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  1. Amazed that we couldn’t put the ball in the net. What was the change? From first the minute they looked a far better team. Sadly, with changes being made to the formation, line up and tactically that can not be completely and only from the manager. The chopping and by changing of formation, style of play and the rotation of players can’t be helpful. What has Burgess done? Looked to be the most productive player a few games ago and not even in the squad. Very very worried about the predicament facing everyone. If you were a new charge hand in a factory would you get the best from your staff by saying they aren’t any good? Of course not, why can a new manager at a football club think it’s ok? Professional people respond to the right approach, I hope that the approach tonight was because the new bloke treated his staff correctly and in a proper manner. Not sure about the new guy, hope I’m wrong.
  2. Watching that was a shambles. We were better under Danny Pugh and arguably much better under Askey. One goal since the new era of management structure has arrived - it don’t look good. Hope no fan, player, media person or club official says “I feel sorry for the owners” appointments lie with the people that appoint...where are we going to end up? Feel sorry that I paid and sat at home watching that dire mess.
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