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  1. Too many individual errors, poor decision making and an inability to win challenges without making a needless foul. Our first touch was woeful and very rarely did a headed ball get directed to a teammate Can't say any of our players played better than their opposite number today. We have got to start winning our individual battles Carlisle did a job on us and we basically let them do it. Very disappointing and nothing positive to come out of the game. So frustrating when there seemed to be a buzz building.
  2. Does anyone have any info on how this works? Thinking of joining to help to boost funds for the club. Maybe an idea for folks who want to support the club until we can get fans back in
  3. Ticket office had the shutters down and was closed at 4.15 on Tuesday when I drove up there
  4. Is anyone having trouble getting through to the ticket office? Been trying to renew online with no luck as it won't accept my card details. I've rang the mobile shown on the website and left messages but nobody ever gers back to you. Beginning to think they don't want my £295
  5. Sounds to me like they were expecting to get the 4th spot without any playoffs
  6. Definitely the right decision to end the season for me. The only puzzling thing is why bother with the play offs? Surely if its not safe to play the remaining matches then the same logic should apply to any play offs. By all means promote 4 but use PPG and promote Cheltenham I think Carol has rightly come out of this with a lot of credit and if we do ever get to start the 20/21 season then I can't wait to get up there to give the boys my wholehearted support
  7. What a transformation, how can we play 2 halves like that. Superb display, passion was back, why so different?
  8. Shocking so far, 2 yards slower to the ball than Exeter. Our brand of walking football is so dull No passion, looks like we've decided to take our winter break
  9. Be happy if we could get a young nippy striker in on loan plus another experienced target man to replace Popey if his expected ban arrives. Unfortunately not enough goals coming from the strikers at the moment
  10. Enjoyed the game today, some good stuff played by us Thought Monty was immense today. He seemed livid after the kung fu assault. Pity he had to go off but hopefully nothing too serious Liked the way Cullen and Amoo linked up. We do at times build up a little too slowly, Joyce got caught on the ball a few times Smith had a great game and we need to tie him down to a new deal asap. Likewise Gibbons, that goaline clearance today was superb If I would have an area to improve I would get a couple of additions in with some pace, easier said than done I realise. We do look a little one paced at
  11. Must get down there early in the morning to get a ticket for the Leyton Orient game. They'll be queueing up Hamil road by opening time. Great result tonight, this will really entice the occasional fans - not!
  12. When Tom gets suspended for a spell I'm not sure we have anyone coming off the bench so perhaps a trip into the loan market is needed
  13. First thoughts after that, poor performance, gave the ball away far too easily, Macc looked tidy on the ball and deserved at least a draw
  14. What I couldn't understand was if the ref deemed Legge's challenge worthy of a booking how come he never blew for a foul
  15. I agree with the comments about Phil Sproson. Always has a dig at Gibbo in the commentary. Makes you wonder if there's an agenda there
  16. Bye bye Jake, was nice while it lasted. Money talks as always. Never mind we'll get someone else in
  17. 14 corners! and 13 bad ones. Played like it was a pre season friendly. No urgency, too many players strolling around. Clean sheet I suppose is the only positive. I know expectations should be tempered after the last 2 horror show seasons but please try to entertain us a bit
  18. Too slow in our build up, sideways, sideways, back, sideways, hoof. Most players looked disinterested, 2nd to most balls and suckered into giving fouls away Dreadful!
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