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  1. Systems, systems, systems. Does it matter when the players individually perform so badly. I'd hate to see our pass completion rate tonight. Error after error. I think DC is fully aware of the issues facing him but what does he do to stamp out individual errors. I did like his interview but players hate criticism. He has to tread a fine line to get them onside
  2. Helps if they stand within 30 yards of each other
  3. He was and then took us hurtling into the bottom half. He's signed most of that dross
  4. Wing backs need to play far further forward. We're playing a 6-1-1-2 formation
  5. And throw ins, seems like we've got some kind of spread bet for over 30 throw ins for Stevenage
  6. I don't get the folk who say the club aren't being open and upfront with the new appointment. The problem I see is that the initial interview led us to believe that it was Pugh's job to lose. That was followed by one that suggested we would have an experienced manager with success on his CV. Reading between the lines it looks to me like the wage demands of those at the top of the list may be scuppering their chances, or maybe the fact they want their own backroom team with added costs that come with that Perhaps we have been too quick to appease the fans without getting any firm agreement
  7. I agree we gave him 5 games longer tham he should have had. Yes we did have our better players out injured but the back up squad put in place by Askey was not up to it
  8. If the National League do decide to cancel their season there really is no need to make an appointment now. Give it to Pugh until the end of the season and then make the appointment
  9. Yes, im not Joyce's biggest fan but I agree he did have a good game
  10. Alex Ferguson would struggle to get a tune out of our lot
  11. Never understand why we play the ball back to the keeper who then does what defender could do in lumping it down field. Let's face it we're a mile off being a Manchester City play it out from the back type of team and defenders in league 2 should never prat around with it. Nothing worse than bad footballers trying to play tippy tappy stuff. Keep it simple and make your mistakes further up the pitch. On the subject of mistakes how many individual errors do we see in our games. I only ever played at a junior level but you'd come off the pitch gutted if you'd made more than a couple of silly mi
  12. Frank Sinclair obviously watching a different game. Here's a tip Frank, get someone else to do your interviews
  13. What an absolute shambles. Embarrassing to watch. Only players to come out of that with any credit were Guthrie, Worrall, Conlon, and Gibbons.The rest, not fit to wear the shirt. Too many non league standard players. Carry on like this and they may achieve that next season Have we got a new management team as that looked like an Askey type performance Some serious problems going forward. Can't see us beating anyone at the moment The worst defender I had ever seen at Vale in Zac Jules had Amoo in his pocket. Just speechless!
  14. How does this 22 man squad thing work if you have long term injuries? Is it simply a matter of deregistering players. If you do can they be put back in or is that it for the season? All seems a bit complex
  15. In view of the news about Tom Pope's injury I would say we now need a striker in this window
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