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  1. It’s on video. No excuse. If it was missed at the time it’s because quite rightly people were watching the game. Nobody saw it so I suppose <ovf censored> Head Swindon have reported it
  2. I’m not scared of any team in this league. Just get that winning formula soon and it’s ours.
  3. Vale v Villa was division 3 not bottom tier
  4. I thought it was main stand but whatever he was as dick
  5. Stevenage first half? That was good wasn’t it
  6. Was that down to a scout or manager? Didn’t our manager say he’d not watched these players but knew “of them”? Piss poor if that’s the case surely
  7. Ten games and then go for it, but powder dry until then. Still think EVEN more that we should have signed a centre half not left back to replace Leon but one’s not allowed an opinion that the faithful on here don’t like.
  8. What is it you don’t understand youth. This guy has played 12 games I believe in his league career and is heralded as brilliant , as was Benning , as was Jones. Some have already pensioned Benning off when he was supposedly brilliant. Is everyone brilliant? I hope so. Why not sign a centre half as opposed to another brilliant left back?
  9. Can he score 15-20 goals ? Unbelievable reading this thread that we’ve signed yet another left back given we’ve lost a 36 year old centre half . This left back is due to be back up for Jones, (player of the season so far I reckon) who is per this thread , the best left back since sliced bread and Benning (see the comment regarding Jones) and is himself the best since sliced bread.
  10. It was still a great pod and keep them flowing guys.
  11. Clearly had a few problems in his second spell but he’s a quality player who will do really well I’m sure.
  12. Keep up the good work guys. Re the Pope interview, it’s good to have alternative views . We can’t all think everything is great all the time.
  13. Tough game, same formation and a better final third and we’ll do well.
  14. Don’t read it Joe if you don’t like it. I find everyone’s views interesting, even the Zebra’s. Looking forward to the podcast later to hear how the legend was handled by Billy Big Balls when he left us.
  15. What happens when Potter Hewitt (RIP) or his equivalent is off ? Bet they’re replaced quickly
  16. They counted 5 bar gates but more walked in. Luckily nobody fell over or it could have been nasty
  17. The lady liner appeared to have off side issues and ball over the line ones first half.
  18. I agree about Legge. Johnson is new to this level so needs time. I don’t think Smithy played that well and maybe missed Leon! When did we last win or even score btw?
  19. Let's face it, DC reckoned we'd start slow, basically not win. Wonder how the players felt hearing that. Hardly Mr Motivator is he.
  20. Yep, pre-season on lack of creating chances. Sheffield could have played with no keeper the other night.
  21. Very poor upfront so far Joe. We are are 1-0, 0-1 team presently. Maybe we need more defenders then
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