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  1. Congraulations to Darrell 🙂 Also all the team behind him. The players seem to understand, to progress, you need to be able to commit to a plan. Go out and try your best and produce, which they have done . They all have the skills to get out of this league. We may need a boost in January, maybe not. I still dont feel we are up to full speed yet. Injuries may yet be an issue re the boost come January. But it is a really positive start. Onwards and upwards.
  2. I think its a ban, rule change,. Hence why most refs just ask for a sub
  3. Crewe fans that will not attend have to sit outside the stadium and listen from there I believe, I may be wrong 😄
  4. Sorry to hear this, hope you are okay also. RIP Chris
  5. I got mine yesterday, got lots of wows that is nice. I had a number on and can only say that the online servive has improved. Re timescale
  6. No as mbycars says, the concert did not need access, but for fans to attend it needs access areas from the back 🙂 Hence new pathways, toilets, etc. Think for the Robbie concert those were going to be on the pitch side ( toilets etc)
  7. They paid Man City £1.75 million for Campbell, before he signed his first pro contract, so he is hardly "homegrown". Times have changed however, lots of clubs buy rejects/new opportunity players. A bit like Sancho going to Dortmund. The Brentford model seems to be praised, but it is only like JR used to do, admittedly with some older players, but it worked.
  8. Lenny Johnrose scored for them and well I wish him all the best during his struggles
  9. Agreed 100% It is tough for players atm, but I am sure the Vale will help out with contacts in the game etc. Unfortunately we cant all be a Cavani who everyone wants and TP will hopefully show his legacy. Age catches up with us all and that is why we need a rebuild. Regards to the younger players, they still have time to prove a point. It was about time this happened. When JR was manager, he knew that any decent player would be sold, for a profit and mostly he was able to get a replacement to improve. Up to DC and DF now to do similar
  10. And a lot more he was a commited naval man and yes he had his moments, bit like most of us do. He has done more for my/our country than I have
  11. The problem with that is a lot of RU and NFL (more so) rely on set piece plays. That allows officials the time to stop the game. The laws are the laws, I agree, but football requires some allowance to allow the free feel. I always liked Collina for his judgement and many others, Mr TK on the other hand just no no. Interpretation of rules does have its down/upside. I thought the referee had a good game. About time too my wife always makes better decisions than me 🙂
  12. Good win, the twitter comment @ half time made me laugh on commentary, Vale are closer to the play offs than Sjoke 🙂
  13. A bit like playing in the car park, wind has not helped. Second half will be more of the same regarding skill. We both get 45 mins of the same let us see if we have the extra class/nouse to win a game that conditions will dominate. The ref is better than Trevor Kettle, is that comment allowed. Seriously Rebecca has done a good job, with the conditions involved.
  14. https://twitter.com/ben_rumsby/status/1372516965147844608/photo/1 Plenty need to face the music, the last line quote sums it up
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