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  1. Well Clarke says no one will play more than 45 minutes, so could be interesting if not...
  2. Or what would have happened if George Galliway hadn't taken 8,000+ votes?
  3. Must be the one with the huge BMI that was in all the papers a few months back. (Perhaps it wasn't a mistype after all...)
  4. I'd prefer 4 at the back (no Legge) and get the best out of Worrall instead.
  5. From what I've read those are the manager's reasons. Agree or disagree as you please, but I think they're understandable. The last thing most players need at this stage of the season is game time. A rest more likely. The only people needing game time are those who can't have it - i.e. those not yet recovered from injury.
  6. Yes, over the whole season.. Worrall, Smith, Conlon, Rodney - yes, they're the other 4 in the 5. Gibbons, Legge, Brisley, Brown - injury and too often being a liability reduced their contribution.
  7. Yeah, but still managed to be one of our top 5 on the pitch... 🤔
  8. 1. To give players from the European finals a break. 2. There are players such as Maguire and Henderson who aren't yet recovered from injury. 3. To keep the "reserves" up to speed - one will be needed to replace Alexander Arnold.
  9. My main memory of JC is that he didn't waste a dive on a lost cause. If he didn't think he could save a shot he didn't move.
  10. Yes, as we need to be signing about 3 players a week for the ideal of everyone in place for the start of pre-season training. Nothing is ideal of course, but would like some moves in the right direction to give confidence that aims are achievable. (Currently more concerned about getting a builder to look at my cracked rendering, with several already booked up until August 2022!)
  11. If the club has treated everyone the same then Montano wouldn't have known he was being released until Monday. Perhaps he didn't expect anything as good as the Livingston offer. Anyway, my general point was that I'd have preferred to have kept Montano rather than Amoo. Now I hope Amoo has a storming season and becomes the PV Messi.
  12. No. Are you saying we wanted to keep him but he turned us down for a better offer?
  13. I assume that our secret fitness stats etc. show Amoo to be well ahead of the other three, because nothing else does.
  14. Of the "four sicknotes" - Oyeleke, Amoo, Cullen and Montano - common sense says we couldn't afford to keep more than one if any, and I'd have kept Montano based on past contribution and that he's the most creative / unpredictable of the four.
  15. We tried to break that record when Rudge offered £800,000 of the Ainsworth money for York's Richard Creswell, but got knocked back.
  16. Then why's he only got 2 in 27 league games this season?
  17. Interesting point from The Guardian: George Davidson emails in an interesting thought: “National government may have limited formal powers to stop any super league. But local government may have more, stronger and long forgotten powers. Football Clubs use the name of their towns and cities with the permission of the local council. If Liverpool Council decides it no longer wants Liverpool FC to bear its name, then they could withdraw that right. The club could still exist and play in the new ESL but call itself something else (Red Mersey?) but they could no longer call itself Liverpool. That would be an utterly extraordinary move but maybe even the threat would be something.”
  18. Only if he's handcuffed to the back of the real candidate's car.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/13/covid-test-for-mass-uk-screening-could-miss-up-to-half-of-cases-say-scientists
  20. Or, just under 7% have had coronavirus according to the independent ONS figures...
  21. So theft us now punishable by execution without trial? Why not save money by exterminating all the urban poor before they start damaging those nice shops?
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