rather that e-ticketing.co.uk. Have lodged a question there anyway.

  6. I love to sing along to this. A great addition to our anthems. Be great when more are familiar with the words. Important to belt out “Roll up and spend your last dime”

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  7. 34 minutes ago, EricHamesis said:

    Came as a raw £200,000 makeweight. Left for £1,000,000. Someone certainly rated him.

    Good point!😊 I can stop move on now knowing it wasn’t just me.

  8. A terrible shock to hear of Shane Warner’s passing today. What a force of nature he was. He dashed my hopes all those summers of Ashes victory. He was just simply too good. Then in 2005 when we were finally in the ascendancy he battled to the very last showing what greatness really is. Rest in peace Shane.

  9. Well he is a scouser. To the Tune of Let it be.

    When I find myself in times of trouble, super-Ben he comes to me, Scoring goals from midfield. Garrity, Garrity

    Garrity, Garrity, Garrity, Garrity

    There will be an answer Garitty, Garrity,


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  10. 9 hours ago, robf said:

    Two of mine are in here. About 1 min twenty seconds in. Robbie Earle and Ron Futcher look to take part in a long-range shooting contest against Chesterfield...

    The Rocket Ron goal versus Cardiff is my choice too. I was right behind it; postage stamp moment. How about that Foyle goal versus Tranmere. A beautiful move where he hits a pin-point Guppy cross into the far corner.  Sure it was on telly. Perhaps you have a clip Rob.

  11. 2 hours ago, TJHValiant said:

    It wasn’t great really in terms of entertainment. I thought we were poor in the first half and the overall quality wasn’t consistent. However the flashes of good stuff were much too good for Barrow and we were always going to win after the equaliser. 

    Not wholly convinced with a back three with Smith in the centre generally but it was enough today Dan Jones was very good. 

    I also don’t think Tom Pett as a centre mid works much either. Little he did was that effective. 

    A game of opinions I guess. Agree the first half was very tepid. I think Barrow were very well set up and look decent. However I was very impressed with Pett. I imagine his pass completion was very high. Think he will get better and better. In the second half I thought he was higher up the pitch in the changed formation and his passing became more incisive. 

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