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  1. On 05/06/2022 at 21:00, philmpv said:

    Let's not get carried away. He did a decent job with us. No more than that. Shameful the way he was treated by Smurthwaite though.

    As for his achievements with the national side, has he really done better than any others would have done with this same group? So long as you're a. kind of Welsh and b. a former footballer you're in with a shout for the Welsh national team managers job.

    Bit harsh I thinkI  He's quite possibly done lots better than any others would have done with the same group.... we will never know will we?  I, for one, am really pleased for him and congratulate him on his achievement.   

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  2. 54 minutes ago, Santa said:

    The car park was weird. Not only were there plenty of spaces, I walked through there at the end of the game and was nobody was getting in their cars, no cars were queueing to get out of there. 

    Think those spaces were made available for media.  That would perhaps explain why no one were getting in their cars to leave. 

    I could be wrong.... I often am! 🙂 

  3. On 24/09/2021 at 13:33, WV said:

    Calling someone braindead who boos his own team before kick off because he doesn't agree with standing against racism isn't a personal insult. Its a fact. Censor those that want to support their team over a guy who boos our team and is proud of it. Only at OVF!

    There were a number of reported posts sent to Admin.  We are obliged to review them and act  to run inline  with OVF rules.  The reported posts are under review.  It's my own opinion that calling someone braindead IS and personal insult and is NOT a fact. That's just my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of other mods.   

  4. On 16/02/2021 at 18:35, Paul6754 said:

    Queen's Gambit on Netflix is really good, a few unexpected twists and turns. Don't have to be a chess player to enjoy it.

    Everyone keeps telling me to watch that but, as yet, I haven't.  May have to give it a go.  I've only just watched Homeland on Netflix.  I really did enjoy that. 🙂 

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