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  1. We signed McKirdy near the end of the window on Rudge's recommendation according to some on OVF

    Both Askey and Clarke failed to get a game out of him.

    Swindon have.

    What's worse is knowing the class act Swindon have made him we have totally and utterly failed to come up with tactics to stop him.

    I don't care what his personality off the pitch may or may not be. All I know is he is a class act who came with a reputation for 'issues' that did not fit into Askey and Clarke's plans.

    Rudge brought Vale our finest hours by signing off the field 'problems' who were class on the pitch.

    On Thursday we need to do an Italian job on him.

    But we won't, and Harry McKirdy will probably be leading The celebrations in front of the Bycars.

    Worse of all it's all been so unnecessary if we had shown up v Bristol, Walsall or Newport.

    Yes the opposition also wanted to win but the truth Is they wanted it more than us in all those games.



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  2. Win next 3 we are promoted that's all we should be concentrating on.

    Today's match has gone. Can't do anything about the result, so let's all stay positive and take each match one game at s time.

    If Walsall weren't Walsall I would say playing away to a team who are mid table and lost 3 in 4 would be ideal opposition at this stage of the season.

    It aint over till the fat lady sings!

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  3. Incidentally FTP9 I would love it to be the case that greyed out is ST or sold, but I can't see that the bottom two blocks of Bycars adjacent to Lorne Street are as good as full unless the club have given out freebies to local schools. Which wouldn't surprise me.

    It was noticeable how the increased occupancy of the Bycars lately has acted as a vocal link bringing the Lorne Street and Paddock to sing in unison.

    Roll on Monday.

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  4. I so want promotion for Carol for a multitude  of reasons.

    Particularly for her decision 'to do the right thing for football' and not challenge the decision that put Northampton into the play offs not us and their subsequent promotion.


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  5. It's truly wonderful that we are in this position. It means we are being successful and the club is well and truly on the up.

    Sky dictate! That is the crux of the matter. Carol has no say other than to vote yay or nay when ALL Chairmen / Chairwomen are asked whether or not to accept Sky's money by the EFL. A previous poster has said it's a basic £470,000 per club in league 2. Plus fees for live matches £70,000 for a home team. A big percentage of turnover for most league 2 clubs.

    Regarding VAR spreading to the lower leagues then we all have a decision to make ... Either accept the fact that your heart will be over the moon with excitement when Vale score and the Ref points to the penalty spot only to have heartbreak when VAR jump in when the match is about to restart and the goal gets disallowed.

    Or start supporting your local non league side, where it's VAR Free. 

    Having supported Vale since 1957 I will always be a Vale fan. However, I am a traditionalist who believes that the decision made by the Ref, either right or wrong, is final and provides great debate in the pub!!

    IMHO VAR is there for no reason other than to provide a definitive decision for the Bookies and Sky.

    A football match has always been the best 'instant' sporting occasion. VAR destroys the very roots of what makes the game great.

    The more the game's rule makers change the rules the weaker the game becomes. 

    If it's not broken don't fix it. Just look how the world's finest cup competition has been ruined.

    Sorry to have completely gone off topic. 






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  6. Now we have owners who genuinely care about the community aspect of the club and it's fans. If there is a chance of automatic promotion being achieved at Exeter then they would make Vale Park a carnival event including a giant screen relaying the game live. Then every Vale fan would get the chance to be part of the celebrations!  

  7. How is it we could panic the FGR defenders into looking like pub players and other than the actions of a nut-case goalie beat them. 

    Yet not repeat the same tactics against any other team?

    Instead we build up so slowly when in possession that the opposition defence have time to make the tea and put the kettle on before we get to their penalty box!

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  8. My view is all posters on this thread are in a way right.

    Yes we are on an unbeaten run.

    Yes we could be in automatics if we win games in hand.

    Yes we have had terrible injuries to 'star' players (yesterday showed just how much we have missed Gibbo)

    But the opening poster is right. Vale are a hard watch at the minute. Not sure if it's negative tactics, average players or the pitch.

    What I hope we can all agree on is .... We have been too long in this league and we need out, and thanks to brilliant owners it will be in the right direction!


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  9. Yawn, is it over yet?

    In a match where a win would have put us right back in the fight for automatics our illustrious Manager keeps the leash on the players.

    A winger coming on who would run at them would have lifted the crowd and got the stadium rocking.

    Am I the only one who feels our Owner has supported the push for Promotion magnificently and a talented squad is being held back by a totally negative Manager who talks as if he is managing Barcelona not an English fourth division club.

    If there was ever a day to pressure the opposition, get the ball in the box as often as possible, and let the 4th division defenders make mistakes - today was the day!

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  10. Seems the top 6 on the whole have hit amazing form. FGR are out of sight and I fear Tranmere are too. 

    Which leaves the likes of Mansfield, Northampton, Exeter, Newport and us fighting for one automatic. Can't see Sutton lasting the pace.

    On the upside most have to still come to Vale Park.

    On the downside Vale Park isn't the fortress of yore.

    Basically, are we good enough to make it a fortress again?

    Stop letting in sloppy goals is a must!

  11. Above all else I believe our squad is stronger than others and I expect us to go on a winning run (if injury free) 

    We simply have to win three on the bounce starting Saturday and the momentum will see us into automatics 

    Really pleased that our two loan strikers have opened their accounts.

    Just wish we had Captain Tom back from injury. He is a huge loss.

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