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  1. I think it's a good draw for us, chance to test ourselves against a Prem side with a chance they may not fancy it. Decent footballing team and set of fans. Quite looking forward to it already Sent from my I3113 using onevalefan mobile app
  2. He was covering the Sunderland v Oxford game today for Radio 5
  3. Where to start withnthat tonight?? Yes we were utterly dreadful and made so many individual errors (Jones, Cass, Garrity) but we could been in front at half time. Firstly what was Worrall doing when their defender missed his header and left him with the keeper to beat only for him to decide to try and lay Amoo in. Then Amoo has 5 yards on the last man and decides to stroll towards goal and let the muscle bound centre half catch up with him As for the referee, yes he was poor and typical of the type we get at our level now but it can't have been a shock given his previous card happy games this season. I sat there laughing at our feeble attempts to get a foothold back into the game. Walsall were awful but bullied our precious ones out of that game. That must go into my top 5 pathetic performances over a 50 year period of support. It used to ruin my night but really can't give a **** now
  4. Really enjoyed the game yesterday despite us not picking up the 3 points. Yes we were a little shoddy at times giving the ball away but we created a number of chances and always looked capable of winning it. Shame Wilson picked up the injury as it made our subs look a little puzzling. Ideally I would have swapped Wilson with Rodney leaving Garrity on as he was still giving them no space in midfield. We could then have brought some height on at the back to defend the lead. That game had 1-0 written all over it. After the equaliser we could then have brought on Politic as their defenders were tiring. Still we're 2nd with a decent run of fixtures to come. Even though we weren't at our best we could have won it so bodes well when we do put it together
  5. Ticket News | Accrington Stanley (Emirates FA Cup) - News - Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK Not too bad £17 Lorne Street, £15 Paddock, Railway Stand, Hamil End Concessions £12 and £10 Junior £7 and £5 £2 extra on the day for all areas Tickets went on sale yesterday
  6. Didn't realise the walking football season had started. Very flat performance
  7. Didn't listen to the whole game but caught the last 20 minutes of the first half. Couldn't believe how negative Bowers and Sproson were. Granted it sounded like they were having the better of the game but some of their comments were laughable. Stick to telling us where the ball is on the pitch and keep your opinions for talk shows
  8. A bit too early to panic but we certainly look a little disjointed. Our build up play is way too slow and quite often ended up with a hoof from the back after playing it sideways and backwards. Too many bad touches and waisthigh passes. I'm sure we are playing a different way than we were when on the good run towards the end of last season. Maybe being there in person instead of watching the stream clouds my judgement but something just doesn't seem right. Only brief glimpses of urgency and passion in the game, not at all like I expected us to play As I said too early to start panicking but we need to be on the front foot at home otherwise the buzz will fade rapidly
  9. Yes got a season pass for there but got told it was full (arrived just after 2.30) so ended up leting us on car park C behind the away goal. It's happened a few times now and a bit annoying. Never understand why they don't keep the spaces free for the ticket holders. Just about got in on time after queuing for 15 mins to get into the paddock via the turnstiles by the Synectics car park. No scanners working, lad was just writing down 5 bar gates on his pad Hopefully teething problems but folks won't be happy if it carries on especially if the weather is a bit iffy
  10. Yes York City, volley from the edge of the area following a corner, still my favourite Vale goal of all time
  11. That was garbage. At least look interested. Contracts to win and season tickets to sell
  12. I agree, i certainly wasn't expecting anything other than possibly extra money off in the shop. I do realise though some people were thinking they may get the ticket at a much reduced price.
  13. 2 free EFL trophy games (give those a miss) ticket price frozen and money off in the shop
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