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  1. Didn't listen to the whole game but caught the last 20 minutes of the first half. Couldn't believe how negative Bowers and Sproson were. Granted it sounded like they were having the better of the game but some of their comments were laughable. Stick to telling us where the ball is on the pitch and keep your opinions for talk shows
  2. A bit too early to panic but we certainly look a little disjointed. Our build up play is way too slow and quite often ended up with a hoof from the back after playing it sideways and backwards. Too many bad touches and waisthigh passes. I'm sure we are playing a different way than we were when on the good run towards the end of last season. Maybe being there in person instead of watching the stream clouds my judgement but something just doesn't seem right. Only brief glimpses of urgency and passion in the game, not at all like I expected us to play As I said too early to start panicking but we need to be on the front foot at home otherwise the buzz will fade rapidly
  3. Yes got a season pass for there but got told it was full (arrived just after 2.30) so ended up leting us on car park C behind the away goal. It's happened a few times now and a bit annoying. Never understand why they don't keep the spaces free for the ticket holders. Just about got in on time after queuing for 15 mins to get into the paddock via the turnstiles by the Synectics car park. No scanners working, lad was just writing down 5 bar gates on his pad Hopefully teething problems but folks won't be happy if it carries on especially if the weather is a bit iffy
  4. Yes York City, volley from the edge of the area following a corner, still my favourite Vale goal of all time
  5. That was garbage. At least look interested. Contracts to win and season tickets to sell
  6. I agree, i certainly wasn't expecting anything other than possibly extra money off in the shop. I do realise though some people were thinking they may get the ticket at a much reduced price.
  7. 2 free EFL trophy games (give those a miss) ticket price frozen and money off in the shop
  8. Very impressed with the ref. Got most things right. We made some daft challenges first half which made it easy for her to give the foul. Not card happy and seemed to command respect.
  9. After the dismal first half it could only get better. Glad it did and proud of the lads and a massive thanks to DC who has made us solid and hard to beat. Defence was immense today with Legge and Brisley the stars. When we get chance let's fill that ground and make it a place where teams hate and fear to come to.
  10. Not a classic is an understatement. First away game I've purchased this season and wished I'd kept my £10 in my pocket. Don't think we've strung more than 10 passes together in that half. Too much lumping it upfield into no mans land and giving them silly throw ins so their big lump can hurl it into our box. Absolutely no sign of a plan to our play. Can't be any worse second half and at least we'll have the wind with us. Get the ball down and spread it wide
  11. Yes I have trouble every game, usually at the start of each half
  12. Superb performance, Legge and Smith immense at the back. Every player can walk off with pride after that Effort and passion was there tonight. Hats off to DC, he got it spot on. Might have a couple of beers to calm my nerves!
  13. Are people hoping he fails. I do wonder about our fan base sometimes
  14. But we were dire playing that too. You can talk about formations but at the end of the day if the individuals aren't good enough it won't matter what formation we play. Might help if some of our better players get back playing regularly. No team in League 2 would cope with the loss of their best 5-6 players. Gibbons, Montano, Amoo, Worrall, Pope, Oyeleke would all be in our best 11. Add a Mitch Clark and you're not far off the team that took us to the edge of the playoffs. The team we are turning out at the moment are only heading one way. I feel sorry for DC, I fear some folk have already made their mind up on him
  15. 15 points from the last 22 league games, losing 13 of them. Dreadful!
  16. Too slow, too lightweight, awful first touch. P. S the goal is that big white thing with a net behind. 8 or 9 of these wouldn't even get in a National League side
  17. Can we not keep putting it out for a throw in. Absolute garbage
  18. Salford strolling past our midfield with ease. No strength in there at all
  19. Systems, systems, systems. Does it matter when the players individually perform so badly. I'd hate to see our pass completion rate tonight. Error after error. I think DC is fully aware of the issues facing him but what does he do to stamp out individual errors. I did like his interview but players hate criticism. He has to tread a fine line to get them onside
  20. Helps if they stand within 30 yards of each other
  21. He was and then took us hurtling into the bottom half. He's signed most of that dross
  22. Wing backs need to play far further forward. We're playing a 6-1-1-2 formation
  23. And throw ins, seems like we've got some kind of spread bet for over 30 throw ins for Stevenage
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