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  1. Sorted. Problems with my email. Thank you all.
  2. Saturday night, post 10pm. No email of confirmation received at all. Purchase history in e-ticketing indicates they have taken my money.
  3. Have you checked your junk folder. Mine went in there for some reason. Nothing in junk either. I found a contact us option which orientated towards Wembley rather that e-ticketing.co.uk. Have lodged a question there anyway.
  4. Hi all, I have yet to receive and email having selected Print at Home Delivery. Nothing comes through following pressing “resend email”. Is there a way of contacting e-ticketing.co.uk?
  5. I love to sing along to this. A great addition to our anthems. Be great when more are familiar with the words. Important to belt out “Roll up and spend your last dime”
  6. Hoping midfield is a key focus area on our recruitment in the summer. We are full of heart and endeavour but think a little more playmaking ability into the mix has to be our next step.
  7. Good point!😊 I can stop move on now knowing it wasn’t just me.
  8. I really liked Lee Mills and thought he was under rated somewhat. It was a superb side and he tended to get overlooked a bit I thought.
  9. A terrible shock to hear of Shane Warner’s passing today. What a force of nature he was. He dashed my hopes all those summers of Ashes victory. He was just simply too good. Then in 2005 when we were finally in the ascendancy he battled to the very last showing what greatness really is. Rest in peace Shane.
  10. We have to do all we can to support Ukraine in this great struggle. Are their any demonstrations of support scheduled locally?
  11. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Sounds a lovely man.
  12. My thoughts are with you and your family Darrell.
  13. Thank you Leon for your superb service to the club. Good luck in the future. Hard to take it all in isn’t it.
  14. Well he is a scouser. To the Tune of Let it be. When I find myself in times of trouble, super-Ben he comes to me, Scoring goals from midfield. Garrity, Garrity Garrity, Garrity, Garrity, Garrity There will be an answer Garitty, Garrity,
  15. A game of opinions I guess. Agree the first half was very tepid. I think Barrow were very well set up and look decent. However I was very impressed with Pett. I imagine his pass completion was very high. Think he will get better and better. In the second half I thought he was higher up the pitch in the changed formation and his passing became more incisive.
  16. I was wondering if Danny Amos is anywhere near selection for this one. Not sure if anyone has seen him play or knows about his progress?
  17. Quite impressed with his hold up strength on that little video. It looks like there is an almighty scramble for strikers going on so although not DC’s first choice, hopefully he adds to our match day options. If we can stay defensively solid those striking combinations can be developed from a good base. Good luck George and welcome to the Vale.
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