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  1. So it’s the recruitment that’s at fault because we didn’t take the pitch into account, ie, 50% of our games?
  2. All depends on our ambition. Want it, go for it.
  3. What did the Brizzle rovers fans say ? Hadn’t realised Flitters managed them. Keep up
  4. Just expressing what it is and passing on my 60 years worth of Vale watching along with the opinions of fans I know who support clubs previously managed by him. And your point exactly?
  5. Meanwhile we keep on losing. Flitters is full of BS but let’s hope it works out
  6. Who'd know we'd broken it though? It's basically <ovf censored> speak for not really wanting him.
  7. <ovf censored>. They did what was needed, we couldn't change our dull, slow, boring approach. Pett again non existent , Walker like my arse. What process?
  8. If Cov does nothing their player gets a yellow , possible red, we go in 1-1 and move on. Instead he didn’t. Clown.
  9. The two players booed for them, Harry M and Williams was it, ran the show. Reason ? They wanted the ball, demanded it and did something with it. Nobody from our team wanted to get hold of it, in fact we hid. We were bossed from minute 1. I don’t buy this , we were about to make changes stuff, it could have been done earlier and easily Bad day for us all but DC will sort it I hope
  10. Good luck to Burgess. Still think we need more in the middle
  11. Harrogate is a lovely place, so too Cambridge. The one issue he will have to encounter is the A14 , the worst road going.
  12. Their keeper is involved in the African international stuff so missing too. Big game this. Best camp overnight to get in by 3.
  13. Make it more of an experience if the club want you in earlier. Decent food and drink under cover, card payment, car parking available after 1330 for starters.
  14. A shot, a few fouls, some slide tackle/fouls , some sleeves rolled up and get into them.
  15. Should have done. Save me watching our defence.
  16. I'll leave you to watch the highlights guys. We had 10-15 minutes, that's it. I just wanted to go more at them but we didnt.
  17. Rubbish. At least let them know they've had a game . No crunching tackles, no real fight from DC today, hopefully because we are in league not cup mode. I love our owners but no card payment allowed, yet advertised, car park full at 1330 yet loads of free spaces, and turnstiles not open.. Anyone else would get <ovf censored>, hope we dont.
  18. Suits everyone and let's hope he helps them back into the League
  19. He did the same when he p!ayed for Crewe against us. Should have been sent off too
  20. Paul Downing, centre half from Pompey anyone know if he is injured ? Bag's fan reckons we are asking about him.
  21. The ground is on the way into the town . There’s a retail park with a Sainsbury’s nearby and a pub across the road. We’ve only gone to it in a cab from the town centre which is a decent hike
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