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  1. Not doing more off the back of several BIG home crowds at the end of last season and over 17,000 going to Wembley is enraging. Look at our crowds after our visits to Wembley in 1993. We COULD have kicked on to become a club regularly getting over 7,000 home fans with the right decisions and investment around the stadium. I fear we've missed a trick with the momentum we've had with getting people through the turnstiles.

  2. On 25/06/2022 at 14:30, Platty's Tassels said:

    There is no decent seats left in the Lorne street for a season ticket. So that means 3 of us not bothering. I was hoping the Hamil would of become available.


    Bycars is a no, no as you cant even get a beer in there, and the Railway, the facilities are pretty rubbish.


    I would buy all 3 right now if we could choose the Hamil

    Says absolutely everything as to why finishing the other side of the Lorne Street is an absolute priority, and moving home fans into the Hamil should have been looked at much more seriously. Honestly felt a little let down parting with my £300+ for another season in the Railway, having been given a taste of what could have been during the playoff semi. We'd have sold 1,500 season tickets Iin the Hamil, creating a proper home end for the first time in nearly 30 years, and sold more in the Lorne Street at the more expensive price if we'd bothered to install a concourse. Missed opportunity.

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  3. Rubbish that. We can definitely afford to finish the Lorne Street if we can't put an offer together to encourage Gibbo to stay. I think "the matrix"might need looking at, otherwise we'll be a team full of late 20s, early 30s plodders by the end of next season if we're not careful. Taylor probably gone soon too, so that'll be another under 25 year old one his way.

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  4. 22 minutes ago, knapperm said:

    Question - If we finish the Lorne Street where are the extra supporters going to come from to justify the £100,000 expenditure

    Being able to give Derby 6,000 tickets would put a massive dent in that. We have to spend the money to finish the stand at some point. It's not an optional expenditure.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Fosse69 said:

    L1 is hardly a pot of gold, not like going into the Prem. More income of course but higher wages and still a massive amount to be spent on bringing the stadium up to standard.

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    Crewe have received over £1,300,000 more than us over the past 3 seasons in solidarity payments because they've been in league 1 for a few seasons of that. It's not a massive pot of gold, but with much of the squad under contract there will be money out there to use wisely. Spending a bit of cash to create a proper family area I the stadium should be a massive priority, considering much of the infrastructure is already there.

  6. Seriously though, spending some money on getting 2,000 seats usable in the best and newest part of the stadium is better use of funds than moneypits like the Bycars and Railway Stand (and almost anything else for that matter). I'd rather see the lorne Street fully finished and the Bycars closed down than spend a penny on sticky plasters to keep the capacity at the current level of 75%. Whatever you spend on the current Bycars it won't change the fact that it's crap.

  7. 1 hour ago, Conrad said:

    I’m sure if there was a bottomless pit of money it would have been sorted, but there’s so much that needs doing and only so much money to go around 

    It's a £100K job. If we can't find that after getting promoted then we need new owners.

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  8. Not finishing the lorne Street ready for the start of the season really won't be good enough. We haven't got a decent family area so this should be the number 1 priority. It needs sorting ASAP. The fans deserve it.

  9. 20 hours ago, DazFred said:

    I said that about STs already being bought.

    It's good to have a discussion that people are debating about which end should house the home fans but it won't be an overnight fix. I think it's something that can be looked at during the season and next pre season...I just feel it's too soon to make huge changes to the ground plus it would be extra finance spent on off-field duties.

    No one anticipated the success of the Hamil End. I sit in the Bycars but would move to the Hamil, especially if there are a large contingent of home fans...it creates a great atmosphere. 

    We need to win half of our home games at least and half a dozen away to get to 50 points and ensure staying up. I really think giving Clarke a 5 year contract shows the owners are looking toward stability and further progress and it won't happen overnight

    I don't think we'll need to win 17 games to stay up. 17 wins and 20 draws might sneak you into the playoffs.

    Talk of fans fundraising to get the Lorne Street finished is nonsense. We've done our bit with over 40,000 Vale fans turning up to our last 3 home matches and Wembley, and roaring the club on to a position in the far more lucrative league 1. It needs prioritising now. There isn't a decent place to take a child to VP as it stands. Turning the Lorne Street into the new family stand would solve that.

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  10. 13 minutes ago, Coyney Valiant said:

    I’m not sure the reason that they don’t want to upset a few hundred season ticket holders is correct if they were going knock it down and build a new stand they wouldn’t blink at moving them to another part of the ground I think it’s ridiculous to give the hamil to 150 away fans when we have to put up with the shocking facilities in the railway 

    I remember when I first started going to Vale the Bycars was being renovated. You couldn't move in the family stand back then. 

  11. The fact is that the Bycars and Railway need knocking down and rebuilding. They're not fit for purpose, and sit too far away from the pitch, especially the Railway. Get some more corporate in those stands too because everyone loves it down Vale looking at the current waiting lists

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  12. The away fans will need somewhere to have a beer. Wouldn't be wise having 4,000 Derby fans looking for a pint in Burslem because they can't get a beer in TCs or the ground. That issue would need to be resolved. Shame middleport has hardly any pubs anymore. Could give away fans that end otherwise with a short walk to Bycars Lane. Tunstall is a bit of a trek.

  13. 13 minutes ago, Conrad said:

    I thought it was Hartlepool they played in the first round proper, I know Smurthwaite loaned them the Vale team coach.

    It was definitely Gateshead at home in the 1st round. Folded very soon after. I wonder who the bloke who had a Norton United tattoo supports now? I remember watching Norton beat FC United infront of 3,500 at Gigg Lane. That was FC Uniteds first ever defeat as a club.

  14. I'm in the same boat. There were murmurs that the Hamil would become a permanent home end. I've not spent my £315 yet due to the uncertainty over where to sit. After experiencing the Hamil, I don't fancy sitting 200 metres away from the pitch in the Railway Stand, with the prospect of getting wet through at half time whilst queuing for my Bovril 

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  15. 1 hour ago, rob1983 said:
    2 hours ago, Breadwinner said:
    13933 sold in 24 hrs I honestly believe we were heading for 25k until the not enough coaches scenario .
    Hope folk are going in cars/train instead ticket sales since would suggest they have give up when folk like myself have gave 5 pounds to a lady we do not even know so she can go you can see Vale at Wembley (for the greater good) ,they have have 7.6 members on Wonder of Vale if everyone donated a quid that will mean more fans who can go ,more voices etc and they haven't paid a thing for there ticket if we all did that UTV, Want all Vale fans be present I do not a one missed out UTV .
    Big day everyone should be there and giving it there all watching it on sky sports or dodgy box is not supporting the club

    Some people are just skint and would love to go. No shame in that and makes them no less of a supporter.

    They should have budgeted for that. Missing a once in every 30 year occurance is shameful, and does make you less of a fan. 

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