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  1. Think we took a lot out of FGR last night. Unfortunately that may work against us as FGR are playing Newport on Saturday who are currently 3rd and will probably beat a tired FGR. Its sods law that we have spiked the FGR bubble for everyone else's benefit and not got the 3pts ourselves.
  2. We are a team totally lacking in belief. Sometimes we play badly sometimes we play well. But however we play I don't at anytime see that the players really believe they will win! Oh for an infusion of whatever Sutton are on.
  3. Any team can look like world beaters if they are given the freedom of the park by the opposition Manager's inept negative tactics. Covolan showed in that one instant he is a brainless arrogant cheat.
  4. After a poor debut game for England. Sir Alf told the player not to worry as he was going to get a run of games to prove himself. The player was Kevin Keegan. Hopefully, we will give any January signing a similar opportunity and not write them off as Jake Taylor is being. BTW talking of England can you name 3 England captains who played for Scunny?
  5. No player is happy when not in the side. Too good a player to let go. IMHO.
  6. End season now. We are promoted!
  7. It's knock on Number 10 for me ... And let's join the party! No masks, no social distancing, plenty of snogging ...it's Christmas! Oh no, what's that .. Cummings has released a photo !!! Lol
  8. Has there been any reports on when we are likely to see any of our stricken 5 again? It's not so much goals we need it's a personality that would resonate around the club and give everyone a lift A man who did just that for us was Lee Hughes. So for me a short term loan deal ... Bring in the guy whose big personality would fit in great with our ethos ... Adebayo Akinfenwa
  9. Some posters seem to be disparaging about a full away end and above average home attendance. Can't imagine it being anything other than expectant fans and a passionate load of banter. Bring it on!
  10. I would hope we don't drop the price. Brentford are now a Premier League Club and I would be disappointed if they can't get at least 2,500 plus coming. I think the TV is a possibility as not all Producers want novelty value games but are looking for the chance of a competitive exciting match with the real possibility of a genuine cup upset. Yes Man City was one of the good games to go as a Vale fan. And Pope's goal was without doubt one of my greates moments as a Vale fan, but done it once and don't want to see the Vale be cannon fodder again. It all goes to how we both perform before the match. If we are in top 3 and Brentford in bottom 3 then us super confident and Brentford used to losing week in week out then bring it on and give them a red hot Staffordshire welcome and remind them what a real passionate proper football club is. I just hope DC gets the boys and fans wound up like the Walsall Manager did against us the other week. Will be at least 7-8,000 Vale there so outside chance of £10K plus.
  11. Who's for Spurs at home on a soaking wet pitch with Conlon scoring a worldie, and Nathan Smith knocking in a two yard scrambler! Nah, can't happen we haven't got anyone bad enough to play the Kevin Steggles role!! 🤔
  12. Am I right in thinking we get £10K for getting a draw?
  13. He was there to shin it over the line that's all that matters.
  14. That reverse pass Jonah did on Saturday was sublime ! My thought for Tuesday is get all the Lorne Street moaners on a fleet of coaches and get them to breath on the pitch. The bitching will see it ice over instantly and get the game called off.
  15. Went the match and whilst no one stood out everyone gave 10/10 for effort. Exactly what was needed considering Hartlepool were basically playing the 'Vale Possibles' team (one for the old 'uns). Reading through the thread I think so many different players were considered by at least one poster as having a decent game that every player got a 'shout out'. Isn't that exactly what our team and goalscoring is all about ... Because they are not playing at the minute Wilson and Procter have become demi-god strikers that no team can do without. Well as far as I can see neither are prolific and more importantly we are still scoring goals. Perhaps Rodney and Amoo are still equally contributing to the team ethic as they are giving 100% commitment plus with both of them having pace to burn could it just possibly be that opposition Managers would prefer to face a club with a 20 goal a season striker and have just one problem to solve rather than a team that has goals elsewhere throughout the team and two speedy front men who are pulling their donkey centre halves all over the park. It's a team game, we have goals throughout the team, and it's exactly as DC said at the start of the season to all, including me, that were decrying the lack of a 20 goal striker. Just my thoughts.
  16. Probably the most exciting cup tie i have seen for many a year. To go 2 down in the first 5 minutes to a club 2 leagues higher. One goal a deflection the other an own goa! Get a goal back and immediately concede again from an horrendous defensive mix up. To then go from 1-3 down to 3-3 at full time to 5-3 after extra time in front of a crowd in excess of 10,000 when your club was a basket case until recent times was an incredible achievement. Two other things struck me ... One was that the presence of VAR would have killed the game as a spectacle as a couple of decisions would have seen a 5 minute investigation. Thank God the refs decision was sacrosanct. The other is after the match ended i put Sky Sports on and there was no reference to the game at all. Finally, Scott Quig!ey was deservedly named MOM. What a great career he is having since leaving the Vale. And look who got Hartlepoo!'s winner last night ... Mark Cullen. Strange game is footie.
  17. Wish there wasn't a protest planned as these sort of things tend to galvinise the team on the pitch rather than demoralise them, don't they?
  18. I seem to remember that there were proposals to make the currently closed section of Lorne Street into a Family Stand and the concourse area to be fitted with computer games for the families to use? Got to say but many years ago i went to have a look from the old Family Stand and was very surprised at what a great view of the pitch there is from up there. Any ground improvements have to be self financing I suspect so just wonder if the Robbie Williams suite will be the first as the small President's Seating area is often fully subscribed.
  19. Got to say, sitting on the Lorne Street side I couldn't believe their full back stayed on in first half. Second half it became GBH once Bradford realised the Ref was incompetent. Thought Wilson cost us by not being honest with Clarke. Can't believe how some Posters on here expect players who have been out injured to be match fit as soon as they come back from injury. Rodney needs game time that's why he came on. Politic can clearly win a game, but he can always lose us a match for failing to do the defensive side of the game. Think there are some rose tinted glasses being worn on here tonight where Politic is concerned. DC was correct in bringing on a harder working player in Lloyd IMHO BTW we are still 2nd from top!
  20. Went on holiday tonight and sat in Railway rather than Lorne Street Stand. Looking around and across to Lorne Street what a superb Football Stadium we now have (not one of those modern bathtub stadiums) a true traditional football ground. Fantastic. I used to go on the bank at back of Hamil as a kid 65 years ago and if I had known then how the stadium would look now I would have been well chuffed.
  21. Anyone know how much we get for being live on TV with this one?
  22. Buxton at home followed by Manure away then <ovf censored> at home in Round 4 followed by a smooth run to Wembley and a bus trip round Boslem holding the FA Cup aloft and putting right the robbery of '54!
  23. I find Coleman's Monday interview pretty decent. I think everything he says is true. Think many on here are getting a bit carried away by what he said in the interview immediately after the match when he was rightly frustrated that his team had let him down and was kicking out emotionally and throwing his dummy out a bit. He is right in that they dominated the first half. He is correct in saying our Manager had to make a change at half time. Although we were on top at the time of the sending off it was only 1-0 and as we all know that's still game on. I didn't see the sending off incident but many on here seem to accept it was 50 50 in Smithy tripping him and their lad reacted. He gives us credit for playing them off the park when they went down to ten and we ran out worthy winners. He even says nice things about Vale fans. Can I just say I thought the interviewer asked some good thought provoking questions. I really admire Smithy because he plays football the right way, plays it hard. It's a real man's game (proverbially). At least it used to be. Personally I hate time wasting and cheating. It's not what I personally want to see when I go a match but accept that cheating is part of the game these days. I hated Franny Lee for bringing diving to win a penalty into the English game. He started the rot which was already rife in the Italian game IMHO. I remember Michael Owen dangling a leg out to 'win' a penalty for England against Germany. Penalties and free kicks should not be 'won' The FA could kick cheating out of football in an instant by issuing long bans every time a player cheats. Would see some matches abandoned for not enough players left on pitch initially but it would clear the game of cheats. Yet all the FA keep on about is showing Respect. How can a honest person Respect cheating? What a terrible thing to teach kids about life ... Cheating is ok as long as you get away with it! Back on Vale, I openly admit I disliked Clarke's big I am and at times dis-respectful interviews last season. I don't think I was the only one to jump on his back at the earliest opportunity. The early home games this season I was giving him earache, it's expressing your opinion which is what footie is about. I also believe that the quality of football we are playing now is the best I have seen since the Rudge years and I am delighted my initial fears at Clarke's appointment were by the looks of it way off the mark. Like everyone else whose a Vale fan I am loving it. Above all else I am loving it for the owners who if they had not stepped in it would have seen the end of PVFC.
  24. Great little booklet. Mine arrived today. as David Gates sang ... A picture paints 1,000 words we are Vale, always will be!
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