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  1. For a season yes. cant get rid of all of them 🙂
  2. Out of this squad I would keep Conlon, Gibbons, Taylor and Devante. WE do need to start afresh and I do believe the covid break has messed up the older squad players. We do need a rebuild and a manager not from within our current set up
  3. Pope, Rodney can both play there, at least they may see more of the ball 😁
  4. Ricky Miller was available but he cannot sign due to his new contract 😁😁 No offence Ricky. I would sign Diego De Girolamo from Buxton because I like his name.
  5. we never needed Mckirdy, Hurst was the answer, otherwise why sign him. Re Theo again we signed Rodney who has shown great potential. What we do need is to recruit to replace Leon, Joyce, Pope and Brown at some point they wont be able to play due to there walking sticks. That is not to say that they are great Port Vale footballers and have always given everything. One thing I am sure of is that those 4 will give everything for us.
  6. Would we play 3 centre backs, in the past we had Aspin, Glover and Swanny, not played as centre half at the same time but all able to cover. We do look open with our style, maybe needs a tweak, But yes we can still win and it is not a bad game.
  7. as in 1995 being a muppet

  8. Devante worked hard, made them work hard at the back. Boltons style suited us (open) hopefully he can start scoring, He has pace and energy just need goals, Then he will be worth £ who nows?
  9. And there were comments about how JA had lost the dressing room, all the players on the pitch seem to be enjoying it. Every goal they all smile. To me thats a good sign. Unsure on the ones not playing but I cannot see any issues
  10. Seems that way Rob. About all the financing we could of expected. The other grants seem to require compliance to the EFL code for financial stability.
  11. Fulham being a prime example, when you move up a league. You do need to be clinical and efficient with the possession.
  12. The issue is we need to get someone closer to whoever is the 1 up front, If Pope is there and gets a ball from, lets say Conlon, the chances are that Burgess and Conlon will be so far away from Tom that any knockdown or hold up if pointless. We need to be able to link up higher up the pitch. That will allow up to hopefully start creating from open play again within shooting distance not on the halfway line. (A fair % of our goals have come from set plays), which is a concern. I have faith in the management and I think they know we need to adapt, the interviews suggest that. We didnt
  13. 5 subs allowed from now so will we see some changes to our starting line up? Or will we just try and change when all seems lost? I think one of Conlon or Burgess could be sacrificed for a Mckirdy/type to be higher up the pitch, or even Conlon could move up higher (he has at times). So a 4231, with the middle of the 3 floating, a number 10. Whatever we do UTV.
  14. https://t.co/YoyZI4r0T1?amp=1 Now back home
  15. I dont think you can say he would be in the Championship? If he should be and we are carrying him, then something is wrong. I am sure many players have had careers ruined by injury/fitness issues. Manny has not played any full seasons in all his career. But back to Manny as a player, he is one of our better players no doubt. This is just fact not anything against Manny.
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