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  1. I do think we may struggle to sell that many more tickets purely down to the transport issue. People won't buy a ticket without some kind of guarantee that they can get there. I get that all the official coaches have sold out and I'm glad i managed to get a seat on one on Friday. For anyone now considering booking a ticket it looks like train or drive down yourself and that must put many folks off Let's hope more coaches become available either through the club or independent services otherwise we may not shift our allocation
  2. I've got block 237 as well. I suspect the upper tiers will go on sale once the lower ones sell out
  3. Not sure it was an injury. More likely just sent back to Oxford, not one of our successes. Bit of a wasted loan if you ask me, a chancer that didn't come off. We really needed a proven attacking winger but they were in short supply in January unless we had stupid money to burn which obviously we didn't
  4. There seemed a distinct lack of team spirit at times today, lots of waving arms and shouting at team mates. I understand the frustration if things weren't going well but it did not look good from where i was sitting. Must say I was impressed with Newport, lots of quality, pace and passion. I would be gutted if I was them, they looked nailed on for at least playoffs a few weeks ago. Perhaps this sums this crazy league up. I do wonder what other teams make of us. Our throw ins and set pieces aren't the best. To be honest we are over achieving despite the adversity of major injuries and loss of our manager for a large part of the season. Season's not over yet, let's hope we get that spirit back and sharpish
  5. Not a hope we will get anything other than a drubbing on Saturday, Exeter will be busting a gut to win the league. We just look busted, that was dreadful today. Even if we do scrape the playoffs we will be the team everyone wants to play as we look devoid of confidence, energy, pace and all the other attributes a playoff team would need.
  6. I would say Exeter looked the best team we've seen this season, sharp quick passing and in general quicker players. We are a workmanlike team but definitely lacking pace in several areas We needed to bombard them to get the upper hand but after Proctor went off it was never going to happen. Too many players looked tired tonight and we seemed in panic mode at times when defending That said we didn't lose and kept a clean sheet. Can't help thinking though they came for a point with players out and a missed opportunity to stamp our claim on the top 3. 9 games left, need to get 15 points to sneak in the playoffs, automatic maybe 6-7 more. Can we keep the intensity going? On tonight's showing no but there will be twists and turns to come. Injuries will be the ruin if we get too many more
  7. What's happened to the tannoy in the paddock, cant hear a word. Major safety issue???
  8. Any news on next seasons prices? Just noticed our neighbours have released details of their prices
  9. Only 4 more points and we're safe for another season. This dire football is hardly going to build any momentum and sell season tickets. We look like a plodding mid table side and have done since November January window shows we don't have the financial clout to push us on. Good job we had a decent start otherwise we may have been dragged into a scrap at the bottom. 18 points from the last 15 league games.
  10. Shame we couldn't hang on to the win tonight. The more the game went on it seemed as though we were waiting for them to equalise. Great first half and perhaps should have tried to get that important 2nd goal. We do let teams win a lot of midfield challenges which gains momentum for them as we are a little slow in getting the pass away, Pett guilty of this several times. I know it's a point but our desire to kill the game with the second was lacking at times. We are missing that cutting edge or moment of brilliance that wins us those games. Not sure 5-3-2 is going to get us the wins required. None of our 3 central defenders look that comfortable on the ball, Hall by far the best of the 3 with the ball at his feet. Worrall wasted at wing back and Hussey lacks the pace although he is getting better by the game. Thought Edmondson had a decent game but both him and Wilson drift to the wings far too much leaving us with no central presence, what we would give for a target man like Matt, he was a constant threat although we kept him reasonably quiet Not confident we will reach the playoffs, need the equivalent of 12 wins from now on. Just can't see it happening. Overall came away from the game thinking there was something missing, plenty of passion and commitment but a lack of cutting edge
  11. According to the clip on the radio this morning DC said we were after a right footed defender as he has no one currently to play as a right back in a back 4
  12. I agree, compared to some clubs you see that give their players and managers hell we are quite laidback in comparison. I would say apathy is a truer reflection on our support at times
  13. Pass back, pass back, miscontrol it, hoof it forward, lose it and repeat. What a load of **** that was. What's happened to the press, no energy and little skill. Making their number 6 look like Van Dijk and letting Grant stroll around as though he has the freedom of Burslem.
  14. Chuck some Carol's way if you have some spare, I'm sure she'd help spend it for you. Still not getting where this notion has come from that we have money to spend
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