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  1. I would expect that both teams will be treating the competition with respect by picking their first eleven, so should be a good game of football.
  2. The first time since Sir John's days that I have just sat and watched such excellent quality football. James Wilson is a great footballer and getting fitter by the week. Our midfield is the best in the division. Great to see a growing attendance in Bycars. Could it be fans who are still a bit nervous of sitting in a crowd are heading for Bycars and some social distancing?
  3. Pleased with a point after last season's results against them, and our usual results against teams on a winless streak. Not seen the game, but a bit surprised Rodney got the nod over Amoo considering his record for the reserves as a striker and DC's. comments he is turning him into a striker. Thoughts? Has 'you know who' come out of the dressing room at gresty yet? Lol
  4. Irrespective of deflection he got his hands to the ball comfortably but had weak hands. Could have punched? As DC said it was a mistake. However at 2-1 he made a very brave stop at a forwards feet as the ball came in from the bye line. So as his mistake didn't cost us let's move on and look forward. Its hard these days being a Vale fan with very little to moan at. Let's have the days back when you could stand in the Paddock and a bad defeat would guarantee an increased attendance at the next home game!! Lol.
  5. My concern is if we show them too much respect. Get at them from first whistle, score first and don't sit back!!
  6. No TV money then. Marske away could have been? I was hoping for Crewe at home. Has Artell come out of the dressing room yet? Lol
  7. As someone who was critical of Clarke's appointment, and his big man interviews, I have to say his interviews this season have been far more honest and constructive and easier on the ear. I have gone from being critical of the appointment to being a big fan, didn't stop me pointing out at half time today we were pedestrian and would never score from a deflection because we don't shoot. The subs worked great, but what is most impressive is the crowd ... it's not only getting bigger but the feel good factor has promotion written all over it. What's even more promising is once out of this league the quality of football being played, particularly James Wilson, will stand us in great stead in a higher league.
  8. Didn't It used to sit on steel legs high at the back of Hamil End, Lorne Street side, on the embankment. The away team score would be lowered in on a metal square plate first followed by the home team sitting above it. Does anyone know of any photographs in which it is featured.?
  9. Rudgie swore by selling good players when they are playing well. Think give Devante rest of season at least. He has the potential talent to be a 7 figure sale. IMO.
  10. Rochdale sub the other night, number 20, was the sub who came on in the league game and played that superb pass to create their winner. Perhaps their team that finished the match had more first eleven on the pitch?
  11. Delighted that he is proving me, and some others, wrong. Long may it continue and let's hope we can all celebrate a promotion together in Boslem.
  12. Amoo can be frustrating however he always passes to a team mate not the opposition.
  13. Well not the most exciting of deadline days. However, by missing out on a couple earlier in the window and getting Theo off the books if we can be in or around top 7 come January then there may well be finances to strengthen for the final push as we did in the last promotion season.
  14. Great being paid for not going to work. Clearly he realised Furlough is coming to an end! Lol. For the other two I doubt anyone in the National League wants them. I watched two games at level 5 of non league over the B/H Hanley featured Carl Dickinson, Luke Joyce, Louis Dodds and Chris Dagnall Congleton had Tom Pope, Anthony Griffith, Richard Duffy, and Gary Roberts.
  15. Noticed at Kidsgrove Amoo was played down the middle when he came on. He has certainly been hitting the weights as he seems to have bulked up quite a lot. Amoo certainly has pace just need to know whether he can hit the proverbial barn door!
  16. The one thing we all share is 'hope'. I have been 'hoping' for 65 years so there's no way I won't be 'hoping' until I breath my last. My concern is the fact that Carol is making an immense effort to bring youngsters into supporting the club. So at the minute we have over 1,000 new 'hopers' turning up for matches. But have we got the type of Manager we need to keep those youngsters supporting the club. Football has changed dramatically and turgid defensive teams who grind out results are not the future. When questioned on TV after a match at Arsenal once about his team's defensive display a Stoke manager (Durban?) replied if you want entertainment go the circus. Managers who set up not to lose, rather than score at least one more than the opposition, are not going to make those kids lifetime supporters... They will be off to the circus.
  17. Can anyone remember when was the last time we made a substitution and he won the game for us? Seems to me plenty have done it against us, but can't remember last time it worked for us.
  18. Isn't his testimonial at Congleton v old Vale on this Sunday? If so can it not be elevated to a more prominent position?
  19. Whilst I concur with everyone's views on the local reporting of Vale and I agree it's the way of the world these days. In defence of the Sentinel at the time my recollection of the paper when we were in the 'Championship' as it now is and Stoke were in the league below the Sentinel did make us 'top dogs' where reporting was concerned. It were great!
  20. It's all very well setting up not to concede, but we have over 1,000 signed up junior Valiants. Just how many goal less games completely lacking in goalmouth excitement do they have to witness before their Dad or Mother hear the words 'do I have to go, it's boring'.
  21. One thing though guys, despite the issues yesterday that will no doubt get sorted by the club What a great atmosphere, never seen so many club shirts and other wear in show. There is a hugely positive feel to the Vale these days and we can all celebrate that after the <ovf censored> we have experienced.
  22. Disappointed with Wilson first half effort. Great turn to create the space but someone who has been part of the setup at Old Trafford I would have expected him to keep his head and not to put it straight at the keeper. Don't think Amoo got to see much of the ball when he came on but I thought the ball he bent to the top corner was going in .. good save by keeper, bettered a few minutes later by the save from Rodney. Fingers crossed we finish better on Tuesday as our inability to convert chances against EFL teams in friendlies and competitive games is a real concern. Don't buy DC view that we don't need a 20 goal striker as the goal scoring record of midfield players in our squad is not brilliant.
  23. Regarding yesterday's issues. It's unfortunate there are so few turnstiles to the high capacity Paddock. Many years ago you used to be able to walk around the ground once inside. Remember the transfer turnstiles at both pitchside corners of Bycars stand? If the Bycars / Paddock route was reopened as a walkway it would give access to Paddock from Bycars turnstiles. Having said that as others have said connecting the Paddock and Railway Stand walkways would be the simplest resolution.
  24. Enjoyed the day. Great to be in the Bulls Head again. Was surprised to see the snake like queue for the paddock. Surely it's a case of putting a supervisory steward there who takes control of the situation. Thought we had sneaked it at the end. Superb reaction save by their keeper. Peter Clarke, what can you say about him. He strolls through games at the Vale. Don't think Popey ever got the better of him even However at his age we should have put pace around him from the start.
  25. Interesting to hear of the fanzone. If we get this right it could be brilliant and popular. As someone who greatly admires German football and having attended games at St Pauli and Dresden Dynamo and any number of lower league games I love their ability of making the ground the place to be and socialise for a good few hours before and after the games.
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