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  1. Kinda think it will start 3/5/2 with Cov back in goal and Cass/Smith/Hall as the back three....think with Worrall an injury doubt it will be Gibbons RWB and Hussey LWB....midfield Garritty/Pett/Conlon..upfront most probably Wilson to start and get an hour and somehow think with Proctor out then the natural replacement as target man will be Edmondson....then on the hour Garrity has run himself into the ground and Wilson to be rested the switch to 3/4/3 with super subs Politic and Harratt.
  2. So with Burgess gone as expected and Taylor injured that leaves just Walker as midfield cover for Garitty/Pett/Conlon.....although Worrall can play on the right of a midfield three but fully expect a midfielder to sign and from rumours probably Dean Campbell. OUT Johnson/Amos/Legge/Whitehead/Lloyd/Burgess IN Harratt/Edmondson/Hall/Hussey TWO more signings expected and please get Politic sorted under contract now and don't wait till the end of the season likewise Gibbons.
  3. Said to be two more signings (if Politic stays) and maybe Dean Campbell midfield with perhaps Burgess going and probably another centreback.....expect it to continue with a three at the back and 3/5/2 with plan B being 3/4/3. Cass/Smith/Jones have been the first choice back three but with Jones suspended then Hall comes straight in at LCB leaving Martin as the only cover. Worrall/Gibbons/Hussey/Benning is a cracking set of wing backs and with two good keepers another centre back completes the defensive squad. Garritty/Pett/Conlon have been first choice midfield and if say Burgess is moved on and Campbell signed then Campbell/Walker/Taylor is a cracking midfield....Walker was the first signing and was expected to be the holding defensive midfield general and Taylor is probably the best midfielder at the club. Hope Wilson and Proctor aren't rushed back and Edmondson and Harratt can get some games in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed that Politic stays and can get signed up permanent particularly for that switch to 3/4/3. Rodney who was unplayable last seaon has never got started while young Hurst (Worrall junior) has been out injured for most of the season but with Amoo and Wilson near to itness then with the two loan signings and Politic that is five forwards for two or three spots even with Proctor/Rodney/Hurst injured. Going to be a big week with three league games after a month off and possibly two more signings.
  4. So a small fee recieved for Johnson spent on a small fee for Hussey and now a small fee for Hall....could it just be the owner giving the cup money to the manager to spend and not a sign that a young key player is being sold for big money.
  5. Got to remember it is going to be Saturday/Tuesday/Saturday three games a week relentlessly and it is a squad game with a matchday 18 and three subs......got to have cover for every position'cause there are going to be injuries and niggles and squad rotation is key to keeping the players fresh and certainly the use of subs in the last 20 minutes which is when strains and pulls are most likely.
  6. If Gibbons and Worrall rotate at RWB and Hussey plays LWB with Benning as cover that is a quality set of wing backs. Pett/Conlon/Garrity first choice midfield but the second string Walker/Taylor/Campbell(?) isn't half bad. Proctor/Wilson with Edmondson/Harrat as cover and Amoo/Rodney/Politic/Hurst as wingers if plan B 3/4/3 is needed. Cass/Smith/Jones seem to be first choice while Legge and Martin are experienced back up and expect another CB in the window.....seem to have two good keepers pushing each other for a start.
  7. Thinking the FOUR or FIVE more signings depends on whether Politic stays. So perhaps Hussey and Dean Campbell with maybe Burgess going and then probably another centreback and as for the last signing who knows because the squad would then have..... 2 keepers 6 centrebacks 2 LWB and 2 RWB 6 Midfielders 4 strikers 4 wingers. Thinking it will continue to be 3/5/2 but with plan B being 3/4/3 hence the wingers/inside forwards. Then again counting Johnson/Amos/Whitehead/Lloyd/Burgess that's FIVE OUT and Harrat/Edmondson/Hussey/Campbell plus a centre back FIVE IN. SQUAD 26 with two players for every position.
  8. You've got the likeness just right....on a good day!
  9. The story so far.... OUT Johnson (fee) Amos (out of contract) Whitehead (mutual) IN Ryan Edmondson (loan) Kian Harratt (loan) Also seemingly Hussey (Fee) and Dean Campbell (loan) Two defenders and a midfielder out / two strikers a defender and a midfielder in.
  10. As pointed out Lloyd played 32 games for last seasons Champions and having won promotion is a league 1 player on loan to league 2.....Lloyd is 21 with 89 competitive games under the belt and one Championship on the CV while Bailey is 17 and has never started a game.....Lloyd was our fourth striker while Bailey is a youth team kid.....expect Lloyd has now gone back to free up a squad place for a striker in january.
  11. PV1973....yeah probably right....... .................................Covalan......................... ..................Cass........Smith.......Jones........... Worrall.........Taylor....Pett....Conlon......Gibbo ......................Proctor........Rodney................... Hurst/Walker/Amoo/Lloyd might get game time. Even without Wilson and Garrity that looks a strong eleven and bench.
  12. Benning has played enough games to get somewhere up to speed and has for years been ever present so perhaps the shock of being benched might sharpen the focus and concentration.....bet there is a cracking left back in there but it's like the player hasn't got his Vale career started proper if you will and needs to give his head a wobble and bring his best game to the pitch.
  13. It is odd is it not but wasn't Benning signed towards the end of the window and missed much of pre-season and must be playing catch up....a much heralded signing said to be class and otherwise headed to league one....perhaps a couple or three weeks out to do extra fitness and a mini-pre-season and hopefully sort his head out but Benning doesn't seem to quite be the player we thought we signed.....certainly drop the gent for a couple of games as a kick up the backside maybe....could do better. Thought that Benning and Worrall as the wide players in the midfield five would be a class supply but maybe give Hurst some game time.
  14. The manager is still being very carefull with Gibbo who seems to just get 45 minutes likewise Walker is just back from injury and while both might play probably just 45 minutes.....and both played midweek so perhaps Taylor and Hurst could get game time....if as said Rodney has family/personal problems then perhaps George Lloyd might get a game with Amoo as super sub....just think the boss is being very cautious with Gibbo and Politic and as the stand out players in the cup game Taylor and Hurst must be knocking on the door while Benning still hasn't really got up to speed as yet.
  15. So if Garrity and Wilson are a doubt then Taylor and Rodney would surely get games however with Benning still seemingly lacking form/fitness/confidence then could not Hurst get a game at left wing back after a great performance in the cup game. It seems that infront of Covalan the back three picks itself with Cass/Smith/Jones at the moment and the workrate and mobility and crossing of Worrall and Hurst at wing back then with Pett holding and Conlon and Taylor as more attacking midfielders to complete the five man midfield....and the slide rule passes from Taylor should see Rodney in behind the defenders and Proctor on the end of some of those crosses. Super Vale Away.
  16. The team is playing well and considering the clean sheets only to then let in three without Walker and on the form being shown by Garrity then both Conlon and Gibbons can sit it out for another week and maybe try and get 90 minutes in a reserve game before being in contention....no need to rush 'em back and risk a set back. Still got the likes of Stone/Johnson/Cass/Amoo/Hurst/Rodney/Lloyd.....and Conlon/Gibbons/Politic/Taylor plus possibly Amos to get involved....what a squad.
  17. Someone above in the thread said that Solanke played the majority of U23 games at centre back and the defensive midfielder can play across the back four...that being said wasn't a decision made not to sign Solanke who then left the club after pre-season....the player mentioned has been at the club a couple of weeks and is in the building which sounds like the Donny fullback. Thoughts....the other night both Cass and Johnson were at times going outside the wing back on an overlap(copyright Sheff UTD)and like Smith and Jones can play full back.....if Jones and Smith are first choice although Cass is quality then the right wing back is between Worrall and Gibbons and perhaps the Donny lad is cover for Benning although Hurst has played many games at wing back. Thinking it must be the left back as Solanke as noted has left the area.
  18. Agree with the above that both Solanke and Amos would be worth signing but the fact that the club is still not in a reserve league kinda hinders player development but then again either or both could go out on loan in January.
  19. "A very useful game to have had." Gibbons and Conlon got valuable game time and should be fully first team fit in a fortnight and Taylor back on the pitch but probably a month away from full first team fitness but it is best not to rush players back only to get a set back. Benning is getting up to speed and Cass is brilliant and like Jones is something of a find but once again Garrity "one step beyond" such energy and workrate which I think George Lloyd knew my father also brings......just a thought about Johnson who played well but made one mistake early doors but still played well and teams that play out from the back will at times get caught....how many times does our high press force errors and get the ball back in dangerous areas.....at the end of the day Johnson wasn't the last man was wide on the touch line near the half way line and there should have been two central defenders covering....anyway for the reserves almost against the league above very impressive work out......... "A very useful game to have had."
  20. Sorry my mistake of course Politic can't play against Bolton so Hurst must get a run out on the left wing still interesting that that is a very strong team and as strong as the current first team which goes to show there is real depth and competition for places throughout the squad.
  21. Perhaps a bit like Proctor the lad George Lloyd is a number nine target man and not all about goals didn't the Champions last season spread the goals throughout the team with nobody getting double figures...that would be down to a good target man with good hold up play linking moves and knitting the action together and George Lloyd would have been integral to that....signs on loan from the league above having just won this league then George Lloyd has come to play....excellent signing and the final part of the jigsaw.
  22. Forgot about the versatile Mr Hurst and considering Benning is currently a starter in the first team then give Hurst a run out at left back.....Hurst and Politic attacking down the left and Gibbons and Amoo down the right....jobs a good'un.
  23. Just give all the players needing game time a run out....... .............................................Stone........................................... Gibbons..................Cass................Johnson.............Benning Amoo..........................Conlon.........Taylor.....................Politic .......................................Lloyd............Rodney........................... Not a bad side that.....Benning is getting there but needs game time and Cass and Johnson know each others game while Gibbons only gets a half.....whatever happened to the versatile Solanke who did the whole of pre-season and looked dead cert to get a contract.....anyway both Amoo and Politic were on fire in their last outing and if Taylor is ready and is possibly our best midfielder then alongside Captain Conlon that is a very strong midfield.....best of all Rodney playing off our new number nine George Lloyd and the both of 'em won't give the defenders a minutes peace.
  24. Looking at that "Best Of George Lloyd" motion picture newsreel thingy from reuters/youtube industries incorporated.....it somehow struck me what an excellent signing this is.....consider Rodney comes on late for the tired Wilson and each play off Proctor the target man....if Proctor were to be injured or needing cover....as it looks as though both Wilson and Rodney work best not together but playing off and around the fixed point of a target man....George Lloyd not only has an inspirational workrate not unlike the infectious Garrity but the first touch and the flicks and lay offs were class and for a little fella the back to goal hold up play excellent.....if Wilson and Rodney are there to push each other then George lloyd is here to push for games and starts and playing minutes as a substitute as our new number 9.
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