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  1. They're all massive now, but if we can win this then Tuesday's draw is a great result. Can't call any of the games right now though, squeaky bum season! Injuries permitting, I'd probably only make the one change. Bringing Martin in for Walker to deal with their aerial threat.
  2. Couldn't make last night (or Saturday) thanks to a little covid but managed to catch it on iFollow. Thought to a man we were the better side overall. Mansfield got themselves on top when they brought O'Toole on and moved Hawkins further forward, but when Benning and Harratt came on it gave us the energy boost we needed. MoM for me was Smith, in fact I think he's an outside shout for player of the season. He's been a formidable foe for so many strikers this season, he's been outstanding in my view. When we were going through our sticky patch and couldn't buy a win, I knew that those who were seemingly flying simply wouldn't be able to keep up their form. Tranmere's form has faltered, FGR can't buy a win right now, Sutton and Mansfield have now lost 2 on the spin. Also had the faith that we would start hitting our stride again and scoring the goals again. On to Bradford on Saturday, a point isn't a bad result, 3 makes things really interesting!
  3. Class is Garrity. You can see he's been working on his all round game also as his passing range and quality is improving all the time.
  4. Looks to me like he hasn't signed yet. Needed to have signed by 12 today to be eligible for tomorrow.
  5. Well, if you want to look at it like that, it would appear yes it was a blip in his career so far... Salisbury City 53.5% Bristol Rovers 42.3% Walsall 32.9% Port Vale 45.8% 🤷‍♂️
  6. Darrell Clarke isn't that good a manager? Darrell Clarke with a 45% win ratio at the Vale, the same Darrell Clarke?
  7. I think a few have quickly forgotten that, under Clarke, this team is more than capable of stringing a ridiculous run of good form from nowhere.
  8. Our win rate this season is 50%, Bradford's draw rate is 50%!
  9. Some folk don't really like Clarke's sometimes abrasive style, I don't know what they would have thought about Adams!
  10. Walsall lot are very excited aren't they? Fan, players, manager, they're all making a big deal out of it 🤨
  11. The type of fans who will shout "TOLD YA SO" in 3 years time when Dazzler feels he can no longer take the club forward in it's quest for Premier League glory.
  12. Don't suppose you have the location ID at all?
  13. There are definitely more new faces in the ground generally. Quite a few around where we sit in the Bycars. Long my it continue!
  14. Looks like there was zero coverage of both the Vale and Crewe games last night from the Sentinel?
  15. Scrap the matrix Flitters, OVF has this one covered!
  16. Hasn't pre-season started this morning? Surprised no-one is camped down at VP spying on who's there?
  17. I'm very very surprised more hasn't been made of this comment from the Despatches episode back in the 90's. It totally goes against all claims from Crewe that they knew nothing of it, well there it was, on film, that they did know!
  18. I think this is pretty telling from the 200% website, given the legal role of the person giving the statement... Polly Handford, the FA’s director of legal and governance, added that:
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