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  1. Devastated. A true gentleman, a true character and the epitome of what being a valiant truly is. I havent posted on here in quite a while but when it comes to the passing of a man that we owe so much to in the continuing existence of our club, one of the protagonists of change against regimes of penny pinchers and tyrants, I’ll gladly make an exception. RIP Old sage, Mike, the paddock truly wont be the same without you.
  2. Relegation it is then. Quite like Boreham Wood away and Solihull Moors anyway so welcome your pessimism greatly.
  3. That could be bad news on more than one front for us.
  4. It’s going to be the mother of all shocks on Tuesday if it isn’t I’ll tell you that...
  5. George Andrews also hinting we could have a signing/s later on this week which would of course coincide with the return of Askey. Let's hope its some really world beaters or else this site will go into inevitable meltdown.
  6. Askey is on holiday at the minute so that might be the reason there has been little to talk about on the transfer front at present. As for EMR, if we were to sign, let's say, 5 or 6 in your mind "acceptable" first team certs before the season kicks off, would you put your Lloyd vendetta on the back burner and concentrate on the bigger picture at hand or will that one man overpower every ounce of hope you have about the club in its totality?
  7. Unfortunately very true. I’m sure the player will want to get a club sorted sooner rather than later though so I’m sure in the next week or so we will hear more on things.
  8. The Bennett deal isn’t completely dead, I still think we are trying to get it over the line but I’m guessing, and it just a guess, he wants more money.
  9. We will find out more about the Bennett situation next week.
  10. My impression was that signing was going to be Lloyd but they held it back to announce it alongside Bennett.
  11. I thought the delay was because we were going to announce a couple of signings together?
  12. I'd be suprised if it wasnt Grimsby to be honest. Apparently they are also after Matt Green as well so couple of good signings there with the right players around them.
  13. Where did you hear this mate?
  14. He’s definitely too honest sometimes and even though I’m sure the majority of people know beyond a shadow of doubt that we are unfortunately very much at the bottom of the metaphorical football food chain, sometimes things are best left unsaid.
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