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  1. Hope to see him on Saturday. Put the ball behind their full back and he will create havoc. By the way didn't he have the best record in the league last season for winning the ball back?
  2. Very disappointing. Is Amoo injured or just not rated by Clarke? We have precious few players who can produce that moment of magic and in my opinion he is one.
  3. I believe you have till the end of August to buy the 10 match ticket at the current price which to the best of my knowledge is still the same price as last week. So you are right a good start to the season could see still more sales of 10 match tickets. Good point.
  4. I believe Carol mentioned it included 10 match tickets although I stand to be corrected. It definitely includes over 1,000 junior valiants Which is brill for the future but, as mentioned by others, doesn't boost this season's budget. So an FA Cup win against our 'rabbits' down the incinerator would be welcome.
  5. I believe it includes 10 match tickets, boxes, presidents, and Junior Valiants.
  6. Think we owe Northampton one for nicking the play off spot from us.
  7. Really impressed that the 10 match ticket gets you a guaranteed seat of your choice just like a full season ticket. And you no longer have to go to the ticket office to get your match day ticket. It's all electronic now just scan at the turnstile and it accepts you until your 10 games are up.
  8. For those making the comments about Pope's move to Congleton that Tisdeano referred to I suggest you take a look at posts 123 to 127 on the Tom Pope Analysis thread.
  9. He had his wonderful career topping moment at the Ethiad. But for me seeing Tom playing on for the Vale trying to get an equaliser in a tin pot match with that injury after being done by a kid wanting a name for himself epitomised Pope's love for the club even more than his glory moment. What a man, what a legend. I think I am right saying the kid that 'did him' will be playing at Vale Park soon.
  10. Maybe he has shown that after the Vale he wants to remain local. TBH Think your comment a bit disrespectful to a guy who is the Vale's post war record goal scorer.
  11. Thought Mancini bossed the management of the game. He asked questions of England and when they finally came on our subs were inept. Well done Italy.
  12. Really poor Management by Southgate tonight. If you want to substitute players to bring on penalty takers it's not a good idea to leave it so late that their first kick is the actual penalty.
  13. Why allow a young inexperienced teenager to take the penalty? Unbelievable pressure on the kid.
  14. Rudges statue could be the image of him throwing his cap in the air to remind us all that we used to, and will do again, beat Stoke City
  15. With over 850 junior Valiants the new Lorne Street Family Stand should be the Junior Valiants Stand, surely?
  16. Oops maybe it is Popeye going to Leek Town with his Wag, Olive !!
  17. Oh mate, please tell me it's Leek Town Popeye's going to. I already have a season ticket for there. I am also getting a Hanley ST as enjoyed a few games there when Vale nor Leek were at home. Even been with my mate to watch games at Milton United when possible. No, before I'm told otherwise, I have got a life! Lol. I just find local, grass roots, football brilliant events where you can do all those things professional football no longer allow - pints, standing, cheap chips & gravy, just real football played by real footballers in stadiums staffed by enthusiastic volunteers who clearly love their clubs. Finally games played without cheats and penalties are not 'won' like it has become the norm in the professional game and was last night. Oh, and no bludy VAR.
  18. Rob, Think you should include Eden Bailey in your squad list?
  19. Thought Eden Bailey was showing for the ball well, good anticipation, and looked sharp in and around the box as someone has said he looked strong and sturdy with low centre of gravity. Fully deserved goal. Ok interesting 45 minutes from Amoo playing central.
  20. Well done Rob Page.
  21. Other than his knee injury in October 2016 anyone know what else has kept him from playing these last few years. Not many local lads have come to Vale and let us down other than the ex Stokie, Patterson? Although not local Robinson had a great goalscoring record before coming back to us I still think this lad is potentially different class. Fingers crossed.
  22. Really looking forward to Vale's recruitment plans over the coming weeks. Will have to go some to replace Scott Brown and Popey in league 2. Delighted to see Bury and Macc rising like phoenix from the flames. Any posters who might be looking down their noses at the football levels they are having to come in at should try attending local matches at that level when Vale not playing. Really enjoyable times at Leek, Hanley Town, Milton United, Newcastle Town and Kidsgrove league matches in 2019. Proper football amidst good footballing folk and decent beer makes for a great time and excellent value.
  23. The old ground was adjacent to the best fish & chip shop imaginable! Interesting that so many posters are belittling the way the club have played their way to promotion this season, yet so many posters wanted their Manager to get the Vale job?
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