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  1. Frank Sinclair obviously watching a different game. Here's a tip Frank, get someone else to do your interviews
  2. What an absolute shambles. Embarrassing to watch. Only players to come out of that with any credit were Guthrie, Worrall, Conlon, and Gibbons.The rest, not fit to wear the shirt. Too many non league standard players. Carry on like this and they may achieve that next season Have we got a new management team as that looked like an Askey type performance Some serious problems going forward. Can't see us beating anyone at the moment The worst defender I had ever seen at Vale in Zac Jules had Amoo in his pocket. Just speechless!
  3. How does this 22 man squad thing work if you have long term injuries? Is it simply a matter of deregistering players. If you do can they be put back in or is that it for the season? All seems a bit complex
  4. In view of the news about Tom Pope's injury I would say we now need a striker in this window
  5. Didn't watch tonight as never thought it would be a fun watch. What does disappoint me looking at the game stats is what seems to be a complete lack of "giving it a go" 17 corners to our 0, 20 attempts at goal with 9 on target compared to our 5 with 0 on target. Looks like we really couldn't be bothered. Yes they have far greater resources to call on but they're mid table league 1 and there for a reason. Just sums up modern day football for me. Its a game played on laptops, football by numbers! we go to higher placed clubs with a losing mentality. We used to have a great cup fighting tradit
  6. Emile Heskey 2/1 favourite according to Skybet. Not sure where that has come from.
  7. By the sound of his accent and his knowledge of the home team I reckon he was from BBC Radio Mansfield. He was pretty good though. Strange that Radio Stoke just played a clip with Phil Bowers commentating on their 4th goal
  8. I just don't get that line up yesterday. Granted non availability of the our best players, Conlon, Worrall, Oyeleke, Montano, Clark didn't help but why bring in Whitehead and Crookes. Both of these are not good enough for league 2. Add to that others that aren't up to it, Mills, Fitzpatrick, Burgess, Hurst, Pope (lost it now) and we basically turned out a reserve team. Conclusions for me are that we don't have a squad strong enough to compete in this league never mind look at the playoffs. Is the manager to blame, yes of course. Its blindingly obvious to us which players can't hack it, how co
  9. I know Clark is going back. I was pointing out the original poster had said Mills
  10. I wish we could send him somewhere. Which reminds me wheelie bin needs to go out tonight
  11. If we do change the manager then how many new players do we need to challenge for the play offs? 4,5,6 that's not going to happen. We need at least 2 central defenders, a proper holding midfielder and a Tony Naylor type forward as a minimum I'm certain that with the players we currently have a new manager would struggle to get a tune out of them. Tough call for Carol, maybe quite a bit costly to make
  12. I see lots of comments about how we have the players to get promoted. I just don't see this. We over achieved at the back end of last season. The spine of our team is mid 30's and we look like tired and jaded. The start of the season papered over the cracks that have started to show. We picked up wins that perhaps the performances didn't deserve. To be honest we'd struggle to offload any player who would play at a higher standard. Maybe James Gibbons, the others well they're on the way to the likes of Eastleigh or Halifax (no offence to either of those two teams) Were stuck with an uninspi
  13. I'm saying bottom half with one eye on those below, certainly not play offs
  14. We're starting to look more non league than top 7 material. So many individual errors. Yes we missed chances but we have so many players that are lucky to be playing at a level this high I have no faith in us keeping a clean sheet. Both central defenders were average. We have no pace in the back four. I'd rather see Mitch Clark in, Mills is not of league 2 standard Very frustrating
  15. Just checked his record against us. Can you believe he first scored against us on 6 September 2003.
  16. I'm sure we'll get the 50 points to keep us up [emoji2357]
  17. Too many individual errors, poor decision making and an inability to win challenges without making a needless foul. Our first touch was woeful and very rarely did a headed ball get directed to a teammate Can't say any of our players played better than their opposite number today. We have got to start winning our individual battles Carlisle did a job on us and we basically let them do it. Very disappointing and nothing positive to come out of the game. So frustrating when there seemed to be a buzz building.
  18. Does anyone have any info on how this works? Thinking of joining to help to boost funds for the club. Maybe an idea for folks who want to support the club until we can get fans back in
  19. Ticket office had the shutters down and was closed at 4.15 on Tuesday when I drove up there
  20. Is anyone having trouble getting through to the ticket office? Been trying to renew online with no luck as it won't accept my card details. I've rang the mobile shown on the website and left messages but nobody ever gers back to you. Beginning to think they don't want my £295
  21. Sounds to me like they were expecting to get the 4th spot without any playoffs
  22. Definitely the right decision to end the season for me. The only puzzling thing is why bother with the play offs? Surely if its not safe to play the remaining matches then the same logic should apply to any play offs. By all means promote 4 but use PPG and promote Cheltenham I think Carol has rightly come out of this with a lot of credit and if we do ever get to start the 20/21 season then I can't wait to get up there to give the boys my wholehearted support
  23. What a transformation, how can we play 2 halves like that. Superb display, passion was back, why so different?
  24. Shocking so far, 2 yards slower to the ball than Exeter. Our brand of walking football is so dull No passion, looks like we've decided to take our winter break
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