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  1. Different style players upfront, may upset the preset of their team. Yeah Procs will be a miss, but sometimes things go in your direction. Harratt has legs to burn and the bench aint too bad. Be interested how we do set up, but it will be flexible. All or nothing and thats all we can do.
  2. After all the issues Pool have had, I still find it hard to see all these flares. Every club has idiots, but its not good and the good lady is a pool fan, but Wembley must have poor stewards
  3. All I can remember are Bar 71 and The Merlin
  4. Its a tough ask re allocatating tickets, JR had 2 tickets for me years back @ Wolves but he forgot to give them to the ticket office, needless to say he apologised after 🙂 I hope all the regulars have got their tickets.
  5. Rob I heard we were in for Alexander-Arnold and Robertson, but someone else said we were going to sign Dias and Grealish on loan. Its so hard to know who to believe. Spoke to Sproey the other day he said if we can fix his back he may come back, plus his knee and his ankle, hip, shoulder. Seriously I would to add pace to the team in all areas, but they dont come cheap and as Devante proved, sometimes they dont fit. Lots of manangers would never play a Goober, but what was on the tin was, on the tin. We need a Naylor type up front. But in the end its a team and if we win ugly then thats how it has to be. As long as they all put in 100% not a lot we can complain about. Also Lewandowski, dont quote me, likes oatcakes, so maybe, unsure on this rumour 🙂
  6. no you have to invade the pitch and sit on the track, just ask a steward, cant see the issue with a pitch side cig. Although H&S has gone mad these days. Soon you wont be able to drink the bovril due to H&S issues, my tongue is still suffering.
  7. For the fans new to play offs 🙂 A quick guide, if you are going to Swindon allow your nails to grow all week, second measure required is to sing really loud, gets rid of tension. Once done you can relax and enjoy the game. Then the home game, well that is the time to up the game, book Friday off or you will be phoning in sick UTV see you @ Wembley
  8. Port Vale 1-0 Southampton, FA Cup replay 1994 WWW.ONEVALEFAN.CO.UK Was good in the Hamil Road this night
  9. Exeter City 0-1 Port Vale | League Two highlights | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports WWW.SKYSPORTS.COM
  10. Enjoy, no need to read here 🙂 UTV/SVA
  11. Weather forecast Exeter (Devon) weather WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK UTV
  12. I would play the 3's as Garrity, Pett and Worrall , then Charsley, Proctor and Wilson
  13. What a bizarre last couple of pages. Will we go 4-3-3 or stick with the 3-5-2? We need @ least a point, in theory. I would go 4-3-3, if DW plays it may suit him, to not be running up and down the line defending. The 3 up top doesnt need to be fixed, need to rotate a bit. Anyway all that are going enjoy. UTV
  14. This piece is probably in the archives, but thought I would put it on Port Vale in pictures: 100 years in the Football League - Stoke-on-Trent Live WWW.STOKESENTINEL.CO.UK
  15. I asked a good friend I used to work with, Maidenhead fan. Re NL players. He gave me a few names, but he said Josh Kelly (who I know nothing about). He plays for Maidenhead so he may be biased 🙂
  16. never a "pipedream" Rob 🙂. Just have to knock it all down, raise the pitch a bit, perhaps change the layout, turn it 90 degrees, Steeper stands. I think we have the space. Play away for 2 seasons, ground share with a decent local club....... Oh there is only us. Well perhaps its a "pipedream". Thats one option. We do have the space to do steeper stands , Railway and Bycars knocked down. Lift the pitch by 1-2 metres, use a desso grassmaster pitch. I am unsure if we have the funds though. The Lorne Street has to be the focal point if we stay and start a rebuild, if I had the money I would knock down the Hamil, Railway and Bycars and make a oval from that. Main thing is the team, no good having a nice ground but poor team.
  17. I agree VP is looking tired. The cost to keep it viable is always going to be wasted money. Its a big site and has value, but I dont see it being enough to fund a new ground. So loans/grants would be needed. Plus I do not know who would buy it, perhaps its suitable to regenerate Burslem with new housing, unsure. I dont know if there is any land behind Festival Park, Etruria Valley, where the new link road is going?
  18. My back garden wont hold 25,000 Rob. Like you say the right site and I do not see many atm, especially near Burslem with good access
  19. I know mine has too, I got a good fix though for 24 months. You can always turn the thermostat down, makes a difference
  20. We have too many one trick ponies I am afraid, they cannot adapt, but that is why they are league 2. We miss passing in midfield/ changing a formation/ plus we lack width with the wing backs we are playing atm (too slow to defend and attack). But lets see what next week brings. I am getting my Wembley Vale flag ready
  21. https://protonvpn.com/ Free VPN wont say anymore UTV
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