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  1. Maybe for Amoo, who doesn't look that interested.
  2. Poor as the game is, Forest Green have been little or no better than us. Stupid free kick against a team with a forward the size of Blackpool tower is the only difference so far.
  3. Hurst needs to learn some game management, and quick.
  4. In which case he 100% should not have stayed on!
  5. Like that when he cuts back onto his right foot he can still get in a decent cross. Also, his long ball for Mills to control, but miss, near the end was superb.
  6. Damn this spellchecker! Though Miley could cause some confusion...
  7. Can we pay anywhere near a Championship / Premier League club player's wages without half our squad wanting a pay rise?
  8. Clark over Mills for me. Worrall and Oyeleke back if fit. Montana too. Pope on the bench.
  9. I'd expect her to say, as a good owner, that she'll back the manager's plans all she can.
  10. Well, Rodney is quite quick and strong, BUT poor touch, anticipation and awareness of the where ball is going. Too often watching, or on his heels when the ball is a few feet away and there for his taking. Needs a transplant of some of Pope's nous, but is he already too old to learn enough?
  11. I hope Askey's job is not up for debate.
  12. Only if he's handcuffed to the back of the real candidate's car.
  13. It's asking a lot to get Monty, Oyeleke and Amoo all fit at the same time, never mind long enough to have a run together. (Apologies if statistics show they've played half the last 50 games in the same team.)
  14. Would like to see a few people running off the ball to give a target for a pass. Would like to see McKirdy and Oyeleke run at all. Would like to see a forward pass to feet. If Robinson is playing centre forward, stay ion the middle. Someone tell Smith that the game has started and it's not a competition to see how far he and Brisley can get away from each other. And on and on.... Show some spirit, work for each other and with each other. And fluke a goal...
  15. Poor throw in to concede by Smith, awkward Smith header, saveable shot.
  16. Quite well, apart from a bad Brisley header letting them in, and Clarke on the floor for a long time now.
  17. Mills and Hurst back on the bench, but only 6 subs named.
  18. Just slide the blob at the end of the timeline back.
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