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  1. No worries. I’ve always said that decision would cost us and it did.
  2. I wasn’t, didn’t quote you or anything. I was telling the other clubs etc to do one, Pal. I’m still furious about the whole thing.


    Read an article today about Bury. Basically one group of fans have set up the Phoenix club and they’re set to play in the North West Counties or whatever and now the owner wants them in the National League so there’s a split fan base and possibility of 2 clubs being based in Bury. Spoke to a Fan earlier and he reckons it’s a total disaster.
  4. You make a good point for once. I’m unsure how the furlough scheme works if someone is out of contract then offered a deal knowing that they won’t be paid and going straight on to furlough again. In turn, how could they sigh elsewhere?
  5. I think those stats pretty much reflect a lot of people’s opinions. Multiply them by certain factors like the Smurf effect, condition of the club at the time etc and you’ve a hybrid of Butler and Sinnott I reckon. I hadn’t realised Smith was that bad as I think he took a higher league job at Swindon, but stats are stats
  6. Butler for me. Blew our successful Lottery money on dire signings. Makes the others look like Alf Ramsey.
  7. Friio from Plymouth at our level just had one of those games. He got a standing ovation that day. We were awful though Paul Stewart scored 3 for Blackpool I think before moving up the leagues and looked a player
  8. Yep, forgot Slew. He was <ovf censored>
  9. John Allen, Terry Owen, Geoff Davies, Ronnie Jepson, Kevin Gall, Martin Paterson, Jamie Guy, Brian Sinclair, Alan Woolfall, there will be others I’m sure but these guys were <ovf censored>
  10. There's so many from that era in particular strikers . No doubt Viljaenen will be mentioned later but he's positively like Alan Shearer compared to some we've had
  11. Monaghan was a striker wasn’t he ?
  12. Blackpool and after us non league. He was dire
  13. Andy Proudlove for sure and Tully not far behind. I recall waking up one day and we had Proudlove and Sinclair (see worst strikers) on and it was a mare


    Same to you and yours. I totally agree with your sentiments. Let’s face it, we as a collective, aren’t going to agree much on things we like, eg, Vale, we all think we do but secretly it doesn’t happen that often so something as radical as saving the world is never going to be sorted by us.


    Just don’t understand the need for politics to become involved in this. It’s a world wide pandemic come what may. Let’s rally round together. Sadly impossible as too many keep trying to gain some form of political advance. It may look good to their own groups but it’s stupid in my view, save it until we can breathe fresh air again without fear of death
  16. Think he stood in temporarily at Barnsley as their manager too Joe. He won’t leave his current role surely unless offered mega bucks. Just shows you that not the greatest players make the better managers etc.
  17. Given that Harsley is in charge of Man City’s elite squad, perhaps we should tap him up for a few of their wonder kids
  18. I didn't mind Bentley at all. Given his background too I felt he was quite well received as well.
  19. I can recall many suggesting Exodus would be our next captain after his first couple of games. He was <ovf censored> but there are many worse than him
  20. Tommy Gore, when he gets the ball they will score is the worst ever. I’d then take Lee Jenkins but there’s loads out there. Andy Proctor’s list is pretty much a benchmark of most seasons. Surprised nobody has mentioned any of the Bruno lot yet
  21. Come on, Pollard made Slater look like Bobby Moore.
  22. Just trawling through Wiki and looking at what some of our ex stars went on to do post Vale. Pollard didn’t do that bad but in reality they all ended their careers soon after. Colin Miles changed his name from Pluck to Miles in 2004. Wonder why?
  23. I thought Delgado was more midfield however he was awful. Pollard must be second and Slater third. Walker edged out of it due to a decent game v Spuds
  24. I get your point but James at least started well. Pearson was just god damn awful
  25. It’s clearly an age thing but those voting for anyone else other than Pearson can’t have seen him.
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